Rare German Photos Expose
911 Pentagon Hoax

By Jon Carlson
Right from the Pentagon Horse's mouth, actually more like from Francis the Talking Mule, the Flight 77 Boeing 757 demolished 3 rings of the Pentagon structure on 9/11:
Since the Pentagon refuses to release any of the 85 videos the FBI claims don't show the impact of Flight 77 into the Pentagon, any other supporting photos, OR not one Flight 77 part with its identifying part number, we have found rare photos from a German website (Made in USA as was 9/11) that make it crystal clear that a A3 Skywarrior substituted for Flight 77 hit the front Pentagon masonry wall like a bug on a windshield. What did the Pentagon do with the passengers of Flight 77?
Eyewitness Vin Narayanan,
The hijacked jet slammed into the Pentagon at a ferocious speed. But the Pentagon's wall held up like a champ. It barely budged as the nose of the plane curled upwards and crumpled before exploding into a massive fireball. The people who built that wall should be proud.
Jack White believes this CLOSEUP portion of the original photo is genuine:
During an appearance on The Power Hour radio program today, USAF Col. George Nelson (ret.), a 30 year veteran, aircraft accident investigator and expert in aircraft maintenance and aircraft identification, stunned listeners by stating that in regard to the 911 attack at the Pentagon, "I didn't see any damage on the sides of that hole, anything that would say that an airplane that size could have gone through a 16 or 18 ft. hole." He was referring to the hole seen at the Pentagon before the collapse of the e-ring. He went on to say, "There would be large parts of that wing lying on the ground on the outside. It wouldn't all go through that holeIt is impossible for all of the time change parts that have these serial numbers that are trackable to the specific aircraft, it is impossible for them to be totally destroyed where these serial numbers could not be read." 
When asked to express his opinion in regard to the controversial photographs and video showing an anomaly attached to the belly of the plane that struck the South tower and the mysterious "flash" that occurred as the plane made contact, Col. Nelson said, "There appeared to be something attached to the belly and there definitely appeared to be a flash. What caused that flash? Who knows? I can't explain it and it's just a number of these anomalies like that, that just makes the entire picture more suspect." The video and photographic evidence can be seen in the video "911 - In Plane Site."
This photo shows an engine and the fuselage section of a A3 Skywarrior. Most of the aircraft was blown to bits that rained down for blocks around by onboard explosives:
The Rense article, Pentagon 911 Blue Tarp Photo Uncovered, showed the engine and wing ends in front of the Pentagon wall:
These German website photos shows the final cleanup of the wall section. NO BOEING 757 WENT THROUGH HERE:
This roof view shows the first floor still standing:
Compare this final German website photo SHOWING NO HOLE ANYWHERE with the first photo as corroboration that NO Boeing 757 penetrated 3 rings of the Pentagon:
Photoanalyst Jack White was kind enough to email that he believes that the building front portion of the HOLE photo above is genuine but he believes that the foreground portion in the original photo NOT THE CLOSEUP USED IN THE ARTICLE was altered. Jack adds that many Pentagon photos are not genuine. For his analysis of numerous Pentagon photos please visit:



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