The 'Ugly' Cause Of
World War Two
The Murder Of Lord Erroll
By Henry Makow PhD
Josslyn Victor Hay, 22nd Earl of Erroll, a prominent British colonial politician, knew the real cause of the Second World War and had the stature to be heard.
Winston Churchill ordered the Secret Service (Special Operations Executive) to kill him. What "ugly" secret would make the British government kill a British citizen and pass it off as an unsolved murder?
Significantly the conspirators chose the codename "Operation Highland Clearance" for Erroll's murder. The brutal eviction of Scottish tenants from their farms in the early 1800's is a fitting symbol for the dispossession of the human race by the New World Order, which the Second World War did so much to advance.
The popular version of the murder is depicted in the 1987 movie /"White Mischief"/ starring Charles Dance as Lord Erroll and Greta Scacchi as Diana Broughton.
Erroll's body was found in the early morning of Jan. 24, 1941 kneeling in the front passenger foot well of his car with a bullet wound behind the ear murdered execution style. Erroll, a widower was having an affair with a married woman Diana Broughton and had dropped her at her home nearby after midnight.
Suspicion was cast on Diana's much older husband Sir Henry Broughton, who was tried but acquitted. The murder, which took place in Nairobi Kenya, was portrayed in terms of the decadence of white settlers far from the London Blitz.
The murder would have remained unsolved but for a retired SOE insider who, informed of a terminal disease, gave the information to a colleague Tony Trafford who composed a 100-page memo. Trafford, since deceased, gave it to an author, coincidentally named Errol Trzebinski who was writing "The Life and Death of Lord Erroll: The Truth Behind the Happy Valley Murder"
pla=1932825&cm_ite=Abebook%20 (2000).
At 6 foot 2" with chiseled Nordic looks, Lord Erroll was a natural leader, heir to an ancient Scottish lineage, organized and intelligent, an excellent speaker with a photographic memory. A member of the Kenyan colonial legislature, he held the post of Military Secretary with important military and intelligence duties.
"Operation Highland Clearance" involved something like 100 people. In the early stages of the war, why did the Churchill government have to silence this man forever?
Essentially Hitler was_ not interested in a world war
His design was to conquer the USSR in a loose "Nordic" alliance with England. Erroll belonged to the "Cliveden Set" a powerful section of the British elite that supported this alliance.
(Hitler "not interested in world war" )
Churchill's backers, the privately-owned Bank of England funded Hitler as a means to intimidate Stalin, destroy Germany and have a world war. War concentrates power and wealth in their hands and enables them to slaughter national elites who might interfere with their plan for world dictatorship.
They used the Cliveden types to fool Hitler into thinking England approved of his plan. Like proud proteges, the Nazis entertained the English and gave them information on their military build-up. The Nazis were set up. This is the real meaning of the policy of "Appeasement."
When Hitler realized he had been double-crossed, he may have taken his revenge on the Jews.
The Cliveden Set divided into two groups, those who were aware of the trap, and those who were not. Erroll was one of those who sincerely believed Hitler represented a bulwark to Communism. When the war broke out, Erroll did his patriotic duty. But he knew too much. He was aware of how the Crown bankers had used Hitler and he spoke of it within range of MI-5 assets.
Errol's father, Victor Hay, was the British High Commissioner in the Rhineland. At age 20, Errol was the private secretary to the British Ambassador in Berlin. He spoke German and French fluently, knew the Prince of Wales, and was part of the European aristocracy.
His diplomatic career hit the rocks in 1924 when he married a twice-divorced woman eight years his senior. He followed her to Kenya where she had a large estate won in a divorce settlement. They had a daughter.
Erroll visited England and kept in touch. He joined Oswald Moseley's Fascist party but later quit. He was a close friend with the Duke of Hamilton <>
who was a linch pin in the Bank of England's plan.
(Duke of Hamilton -
In May 1941, four months after Errol's death, Rudolf Hess, the Deputy Fuhrer, flew to Scotland to present Hamilton with a generous peace proposal. Both men were homosexuals. Hess was Hitler's homosexual lover in the Landsberg Prison and helped him compose /"Mein Kampf."/ Hess may have been Hamilton's lover. Certainly Hamilton had an affair with Albrecht Haushofer, the son of Hess' mentor Karl Haushofer, who originated the concept of /lebensraum/.
