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Bush And Cheney Must Be Impeached

By Ted Lang
All informed Americans know that our joy and happiness founded upon individual wealth and freedom is about to end.  American government has destroyed everything the people of this once great nation have created, built and fought and died for.  Hardworking, decent, honest people have lost their rewards thanks to the efforts of arrogant, spineless, non-working gutless politicians and their bureaucratic stooges at all levels of government in America. 
Parasitic politicians endlessly seeking payoffs, bribes and power have consistently lived off the fruits of workers, entrepreneurs and paycheck earners while they in turn merely flap their gums and continue to slit the goose that provides their very means of power and wealth.  They support laws that make middleclass start-up business ventures in America extremely unprofitable and have virtually abolished the "mom and pop" entrepreneurship formerly so vital to our economy.  Big corporations continue to buy away our means of communicating with our representatives in government so that now it is only they, the corporate and lobbying interests, that are represented.  Soon, it will all come to and end; what a shame!
America is imploding.  Our own government planned and executed 9-11.  That in itself is a monumental and towering shock.  But the majority of Americans, not just Ed Asner and a handful of experts in the know, are actually aware of this most horrific crime ever perpetrated by one group of humans upon another.  The victims of the criminal Bush regime's 9-11 mass genocide, devised to create a false Iraq flag for an unnecessary war, were just going about their business and taking care of themselves and their families' financial needs.  The victims were only laboring to earn a living that would result in tax revenues as well for the government that so ruthlessly killed them. 
Airplanes, once in the dreams of every little boy that wanted to grow up to become a pilot, and every little girl that wanted to grow up to become an airline stewardess, are now looked upon as symbols of death and destruction.  Our rotten government has polluted God's creation so badly that kids today no longer dream of becoming president, or a nurse, or a fireman or policeman.  They aren't even sure if they will grow up to become "persons."
The real crime committed by the despicable felons in Washington and the Israelis in the Pentagon, is their imparting on US the realization that short of desiring the nuclear carpet-bombing of Washington DC, or the defeat of our own troops, or simply moving out of this god-forsaken national cesspool of filth and corruption, there is little we the people can do about it.  Our government has enslaved US all already, never mind the Halliburton concentration camps under construction. 
The Israeli nuclear blackmail used against America to force US into wars in the Middle East is now being used against US also.  Either the criminal Bush regime will hit US again with yet another 9-11, and this time with a nuclear weapon, or they will simply launch a nuclear attack upon Iran.  Either way, our government will let US know that dissent, disagreement or articulated and expressed opposition to their agenda of mass murder, destruction and endless war, will simply not be tolerated.  Either we're with them, or we are with the enemies of the American political state.
The members of both houses of the United States Congress are totally complicit with the criminal Bush regime.  I keep hearing suggestions that they are just cowards, but I don't believe that for a moment.  The bottom has completely dropped out of Bush's approval ratings.  Most Americans believe correctly that the Bush crime machine did 9-11 and lied about Iraq and Saddam.  And that includes those who still support Bush and his cabal of gangsters.  Their rationale is that our beloved president knows what's best for America, so even if it did take lies to get US to support removing the evil Saddam, it was well worth it.  But Congress would easily be supported by a massive solid base of Americans if they moved to remove Bush before he launches another 9-11 or the nuclear strike on Iran ­ but they won't.
I had hoped that the Libby trial and the upcoming indictment of Bush's "Porky Pig," Karl Rove, might provide impetus for some congressional action regarding impeachment; but that won't happen.  The GOP has the majority which provides the media with an excuse to keep backing and covering for the pro-Israel Bush regime.  And it should be painfully clear by now that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the two political parties in crime. 
The imminent nuclear attack on Iran will launch the best distraction possible for a war criminal president, for historically the only acceptable truth originates from the victor.  In the case of Bush, victory will be at hand the moment the bombs hit Iranian soil.  And just as in the case of Iraq, "little thought will be given to the aftermath of war."  In fact, everlasting wars are preferable to terminating even a bad war.  Should that cause one to reflect upon a "good" war, sad to say, such a thing has never happened. 
Should one ponder the American Revolution, it too wasn't at all necessary.  If you think it was, then please explain how we are better off today under the Bush dictatorship than the comparative beneficent rule of George III when taxation was without representation, but now with representation, it is tyranny.  Are you reflecting upon Lexington and Concord, when George III's troops were on their way to confiscate arms and ammunition from the citizen militia?  Consider what elements of the American police state did in the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans.  Reflect upon the spirit and intent of the Second Amendment, and reflect upon all the illegal gun controls our Israeli legislators have saddled US with.  The American Revolution is yet another example of excellent war fighting founded upon failed diplomacy and reason.
But as regards the exact launching of our relatively short-lived constitutionally limited republic, July 4, 1776 can indeed be considered the starting point.  The Declaration of Independence was a great beginning, but the ink wasn't even dry yet when this criminal ship of state started taking on water.  The simple-minded offer that the Revolutionary War was necessary due to the injustices of George III's taxes.  The easily fooled will point to the Stamp Act, or the tax on tea, or perhaps the Boston "Massacre." 
