Modern Hitlers -
A Comparison
By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to
Each of these recent or current world leaders listed below has been accused of being "Another Hitler," mostly by US mainstream media pundits, US military leaders or Internet bloggers. Which one then comes closest to assuming the fascist mantle? Which one should the world fear most?
Saddam "Hitler" Hussein.  Dictator of Iraq.
Attacked one country (Iran), and although assisted by US military aid and despite weapons superiority never conquered sizeable territory. Attacked Kuwait two years later, after green light from US ambassador. Occupied Kuwait but was easily defeated in matter of days by alliance of superior fighting forces. Finally toppled in matter of weeks by US/British alliance.
 Countries conquered: One.
Continents threatened: Zero
Hugo "Hitler" Chavez. Elected President of Venezuela.
Won several elections and survived coup. Approval rate 75%. Installed economic and land reform policies. Strengthened military for defense purposes. Offered assistance to US poor and hurricane-ravaged in New Orleans and Mississippi.  Strengthened relations with South American countries. Opposed US regime.
Countries conquered: Zero.
Continents threatened: Zero
Mahmoud "Hitler" Ahmadinejad, Elected President of Iran.
Won election over US preferred opponent in a democracy where Iranian citizens of fifteen years of age permitted to vote. Strengthened ties with China, Russia and India. Supported US "War on Terror" after 9-11. Possesses large standing army but second rate air power and third rate navy. Fought an eight year war with Iraq but conquered little territory while losing over half a million men.
Countries conquered: Zero
Continents threatened: Zero
George "Hitler" Bush.  Elected US President.
Assumed power after highly suspicious election. Cemented power after highly suspicious "terrorist" attack.  Neglected security measures that would have prevented attack and thus prevented the highly suspicious and hugely profitable "War on Terror."  As Commander In Chief, possesses huge standing army, navy, air force and thousands of nukes at his disposal. Approval rate 33%. Curtailed individual right of US citizens, while neglecting domestic security of New Orleans and Mississippi.  Directed huge sums spent instead on military-industrial-security sector of federal government and continuous military actions.
Countries conquered: Two
Continents threatened:  All



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