Chicken WINGs Clucking
And Flapping Again

There are few who do not realize by now who these clowns are and what their goals are: dissension, disinformation, the sewing of hate, divide and destroy, libeling, slandering, mocking and creating as much attention for themselves by doing so as possible through these and other techniques, methods and tactics.
Sure, they put out some 'good' information, too... that is a prerequisite if one is to play the disinformation game.
Ultimately, these people are dirtbag scum. Are they intel assets? It doesn't really matter because they couldn't possibly be doing a better job of representing the interests of the globalist enemy if they tried. Their psy ops haven't fooled most observers because they are blatantly, obviously, perfect overlays straight out of an intel agency internet disinfo manual.
We were the very first to peg them for what they are when they appeared on the internet 'overnight' several years ago. Many have followed their subsequent machinations and schemes and clearly understand their trade in filth, lies, deceit, deception, duplicity, defamation, character assassination, innuendo and disinformation.
Their latest transparent, baited trash - wailing how 'Rense and Jones censored' their comments within an essay by an unwitting Douglas Herman on - is just another example of deceit and manipulation.
No, the chicken wings were not 'censored' at The few sentences mentioning them were edited out of Doug Herman's story by me...the Editor-in-Chief of the site. Why?
The answer is simple. I will under no circumstances willingly or knowingly reproduce or post ANYTHING written by anyone who slogs into the depths of venal chicanery and bullshit as the wings do...most assuredly after being attacked with the most lowlife methods for the last several years.
Most who have followed the writings, ravings, bullshit and trickery on the chicken site are quite familiar with the multitude of their vile, salacious attacks on me, my site, my work, and on Alex Jones as well.
In one of their recent 'journalistic triumphs', the wings even made up a female 'Jeff Rense doll', put it in a dress, and had it portray deviant sexual behaviors, and so forth, on their 'tv program.'
These ugly little wings have cleverly...and they are good at their craft...also attacked and baited others in the alternative in attempts to start net 'wars' which, of course, would achieve two things:
1. It would give the chicken wings free publicity if the targets were to respond to being defamed, libeled and slandered, and, 2. It would drain the energy and time of the target.
These are probably the two most important goals for all intel assets and anti-American operatives working the net.
The malignantly clever wings recently used the cover ruse of an 'interview' with a brazen net nutcase as a platform to launch yet another attack on me. The 'interview' of this person accomplished several things, not the least of which was to repost and spread the guest's own psycho-maniacal assault on me.
This 'guest' had recently, among other vile things, called for, in writing, on his site, my public murder/execution. The 'guest' also smeared my family. This chicken wings de facto underwriting of the call for my execution/murder by 'interviewing' this person should tell everyone all they need to know about their ethics and morals.
"But they put out good information!" some would say.
Of course they do. How else can people be lured and deceived?
The wings know full well they will be edited out at And to watch them feign 'outrage' over a two sentence reference edited from an essay submitted to then to scream, whine, cry and then launch yet another smear attack on me and my site was/is morbidly predictable. And somewhat humorous.
If you missed it, here is their screeching claim of being 'censored':
Rense & Alex Jones: Caught Red-Handed
by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani
After you've read the above, now, watch the following closely...because it is childishly cunning...
Below is the Second Level of the current chicken wing psy op: an attempt to create and foment open warfare and major divisions in the ranks of the alternative news media... a shrewd effort to rope-in some dupes, ego-trippers, and some who are genuinely uniformed about them and there m.o.
This Second Level op, of course, also and intentionally provided them the perfect opportunity to lace the predictable outcome with the rantings of some of their own sycophants who gleefully responded to the invitation by cursing me and, and praising the chicken wings as 'great American Patriots' and so forth. Again, all predictable schtick.
The wings effort to divide and split the alternative news community, again, should on its face tell the majority who read their drivel who and what they truly are.
And, once again, this Second Level attack you are about to read is right out of any good intel internet disinfo psy-op disruption handbook in the chapter dealing with 'follow-on' ops or 'How To Get More Mileage Out Of Your Attacks.'
