Mother Mary Apparitions
And The Jesuits
Miracles And Phony Mother Mary
Apparitions Equal Big Money
By Greg Szymanski
Why Is Jesuit Bishop Pavol Hnilica Always Lurking In the Background When Mother Mary Appears? Does He Want To Be Close To God Or Just Close To The Money?
When miracles happen and bank scandals erupt, Jesuit Bishop Pavol Hnilica always seems to be nearby, waiting to seize the moment and pocket a quick buck.
Bishop Hnilica, the Slovak Bishop who has worked to spread the message of Fatima in Russia, claims to be a man of God, a holy man sworn to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
But others claim he is nothing more than a bank swindler and street thug who ripped off money from the Vatican Bank for his Jesuit masters and created phony apparitions of the Virgin Mary, pocketing millions of dollars in the process for the wealthy and corrupt Jesuits.
In fact, some say he might as well be the devil himself, as his involvement in the 1982 Vatican Bank scandal and the murder of Roberto Calvi, chairman of the Bank of Ambrosiano, is enough evidence to lay considerable doubt on Hnilica's priestly character and supposed holy intentions.
And for a supposed Bishop and man of the cloth, the following charges are shocking.
In 1993, he faced allegations by an Italian court over the Vatican Bank rip-off, connecting him to members of the P2 Masonic Lodge and the Mafia, as he was tagged by insiders as the Jesuit General's controller and manipulator of the deceased former head of the Vatican Bank, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, who died two three months ago in Phoenix.
At one point in the investigation Hnilica even faced three and a half years in jail for his part in the largest bank heist in Italian history, but later through backdoor payoffs and bribery he escaped any jail time, being exonerated of all charges without even as much as a slap on the wrist from the Back Pope or Pope John Paul II.
Further, this never stopped the globetrotting Bishop from continuing his "scamming ways", as he traveled all over the world to stimulate many types of alleged "apparitions", including "Lady of all Nations" apparition in Amsterdam and the Virgin Mary apparition in Bosnia at Medjugorje.
With business booming in the phony miracle trade, in 1997 Hnilica started a new magazine, the luxuriously edited "Triumph of the Heart", which especially propagated Amsterdam. Together with his community, "The Family of Mary" and his associate Father P. Sigl, he even succeeded in infiltrating the house and chapel of Ida Peerdeman, the woman who originally was set up to propagate the visions of the Mother Mary.
To understand the Our Lady of the Nations scam orchestrated by Hnilica in recent years, it's important to know the visions of Peerdeman from 1945-1959 were always held in grave doubt by high ranking church members until may 31, 2002, when local Bishop Punt came to the conclusion that the messages of Amsterdam were of suspicious origin.
And according to Mark Waterinckx who filed a formal objection to Church officials, the local Bishop was strong-armed by Hnilica and other Jesuits in order to keep "the holy cash cow" making money no matter what evidence surfaced to the contrary.
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