The Blue "Tarp"
Is A Service Tent
Date: 9/11/01
Time: Unknown
Photographer: Jim Varhegyi, U.S. Air Force, Tech Sgt. (RELEASED)
DESCRIPTION: This photo has generated more controversy than almost any other. It has been put forth that this is the military smuggling evidence out of the Pentagon. The following review should put that to rest. The first clue is that the photo was taken by the military, reviewed and then "RELEASED" to the public.
1) Notice that there is no significant weight on their arms.
2) Look carefully inside to see that it is hollow.
3) They are inside the guardrail carrying towards the grass.
4) There are only two trees on the Pentagon grounds. You can see one of them in the background which helps locate this shot.
5) The grass, lamp pole, guardrail and the concrete divider also provide clues to locating this shot (see photo 3).
6) Note the gray tarp being carried in the background.
1) The tents have white tops as in photo 1.
2) The floors are gray tarps like the one being carried in photo 1.
3) The tents consist of a white layer and a blue layer as in photo 1.
1) See that the grass, tree, lamp pole, guardrail and the concrete divider are in the exact positions they would be in photo 1.
2) See that other tents are being used on the grounds.
3) The tent right next to the guardrail may be the one they are placing in photo 1.
1) This is the tent assembled on the highway before being carried into the yard.
CONCLUSION: I believe what has been portrayed to be a mystery object being removed from the Pentagon is actually a service tent being carried into the Pentagon grounds after being assembled on the highway.
Russell Pickering
Jeff - I am absolutely inclined to agree with assessment that the "Blue Tarp" is indeed a service tent; it should even be possible to find out who the manufacturer is.
What I find particularly compelling about this article is what one of the series of photos has to say -in particular, the 4th pic down from the top, which shows a clear, overhead view of the damage done to the Pentagon and the lack of same on the grounds (where all the other service tents are deployed) preceding the "Hole" allegedly made by the jetliner that supposedly created that "Hole".
Having seen, as millions of others have, many videos & photos of airliner crash sites, there's just no way one can look at that 4th pic and honestly say that it was created by any kind of jetliner!
We're talking about a HUGE machine; where's the debris from it??
There IS none to speak of! LOOK at the Pentagon; that hole just DOESN'T make any SENSE. So clear, a CHILD can see it; and many ... DO.
Jetliner, indeed ..



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