Now, read this email and learn how the game is played:
From: Lisa Guliani <>
Subject: Please comment on this & pass along to Stan Hess
We are asking prominent independent/alternative media personalities to comment on the latest Rense/Jones censorship, which is addressed in the link below.
These will be public comments, and needn't be lengthy.  Two or three sentences will do just fine.  So far, several people within the media have agreed to comment on this, so we hope you will as well.  We need the comments by tomorrow night (Thursday night) and will discuss these on the Friday show. Thanks very much - and have a great day today!
Rense & Alex Jones: Caught Red-Handed by Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani
We sincerely hope you'll weigh in on this.  The reason they keep getting away with this crap is because we're the only ones who ever address it. Either we set a standard or we don't.
best wishes,
Lisa Guliani
By the way, I am advised the chicken wings have recently scrubbed their coop essentially clean of the many, many vile and contrived 'articles' attacking me and Alex Jones, and others.
So, now the wings flip-flop and go 'straight' again, just like they feigned in the beginning when they made their overnight entrance into the net with the lengthy mass email 'call to arms' to join the chicken wings organization (starring and controlled by Lic and Visa, of course).
Always remember Rule One:
Honest-to-God Patriots NEVER attack fellow Patriots. They work together, even if disagree or find themselves on parallel or somewhat different tracks.
It is the purity of heart and soul that bonds Patriots together. In the case of Douglas Herman, an exceptional writer at, the wing nutz and their dark and heinous history of hideous tactics simply weren't known.
Here is a statement from Doug Herman regarding the chicken wings latest flapper -
"Small minds fashion smaller arguments and resort to ridiculous, personal or paranoid attacks. I wonder how much is egotism, infantilism - or envy - by critics of Rense? Those who would sow rancor, create animosity, spread division, use their soapbox for slander - rather than an exclusive search for the truth - serve falsehood and might as well work for the NWO.  
I do not know either Jeff Rense or Doug Thompson personally, except by their reputation for more than a little integrity.  I find them allies in the fight for the republic against the forces that would destroy it. Remarkably, I have been less censored by Internet bloggers, like Jeff Rense and Doug Thompson, than the mainstream media, which suppresses me altogether.  Any blogger would admit the same."
-- Douglas Herman
And a statement from Alex Jones:
"I want to publicly thank Jeff Rense for defending me in the past from attacks by these people. Their efforts at framing us for 'censoring' is transparent, by-the-book, and beyond ridiculous.
The brief references to their material in the Herman essay was not 'censored'...they were edited ... just like ALL articles are edited in professional journalism. Ask ANY newspaper reporter. In contrast to editing, 'Censorship' would occur if someone sought to shut down an adversary's ISP or have them banned from the net via some other means.
We who deal in the real news have a moral responsibility, an obligation, not to send people to sites that engage in venal, heinous personal attacks on professional broadcasters and journalists. We endeavor to refer people to worthy news sources...even though we may not agree on content.
I also want to say for the record that Jeff Rense has, even before we became personally acquainted some years ago, been professional enough to warn me on several occasions about various individuals online who are clearly government assets or are acting in the best interests of same. And I will tell you loud and clear, Jeff Rense has NEVER been wrong in his assessments of suspect 'patriots' in the alternative news media. Not once.
We are heading into darker times and those in the alternative media who attack, defame and spew filth are the ENEMY we must all stand against."
And here is an excerpt from an excellent John Kaminski essay about the chicken wings:
Agents Provocateurs?
By John Kaminski
The same kind of high-intensity emotion has been embarrassingly evident among Internet radio listeners of late, as they have watched, with increasing confusion and incredulity, the continuing attacks of WING-TV against several of the best radio hosts on the web: Jeff Rense and Alex Jones.  
Miffed that they have been snubbed by their more experienced and more accomplished broadcasting competitors, WING-TV operators Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani have engaged an embarrassing, juvenile tirade against the people who have perhaps brought more people to realistic political consciousness via Web radio than anybody else, especially with regard to 9/11.  
