Attention 911 Truthseeker -
Are You A 'Nutcase Wacko?'

By Douglas Herman
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I love reading opposing opinions. Nothing like a good forum, full of impassioned, intelligent rants to pass an empty hour. I'm always amazed at the diversity of opinion.
As many know, I strongly believe something suspicious happened on September 11, 2001. And it seems millions of other Americans suspect the same: the official government version of events consists of unverified assertions and implausible but spectacular catastrophes, supported by unscientific or illogical studies by government-funded experts.
Three stout steel skyscrapers collapsed like a house of cards. A huge jetliner penetrated the Pentagon and the wreckage disappeared. Another huge jetliner crashed in Pennsylvania, leaving no bodies according to the coroner on the scene, but not before the plane fell apart in the sky, spreading wreckage over eight miles.
Implausible, unscientific, illogical.
Lately, the editor of one website has become increasingly vehement and outspoken towards anyone who holds a dissenting view regarding the official government view of 9-11. Ironically, I was reminded of GWB's earlier remark that -"Anyone who is not with us is against us"-when reading the editor's increasingly surly replies to posters.  Somehow, to question the multitude of anomalies about the events of 9-11, was somehow "wacko" or un-American.
"I'd had it with the fruitcakes, lemmings and scam artists who perpetuate the ridiculous theories that the American government planned and executed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001," wrote Thompson, in his latest rant.
Many fine Americans and learned professionals continue to examine the discrepancies and come forward, announcing their belief that something very suspicious happened on September 11, 2001. Now whether the US government was culpable through negligence, or certain rogue operatives connected to the government conspired to carry out the attack, seems not only possible but highly plausible. After all, the FBI, not some cave-dwelling Muslim fanatics, withholds all the videotapes taken from locations surrounding the Pentagon. If that doesn't indicate a government conspiracy wrapped around a covert enigma I don't know what does.
Thompson continued: "Those who prey on fear and paranoia to promote their kooky conspiracy theories dishonor those passengers on Flight 93. They dishonor the innocent victims who died on that day and the first responders who lost their lives trying to save those victims."
No, Doug, we HONOR those first responders who willingly went up into those burning towers to fight those fires, and radioed back that the fires were small and they could "knock them down." Instead, as we have seen, three towers were knocked down around them, in highly suspicious circumstances, causing over 300 deaths.
We question the media silence about explosions detonating in the towers, both before and after they started to collapse. We trust William Rodriguez, rather than yourself, in this matter. Rodriguez actually escaped from the basement of the tower before it collapsed and claimed bombs were going off. Is he a wacko?
"This thread WILL NOT turn into another endless debate on fantasies about Building 7," Doug ranted. "You can bitch, moan and whine about free speech all you want. I don't give a damn. I don't like this garbage and it is not welcome on my web site so take the wacko conspiracy theories somewhere else."
As is Thompson's First Amendment right as an editor, he ended the discussion and closed the forum. But will that really stop the insatiable need to know-what Thompson calls "garbage" or "fantasies"?  To disparage everyone who disagrees with the government version of events, and then dismiss them as either conspiracy wackos or profiteers, is disingenuous.
Thompson claims that 9-11 websites are only in it for the money. Funny, but my local newspaper calls me once a week to subscribe and give them money. Likewise, I checked a few right-wing websites ( and and both featured products, books, banners and subscriptions. In other words, they were seeking money to run their operation, naturally.
If anything, Capitol Hill Blue is far more mercenary, with banners everywhere, than some websites,, for example, which features a 911 column occasionally and carries no advertising or banners ever. is simply the norm but a bit more successful.
Just as disingenuous, Thompson smears the 9-11 Truth Movement with the accusation that many websites are not only profiteers but also flagrantly anti-Semitic.
No, Doug: if you had only read a few essays and columns on Rense, you might understand. There is a huge difference between the Jewish faith and Zionist philosophy. To smear all 9-11 Truthseekers with the canard of anti-Semitism is narrow-minded, unworthy of a man like yourself and more akin to Daniel Pipes or Max Boot.
Before the thread was closed altogether, RedHeat wrote: "I thought (ReaderRant) was made up of your average joe, not a journalist tied to an some ethical obligation. It's amazing to me that a journalist would censor material from a message board. Granted Doug you have every right it is your sandbox, but outside this sandbox is this the image you want to portray as a journalist? It's one thing to disagree and quite another to call names or judge others on your personal opinions."
Get used to it, RedHeat, because the well-financed mainstream media has been doing exactly the same for years. Smear the messenger because there is no denying the message about 9-11. Doug only jumped aboard lately.
Only one problem: in the last three years, many thousands of intelligent professionals and former government officials are joining the fray. You can't stop the damn once it has burst, you can only dump dirt and muddy the waters.
Amateur historian and 9-11 skeptic, Douglas Herman wrote the ultimate skeptics novel, The Guns of Dallas. Reach him at



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