The Vatican Is A Cesspool
Of Satanism With
Masonic Lodge Connections
According To List Of Bishops, Archbishops
& Cardinals Affiliated With Secret Societies

By Greg Szymanski
It's time Americans realize all roads lead back to the Vatican when it comes to stopping the Illuminati's take over of the United States. The list below of high ranking Church members involved in Masonic Lodges is shocking, as it is a direct violation of Canon Law 2335, leading to direct expulsion from the Church.
For centuries The Vatican realized 'secret satanic societies" had declared a hidden diabolical war on the Church, as Catholicism was one of the main obstacles preventing Illuminati world domination.
The Church responded by condemning the societies and making laws for its protection, including Canon Law 2335 expressly declaring "any Catholic who joined a secret society became excommunicate, ipso facto."
But in 1976 shocking news spread across St. Peter's Square like a damning wind, as a list of high-ranking Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals were listed as secret society members in a journal called the Borghese.
Although the American public never heard a word, the presence of some of the evil enemies in the Church had been identified, as the Borghese article detailed a list of Luciferian or Satan worshippers embedded within the Church's hierarchy. The article listed names, dates and code names of more than 125 prelates, but nothing happened with those implicated ignoring the charges without even issuing a straightforward denial.
In 1976, Americans wouldn't even have blinked an eye at the satanic infighting going on inside the Vatican, dismissing the story as a religious struggle with little effect on world affairs.
But in the last 30 years much has changed, as the U.S. teeters on the brink of a spiritual war, many people now realizing that satanic spiritual controllers have taken a firm hold on their government and the future and destiny of their country.
With that in mind, it's important to identify the hidden evil hand destroying the Church, as the diabolical plan of word domination and genocide draws near and now has a direct aim on the Western civilization.
The enemy of the Church, now residing as the enemy within the U.S. government, has been defined in many ways, including conspirators of silence and the occult, worshippers of Satan and those, for all practical purposes who fall in between, saying the Church must accept an alliance with Satan as he completes God.
To understand this alliance concept a principle archivist of this philosophy went to great lengths to address Pope Pius XII in 1943, saying:
"I am pleased to say that we, possessed of a critical spirit, are servants of Satan. You defend truth, and are servants of God. The two masters complete each other, and need each other. You would exterminate us. Be careful! The death of Satan will mark the agony of your God. You must accept the alliance with Satan, and admit that he completes God."
But who are the spiritual controllers, pulling the satanic puppet strings and leading America headlong into World War III?
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