But compare the latter to 9-11 or the first Pearl Harbor.  Some of the more astute will cite the hassle over colonial paper money based upon land values versus the Rothschild-backed Bank of England's debt-based backing.  But the war was fought for the very same reason we are waging war today: imperialistic expansion.  American land speculators, particularly George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, saw opportunities to create massive fortunes from the cheap acquisition of virgin American lands in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.  Of course, George III and his nobles also had their sights set on these vast territories of great potential.  Both Washington and Franklin attempted to finagle those lands out from under George III.  Washington was the more successful of the two.
This brings us to the "greatest document ever written," to quote the recently "unconvicted" drug addict, Rush Limbaugh.  The Constitution has always been considered as the rule of law of the land.  It has always been represented as the document that ensured our freedom.  But was it?  Where is your freedom right now?  The Constitution basically overrode the Declaration of Independence, the simple truth of the latter founding document being reliance upon God and the ability of the people to remove errant, tyrannical government.  How does this ability to remove bad tyrannical government stack up these days?
If anything, the Constitution has been proven a miserable failure.  Why should anyone be surprised?  It was founded by statists!  Washington wanted the ability to acquire vast land holdings, fought hard and suffered to build America, and was angry and furious at the government of the combined colonies because of their inability to agree on military matters and to provide timely, needed funding for the Continental Army.  Does this problem exist today? 
And Franklin wanted the ability to acquire vast tracts of land by forming a coalition to persuade the government of George III to enrich him and his friends with favorable deeds and titles to vast areas of real estate.  Alexander Hamilton wanted a central bank and control of the currency.  Each of these Founders saw their own special interests and opportunities best served by a strong central government.  And now we have it!
Unlimited wars, unlimited imperialism, unlimited slavery, and mass murder and destruction, and all brought to you by the "greatest document ever written."  No wonder Limbaugh doesn't quote this great "living" document much anymore, and offer comparisons to it and government actions and compliance.  The right political party is now in power.        
 © 2006 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.
Jim Mortellaro
Far be it for me to correct Mr. Ted Lang. My expertise in politics is virtually nonexistent, insofar is writing political essays, let alone correcting the errors of same. However, I must react strongly to the errors in your piece, "Land Of The Free - Home Of The Depraved."
Correction number one:
You've got the wrong moniker. It's "Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Knave!"
And number two: **
Those honest, hard working Americans to whom you refer ... well, those honest, hard working Americans elected those corrupt officials with nary a how-dee-doo over their qualifications, their intellectual abilities or their accomplishments. With nary a glimpse at their indiscretions and history of illegal accomplishments. Take, for example, the "Whitewater" scandal. Take for example the records of certain Democrat and Republican Senators and Representatives who have maintained power in the face of murder, theft and corruption.
How soon we forget. Most notably, we forget when the rhetoric begins and these very same politicians open their mouths and utter fantasy and falsehoodn comes out, the mutterings of the toothless little Ebenezer Scrooge's of their parties' line. Remember Scrooge at his regular eating place. He asks for more bread. The waiter tells him that more bread would be extra. He then proclaims, "No more bread."
If it don't pay, if it ain't free, it ain't worth their time. Their time is best spent making money off of U.S. Their time is best spent doing for themselves and not for you. It is not what the Constitution demands, nor is it what we must demand from them. That would be  a government of, by and for the PEOPLE. Not the politician.
 So, to blame the politician is an interesting point. However, never forget who elected them. Something most political writers ease by as if it were the scenery on an executive jet flying at 35,000 feet. What scenery?
And number three:
Ted Lang writes: "The real crime committed by the despicable felons in Washington and the Israelis in the Pentagon, is their imparting on US the realization that short of desiring the nuclear carpet-bombing of Washington DC, or the defeat of our own troops, or simply moving out of this godforsaken national cesspool of filth and corruption, there is little we the people can do about it."
 What? Nothing we can do about it? Good God of us all, but there are many things we can do about it. For one thing, we can avoid voting for these crooks. We can DEMAND that our elected representatives take action on behalf of US, We the People. But no. We do nothing except bitch and moan. And when the time comes for us to use our vote, we screw it all up. Big time.
 And pray tell, how many of you have called, emailed, written or faxed your elected officials and demanded a say in your governance? How many have demanded not taxing the gross profits of big oil? No, because that will do nothing but fill government's coffers. What you should be asking, demanding, is that some of those billions go back into the pockets of the consumer.
How many of you have demanded that your government STOP all illegal immigration now?
How many of you have demanded that your elected officials honor their duty to you, the constituency, and not to themselves?
Perhaps Mr. Lang has. I know I have. But how many others? I would venture a guess that less than 1% of the population has raised a finger to dial a number and place their demands with whom they belong.
So, Mr. Lang. I do not object to one word of your essay. I rather object to that which has been left out. The people. We are the ones ultimately responsible. And to that end, we've lost. Big time.
Jim Mortellaro
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty
** Having nothing whatever to do with Number One and Number Two in the traditional potty sense!



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