Pentagon Exit Hole Part II
Building Performance Report Deception?

By Russell Pickering
I received a challenge from an engineer on the Rapid Wall Breaching Kit (RWBK) article posted on . It led me to further investigation to answer his questions. I discovered something I had never noticed before. The following 3 diagrams and descriptions explain what I found. It is the most direct evidence for officials falsifying information to date at the Pentagon.
Look at the 5 actual pillars in the illustration below and how they were rated for damage. You can see the full rating descriptions on the building diagram from the official Building Performance Report (also below) . You can locate pillars by cross-referencing the numbers and letters on the side and top of the graphic. "5N North" and "3N North" refers to the fact that the pillars right behind the exit hole are to the north of the renovation line. 5N North is the pillar that I proposed would have been blasted by the RWBK.
If you look at the building diagram you can see that the damage to the pillars generally decreases from the impact point to the exit hole except in two areas - the two pillars right next to what they refer to as the "opening through roof" (white rectangle) and what should have been a blue or red pillar right behind the exit hole. The "opening through roof" is something you can't find photos of and the people I have spoken with won't elaborate on it. The roof there is a second story roof and as you can see by the beige rectangle the slab between floor 1 and floor 2 was not breached underneath that area.
Now look at 5N North and compare it to 3N North in the comparison at the bottom of the page. They were both rated yellow. I would suggest that anybody can see the difference between the two and that 5N North is significantly more damaged than "cracking and spalling". I also noticed that they did not put the exit hole right between the pillars on the graphic as it is in reality. Why would they misrepresent the damage to pillar 5N North unless they were hiding something? Compare 5N North to 7D and 9C which received higher damage ratings.
The reason I believe is because a trained person who would have looked at this graphic and noticed the anomalous red pillar at 5N North (after the normal decrease in damage across the rest of the graphic) would wonder why the energy suddenly increased in that particular spot. So they just made it yellow so as not to draw attention to the anomaly. I firmly believe this is condemning evidence of a localized blast at the exit hole in support of the RWBK.

 Russell Pickering

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