Volunteers Pour In To
Build Fence On US-Mex Border

TUCSON, Ariz. Spokesmen for a border watch group say volunteer offers to help build border fencing are flooding in. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has said it'll build fencing on the Mexican border unless President Bush militarizes the border and adds new security fencing.
Minuteman national leader Chris Simcox says the group has struck a chord with Americans.
Its members are conducting border operations to watch for and report illegal immigrants and smugglers entering the country. People have offered to donate or help build a fence, have pledged equipment and say they want fencing on their land.
Simcox says landowners of some 70 miles of border property so far say they'll allow fortified fencing _ including about 15 contiguous miles in Arizona.
Simcox hopes to hold construction costs to between 125 and 150 dollars a foot.



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