Engraved On
America's Tombstone?

By Frosty Wooldridge
In 476 AD, Rome vanished into the history books. It was a heck of a run: Rome began as a Republic; it conquered most of the known world; it became an empire; it enjoyed slavery; it built lavish architecture still admired into the 21st century; Rome constructed the Coliseum where one million men were slaughtered in 200 years of the 'games'; it partied with decadence in wine, women and song; Mark Anthony and Cleopatra's passions are the stuff of legends; finally, Julius Caesar took knives in his gut; et tu Brutus?
You've read Rome's demise in history books. Shakespeare immortalized great moments. You've seen the movies with Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner and Elizabeth Taylor. Rome's greatness stretched for centuries, but it was put to rest on the Boot Hill of history.
We see the similarities of Rome manifesting in America in the early years of the 21st century. Republic to empire; military bases in 100 countries around the world; Donald Trump nauseates us with his skyscrapers; 100,000 seat NFL stadiums entertaining the masses with outrageous salaried 'gladiators' and booze; Brad and Angelina's endless nothingness; young men dying without reason in the contrived Iraq war; et tu Bushtus?
What will be engraved on America's tombstone if it doesn't stop the Mexican invasion? Who will write the words? Why did it happen? Who aided it within America's borders? Will they be brought to justice? Why did they do it to their own country? To their own children? To the future?
A noble citizen wrote me last week with quotes from the late Ayn Rand, "Which of these two variants of statism are we moving toward: socialism or fascism?"
"To answer this question," she said, "one must first ask: which is the dominant ideological trend of today's culture?
"The disgraceful and terrifying answer is: there is no ideological trend today. There is no ideology. There are no political principles, theories, ideals, or philosophy. There is no direction, no goal, no compass, no vision of the future, no intellectual element of leadership. Are there any emotional elements dominating today's culture? Yes! One! Fear!
"A country without a political philosophy is like a ship drifting at random in mid-ocean, at the mercy of any chance wind, wave, or current, a ship whose passengers huddle in their cabins and cry--"Don't rock the boat!"-for fear of discovering that the captain's bridge is empty. (Bush is our captain)
"It is obvious that a boat which cannot stand rocking is doomed already and that it had better be rocked hard, if it is to regain its course-but this realization presupposes a grasp of facts, of reality, of principles and a long-range view, all of which are precisely the things that the "non-rockers" are frantically struggling to evade.
"Just as a neurotic believes that the facts of reality will vanish if he refuses to recognize them (Bush's current path)-so, today, the neurosis of an entire culture leads men to believe that their desperate need of political principles and concepts will vanish if they succeed in obliterating all principles and concepts. But since, in fact, neither an individual nor a nation can exist without some form of ideology, this sort of anti-ideology is now the formal, explicit, dominant ideology of our bankrupt culture. This anti-ideology has a new and very ugly name: it is called "Government by Consensus." --Ayn Rand, Ford Hall Lecture, 1965
The noble citizen explained, "At some point in our history, we are going to have to deal with the "Mexicanization" of our Southwest and the Left Coast. The issues are pretty simple, but they are too complicated for politicians because they involve money.
"When mobs of illegals congregate in an American neighborhood, who is surprised that crime goes up? People who come illegally from Mexico often bring the "culture" of their home town with them, and that culture is the corrupt, immoral and scofflaw type that persists in Mexican cities. In Mexico, the cops are corrupt too, and whoever has the payola to keep them away--rules the neighborhood. The government is a bunch of "rich good old boys" in the Mexican sense, who aspire to greatness on top of a garbage heap. Only tourism and money sent home by illegals maintains stability.
"It is inevitable that politicians arising from this mass will manifest the culture from which they come. It's already happening, and the "what's in it for me" attitude of a lot of Hispanic politicians who cultivate the illegal "vote" and establishment of "citizen's rights" for illegals in places like southern California is subject to become epidemic in areas of high Mexican concentration. It's already costing the Southwestern states billions every year, just for infrastructure adjustment. So much for the "desirability" of having people who "do jobs Americans won't do." Americans are capable of mowing their own lawns and taking care of their own homes and children. This is a superfluous and specious argument, and does nothing to rationally support the millions of illegals establishing themselves every year on American territory.
"Yes, there are good people among them. But they are all illegals, and searching for a better life has different meanings depending on the level of cultural awareness and desire to assimilate. A separate Mexican community adds little to any city, and creates a lot of law enforcement problems. They bring corruption with them, and some of the problems are those of very dangerous and violent gang nature."
He warned, "Don't think it can't happen. It is happening. Not even the United States can assimilate this many third world people at this rate."
To say the least, Bush exhibits incompetence and constancy. Better that he were competent so he would change course much like the Captain of the Titanic should have! Ayn Rand and this reader's words might be a sobering description of America's tombstone. How is it that an entire nation got fat, stupid and lazy within 50 years of WWII? How is it that half the nation doesn't vote in national elections and less than 10 percent in local elections? How come their remote control garners more importance than participating in their republic's course?
What more will historians write on America's tombstone?
"Here lies America. In 230 years, she won all her battles. She safeguarded mankind's yearning for freedom. She created the greatest opportunity for the most people in the history of the world. She brought the world foreign aid, the Red Cross, Peace Corps, food to tsunami and earthquake victims, and health care. For 230 years, she maintained her sovereignty by guarding her borders. But something happened during the last fateful years of her existence. She, like Rome, left her borders open. A massive horde of foreigners broke into her inner being. Like a cancer, that multitude dismantled every aspect of her political and physical being.
America lost its language and fractured into rival ethnic factions bent on destroying her. America's armies fought contrived wars elsewhere while her leaders pandered for yet more money and power at the expense of integrity. Her president and Congress violated their oaths of office while ignoring the U.S. Constitution. Her people neglected to participate in their Republic. Massive demonstrations of lawless illegal aliens trampled the American flag in the streets of Los Angeles. Where America sustained laws, she became lawless. Where honor once guided America's government, malfeasance reigned."
What do you resolve to reverse this tombstone and reclaim your country?
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