Red China And The American
Presidential Elections - Pt 2
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Various federal regulators have the mandated authority to keep track of markets in Chicago, including the following:
Commodity Futures Trading Commission, CFTC;
Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC;
Comptroller of the Currency; and others.
Their task is to determine and enforce compliance with federal laws, regulations, and rules. They have the authority to examine the records of, and to interview, the principals of those trading on the following:
Chicago Mercantile Exchange;
Chicago Board of Trade;
Chicago Board Options Exchange;
Chicago Stock Exchange [which changed its name from Midwest Stock Exchange following a horrendous scandal in the early 1990s. Visit our website for a story about items about that scandal not mentioned in the monopoly press but detailed in a civil suit in Chicago, namely, massive embezzlement through a private bank subsidiary of the exchange, to evade keeping records and paying taxes; amounting to billions of dollars].
Records and reports of federal regulators show a Chicago-based commodity trading firm, LFG, did not keep proper records and did not conduct "due diligence", an industry term meaning accurately determining who exactly are, in fact, their clients and where they actually are located. [The full title of the firm is since about 1999, REFCO-LFG Division, 111 W. Jackson Blvd.,17th floor, Chicago IL 60604; (312) 441-6000. REFCO started out as an obscure cattle-trading firm, Arkansas and elsewhere, and became a giant futures trading firm based in Chicago. They reportedly "bought" early in her career Hillary Rodham Clinton by arranging a hundred thousand dollar "profit" on a few dollar transaction.
They have repeatedly somehow escaped full scrutiny and punishment in a variety of scandals; the silver scandal of the early 1980s; the soybean and currency scandals in Chicago of 1989-1992, where a number of "no clout" small fry were sent to prison including the "Soybean Ten". REFCO is reportedly a trading front for international financial pirate George Soros who shares corrupt deals with the Rothschilds such as the attack on the British Pound Sterling and the Bank of England, a few years ago. Critics allege REFCO "owns" the federal regulators.]
The federal regulators had and have data reportedly available to them tending to support what others in the industry contend about LFG: That their actual clients, not disclosed by way of "due diligence", are actually those of the Red Chinese, foreign and U.S. domestic; the Red Chinese Secret Police, foreign and U.S. domestic; and the Red Chinese military which owns and operates the manufacturing and marketing facilities, under the name Polytechnologies Inc., of AK-47 submachine guns; and ethnic Chinese such as the Riady family. The Red Chinese have repeatedly sought to smuggle into the U.S. quantities of AK-47s, to be supplied to inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs, for shoot-em-ups with American big city police. The huge cash flow through LFG reportedly is interwoven with these groups.
The head of Polytechnologies, Inc., and the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police has been Wang Jun. He has had as his private attorney Kenneth W. Starr, the supposed "Independent Counsel", who from 1994 to 1998, was supposedly "investigating" Bill and Hillary Clinton. All this, at the same time Wang Jun was meeting with President Clinton in or near the White House. In violation of various federal criminal statutes, and committing treason, Clinton conveyed to Wang Jun, U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets [including how to perfect the Red Chinese military missile program after several launch failures]. A White House intern about to testify about this, Mary Caitrin Mahoney, was assassinated right in the heart of the District of Colombia, and the murder falsely blamed by the FBI on a "lone nut", a typical FBI cover up of a political assassination.
[More background data: visit our website series "Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITES STATES".]
One of five Chicago commodity brokers doing the same, LFG reportedly transacts in large sums for laundering the proceeds of the huge, unpunished flow of Red Chinese dope, called "China White", and other narcotics, through Canada coming across the Canada-Montana border to the upper part of Montana. Montana Governor Marc Racicot (R.)[(406) 444-3111], according to some outspoken Montana journalists, is himself criminally implicated in the huge cash proceeds of the cross-border dope smuggling.
Huge sums from the Red Chinese, and their Secret Police, and ethnic Chinese, influenced the year 2000 Presidential alleged "Election". The Montana Governor was the surrogate on location in Florida for candidate George W. Bush, in working a malign, if not corrupt, influence. The purpose was to obstruct and abort the re-counting of votes that were expected to show candidate Albert Gore, Jr., winning Florida's Electoral College vote and hence the U.S. Presidency. Top officials, mostly Democrats, for example, of Miami-Dade County were reportedly "persuaded", at a key point, to abandon re-counting the ballots. The Mayor of Miami, in published reports, denied he worked a malign influence on his cronies on the Election Board, to suddenly stop the re-count and refuse to resume it. Federal commodity and currency regulators were in a position to know, but did nothing, about the huge cash flow through LFG reportedly finding its way to Florida and the activities there of the Montana Governor jointly with James A. Baker III, another reputed Bush Family "bagman".
Some members of an elite consulting unit to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange divulged details to certain independent-minded journalists. To slow down the disclosures, the head of that unit was murdered at a key point in the year 2000 alleged "Election". The details showed, in their simplest form, that the Red Chinese, the Red Chinese Secret Police, the ethnic Chinese such as the Riady family, reportedly simply switched horses, from Clinton to George W. Bush. Following the alleged "Election" of Bush, Clinton began making outspoken statements that Gore won the election but the re-counting of votes was stopped.
According to reports available to, or compiled by, U.S. federal commodity and currency regulators, as well as the Criminal Investigation Division of the Chicago office Internal Revenue Service, some of the commodity and currency brokerage money laundering, to influence the Florida re-count, was disguised through foreign exchange transactions, FOREX in industry parlance, by among others:
* Grupo Financiero Bancomer, the Mexican banking giant, with offices in the U.S. [but not allowed to set up a Chicago office but acting in Chicago through intermediaries], and around the world. In 1998, Bancomer pleaded guilty in money laundering charges entered by U.S. prosecutors; proceeds of massive narcotics transactions, the federal probe dubbed "Operation Casablanca". Bancomer is a unit of Bank of Montreal, owned by the Bronfman family, who have been owners of the Seagram's booze empire; the movie-theater chain, Cineplex Odeon {called by critics Cineplex ODIOUS); and once major owners of DuPont, the explosives war-monger, Bronfman's ownership being switched to movie-making, Hollywood. A major owner of Bancomer, who fronts for them in legislation that may effect them, has been U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald (R., Ill.).
* The foreign currency unit of Harris Bank of Chicago, the parent being Bank of Montreal.
* The foreign exchange, FOREX, units of Bank America, holding firm of Bank of America; they took over the commodity and currency transactions of Continental Bank of Chicago, major owners of Continental having been Federal Appeals Judges in Chicago. [The Judges never disqualified themselves in litigation in their court involving their bank ownership. Guess who wins in their crooked Court?]
Federal regulators as well as IRS criminal investigators are and have been in a position to know, but do nothing, about the accounts, benefits, and emoluments pledged, promised, or actually given to those state officials in Florida, and county officials such as reportedly in Miami-Dade, as a form of malign influence, or bribery. All stemming back reportedly to transactions and concealments by five Chicago currency and commodity brokers. More coming.
Stay tuned.

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