It's very difficult for me to write these words, especially since Thorn has published two of my books. More importantly, over the past year he had conducted a string of timely and valuable interviews with some of the most respected voices in the 9/11 skeptics movement, and at great personal sacrifice attempted to shed some light on the decade-old Oklahoma City coverup.  
But since that attempt, Thorn and Guliani have ceased interviewing relevant guests and gone on a deceptive and underhanded campaign to ridicule Rense and Jones that culminated in them throwing underwear around their makeshift TV set and holding up a Barbie-doll to the camera in a pathetic attempt to besmirch the sexual proclivities one of these radio competitors (Jeff Rense).  
Whatever credibility they may have had among many in the alternative news community disappeared forever at that very moment.   A quick scan of their WING-TV website reveals that they made whatever reputation they had by castigating the competition.
They started out with easy targets like braindead radio host Mike Gallagher, then graduated to easy target Mike Ruppert, whose blatant oil company propaganda and mutation from top 9/11 critic into just another leftie gatekeeper news outlet has been noted with disappointment by most facets of the genuine 9/11 skeptics movement.  
But most people get the feeling that if Rense or Jones had merely had them on their shows and let them pitch their own products, none of this would have happened. So their so-called revealing exposés of Rense, Jones, and the Genesis Communications Network, are little more than sour grapes at not being able to crack the big time.  
That some of their criticisms are valid are beside the point. That Jones is a bombastic and aggressive Texan with a keen sense of his own profitability doesn't diminish his many achievements in exposing many current events that need to be exposed. That Rense dabbles in arcane topics like UFOs doesn't negate the formidable political guests he's had on his show, nor does his continuing efforts to make clear the evils of Zionism are not perpetrated by all Jews nor all Christians.  
That the owner of the Genesis network, Ted Anderson, makes money by selling gold doesn't make him an agent of the Illuminati. Fact is, Genesis, with Rense, Jones and Jack Blood leading the way, provides a news service to the American people that is unmatched for relevance across the media spectrum. -- John Kaminski
The full essay is here:
John Kaminski's work is now no longer carried on for one reason and one reason only: he chose to leave. John insisted on supporting and sending his work to the biggest internet intellectual property thief in net history that I am aware of. This person stole not only my entire site design...but also thousands of stories never with one iota of attribution.
It took me many, many years of work to come up with the site design you see at Imagine how it would be to see your site or your work appear with someone else's name on it?
The thief was confronted by an associate (now former associate) about the theft my entire site format and countless stories. The thief is reported to have roared with delighted laughter, saying, "Just let Rense try to stop me!!"
I explained kindly, politely, seriously to John that he would need to make a decision as to which site he would continue to have his work appear posted. I further explained that I do not support criminal activity but that if he wanted to, it was certainly his business. I made it extremely clear, however, that if he continued to send his material to the thief that I would no longer carry his articles. I also asked him point blank how he would feel if I were to post his essays with someone else as the author. He would never answer that question directly.
I gave John his first major internet exposure, I featured his work prominently, and personally established him online as a writer of notice. I also gave him several months to decide whether he would continue to support the person who stole 10 years of my life's work...or terminate that relationship and honor what I had done for him at John made his decision...and he's no longer on It was that simple. Nothing more and nothing less than that.
Furthermore, and this is critical to understanding who John is: he gave me, UNEQUIVOCALLY, carte blanche to edit his articles. "Sure, do whatever you want to them," he stated. I rarely did anything to them but toward the end I did rewrite a headline or two and revised a few words and phrases to tone down the overt hate and vitriol that had become quite intense to, hopefully, give the reader a better chance to grasp what John's larger points were.
And, finally, to retire another lie: As many thousands know, I still offer my live program free of charge over the internet and, of course, on all radio stations which carry it. I have never stopped providing free internet broadcasts, contrary to information on the chicken wing site.
Here are some earlier comments and material sent to about the chicken wings which might be worth reading:
I, too, am suspicious of WingTV's motives and now think they may be a psy op. ...
Clipped WINGs
WING - Trashing The Truth



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