Disinfo Pro - Death Of
A Once-Great Blogger

By Douglas Herman
"How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle!"  -Book of Samuel
He was once among the mighty. Now he has fallen. A blogger and editor of Capitol Hill Blue, his name is Doug Thompson. You might know him if you have ever read "The Rant." Powerful stuff once but apparently no longer.
The other day Doug Thompson wrote a column entitled:
9/11 conspiracy theories don't pass the smell test.  That rant received over 400 responses, the great majority of them in disagreement, before being shut down.  The following day Thompson posted a column by former White House flak, Betsy Hart: "So Many Conspiracy Theories, So Little Reality." Like Thompson's rant, that column carried little fact-based information and no quotations by any knowledgeable person defending her assertions.
The following day, by way of explanation, Thompson wrote: "I talked with firefighters and other first responders on the scene. It wasn't just debris falling. We're talking about steel girders and concrete chunks the size of some houses."
While most Americans saw only pulverized dust surrounding the WTC, Thompson somehow found 'concrete chunks'. No Mention by name of any of those first responders.
Explaining the suspicious collapse of WTC-7, Thompson wrote: "The NIST study shows several large pieces struck at the heart of Building 7 and that caused the structure to collapse inwardly."
NIST concluded they did NOT know what caused WTC-7 to collapse.
"I had demolition experts study it (film) and they concluded that the collapse was not consistent with a detonated implosion," wrote Thompson.  Wrong again. Van Romero,  an expert on demolitions and a professor at New Mexico Tech, disagreed. That is,  before pressure was applied to Romero, causing him to recant. (9-11 Research)
"If there had been explosives in that building, someboy (sic) would have picked up a trace and that is something that could not have been kept quiet, not in the explosive emotions surrounding the event."
Wrong again. FEMA volunteers on site were ordered NOT to conduct a thorough investigation. Ordered not to confiscate any beams and girders or hold up the progress of recycling the steel.
"It became painfully obvious that the logic has no place in some people's minds and that reason was a lost objective," continued Thompson, painting himself into a corner.
Logic would hardly argue for multiple fires in WTC-7 (that somehow caused a steel building to collapse), and little or no fires in the two buildings shouldering WTC-7. Neither of them collapsed.  Curiously, WTC-7 was separated from the collapsed twin towers by considerable distance. How exactly did those large pieces "strike at the heart" of a stout steel building from a great distance and cause it to collapse?
Evidently, the debris was ejected horizontally by gravity, argued one of DT's amen crew on the forum. Ignoring Newtonian Law and inventing new laws of gravity, Fred Koster wrote: "7 was subjected to the kinetic energy of a half million tons of debris falling almost 1,000 ft. before it caught fire." Curious how no written or photographic record exists that show a "half million tons" of debris falling onto WTC-7. Indeed, the building looks relatively intact as it collapses like a classic implosion, from the ground upwards.
One dissenter questioned Doug: "What about the previous (government) investigation, Doug? Have you read the Commission Report and are you satisfied by it?...Also review these 115 omission and distortions documented by David Ray Griffin: Shouldn't these questions be answered? fact, 70% of their questions were ignored."
Thompson replied: "Been there, read that, investigated same, discounted most of it for what it was -- a lot of theory, speculation and wishful thinking."
According to DarthRanter, as Thompson calls himself, the case against government involvement is closed. No amount of persuasion would convince him otherwise.  Many of the 400 comments respectfully beseeched DT to consider the work of hundreds of private investigators, scientists and professors, working wholly without pay, who had arrived at a far different conclusion.
Doug dismissed them as having their own agenda.
Not surprisingly, quite a few writers expressed anger, frustration and rage, feeling betrayed by a blogger who appeared as a once-formidable foe of government deceit and chicanery. More than a few suggested he was physically threatened by the same government he had loudly criticized.
"After reading your articles for years, I'm convinced you wrote this with a Homeland Security gun to your head," wrote Clint Fuller.
Liz Thurber concurred: "I am deeply troubled by the seeming desperation of your rant."
Respected Internet writer, Victor Thorn agreed: "I've long enjoyed your work, but you couldn't be further from the truthDoug, this is a matter of taking back our country from a cabal of bloodthirsty murderers. I certainly hope you open your eyes to what's taking place."
What the overwhelming responses indicated was disbelief, disappointment, and a sense of betrayal. Up until that column, Doug Thompson was an Internet lion among pussycats. He enjoyed HUGE respect from readers, built up over 40 years. Thus the emotional distress readers felt was comparable to finding out a close friend was really a psychopath.
"As a fellow AA member," wrote Michael Haggerty: "My friend, you are in a state of denial; I will pray for you."
Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas



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