(See the book by Kevin Abrams & Scott Lively, "The Pink Swastika", online the_pinkswastika_4th_edition_-_final.htm
Chapter "Homo-Occultism"
the_pinkswastika_4th_edition_-_final.htm )
*Hitler was created by a largely homosexual occult secret society that spanned British and Nazi elites. This was called the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England. ***Winston Churchill, a Druid* <>**, was part of this occult scene. (He was also a friend of Edward VIII, considered a Nazi sympathizer.) But the Nazis branch was not aware of the hidden English agenda. Erroll was silenced because he was an opponent of Communism, and could discredit Churchill and the British war effort.** *
("Winston Churchill, Illuminati" )
(See Churchill's homosexual connection. )
On Sept 7, 1940, a group of highly placed persons including Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, the Fourteenth Duke of Hamilton, met in Scotland and decided to terminate Jocelyn Hay, Lord Erroll. The matter was handed to the SOE on Sept. 12 to be handled by their Cairo station.
Jock and Diana Broughton were MI-5 assets who entered Kenya in Nov. 1940 to discover Erroll's intentions and involve him in a love triangle that would obscure the real purpose of his murder. In December another agent-couple entered Kenya and on the night of the murder, pretended to have engine trouble, and requested a ride back to town for the female who shot Errol. There were radio-controlled teams following Erroll.
Trezebinski's retired SOE contacts try to put a slightly different spin on events suggesting Erroll was murdered because "ex-appeasers " in the establishment including "the Duke of Hamilton, senior figures in Chamberlain's last cabinet, close friends of Edward VIII and Edward himself" would be embarrassed by what Erroll knew. (p.280)
An insider told her Rudolf Hess, Lord Moyne and Erroll shared knowledge of some "ugly" secret. Jewish terrorists ostensibly murdered Lord Moyne in 1944. Other members of the Cliveden set who died mysterious and premature deaths were Lord Rothermere (1940), Sir Harry Oakes (1943) and the former Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who died of "cancer" in Nov. 1940 six months after leaving office. Churchill jailed hundreds of others.
*According to the insider, the "ugly secret" is "not that Churchill had discovered the conspiracy and had been enraged */*but that he had been part of it"*/* i.e. he had played Hitler. The other spin is that Churchill had been sincere about an alliance and was worried about exposure. Certainly he would have had to make peace if he had not inveigled the US to intervene. (p.296)*
(Related, my "Bankers Engineered US WWII Intervention" )
The ultimate ugly secret is that the USSR was a creation of British Freemasonry, financed by the Bank of England. They lost control of Stalin and created Hitler to menace him
But Stalin would have had to do something terrible for the British to have joined Hitler. Russian Communism was one half of their NWO Hegelian dialectic. We see it today in the form of state power, repression and indoctrination.
(Created Hitler to menace Stalin )
You can bet that whenever a country is ostracized as a pariah state, its real crime is asserting its independence from the NWO. It's no coincidence that the "axis of evil," Iraq, Iran and North Korea do/did not have Rothschild-run central banks.
As Erroll's fate makes clear, intelligence agencies work for the central bankers, not for the countries they pretend to serve. They are used to eliminate any genuine threat to the banker's monopoly over credit and power.
I want to make clear I have no sympathy for Hitler who wanted to subjugate Russia and enslave its people.
The real point of this article is that central bankers have empowered a bizarre cabal of gangsters, perverts and misfits to create wars and mayhem. For example, chaos relieved Winston Churchill's chronic depression. At the beginning of World War One, he confessed to his wife: "Everything is tending to catastrophe and collapse. I am interested, geared up, and happy. Is it not horrible to be built like this?"
These are our leaders. Subverted by a Luciferian cult, Western society has little moral authority. Our moral bankruptcy is masked by material prosperity but this will not last forever. That is why they are erecting a police state while the intelligentsia and masses can still be bribed.
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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.



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