Skolnick - Marc Rich And
The Secret Accounts
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Name some espionage organizations:
American CIA, Israel's Mossad, Britain's M1-6, and Italy's various secret police agencies.
Name some secret Freemason and other secret societies that inflict bombings and political assassinations, to be falsely-blamed on others:
Propaganda-Due, P-2 (made up of legislators, cabinet ministers, judges, media honchos, and other high-level government officials, in Italy, France, England, and the United States).
Name some P-2 members:
George Herbert Walker Bush, Alexander Haig, Henry Kissinger, Bishop Paul Marcinkus, once head of the Vatican Bank.
Marcinkus, having fled from Vatican City to escape inquiry and prosecution in Italy, moved back to Chicago in November, 1991, and then on to Sun City, Arizona. Marcinkus has been the dominant force, on behalf of the Giannini Family, in the infamous worldwide money laundry from his original home town, mafia enclave adjacent to Chicago, First National Bank of Cicero. Other P-2 members include former U.S. District Judge from Chicago, Nicholas J. Bua, who was the Special Justice Department Counsel to whitewash Reagan White House complicty in stealing the PROMIS Software in the Inslaw Affair. Some of these are also members of Gladio, similar to P-2, headquartered in Switzerland, of which Marc Rich has reportedly been the paymaster.
Other P-2/Gladio members included CIA paymaster Roger D'Onofrio and the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain, tied to mafia/CIA links to the Vatican Bank, in the smuggling of osmium nuclear bomb triggers, superior quality counterfeit currency, and stolen gold bullion. As reported early in December, 1995, date-lined Rome and Naples, Italy, by Reuters, United Press International, and Associated Press. The D'Onofrio Affair.
Name some rogue banks:
Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI... The transit point for tens of billions of dollars of murder and mayhem funds of the espionage agencies, as arranged, in part, through Marc Rich;
Banca Nazionale Delavoro, BNL, Italy's largest, owned in part by the Vatican and tied to the George Herbert Walker Bush family, and Hillary Rodham Clinton and her reputed lover/law partner, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and Iraq weapons scandals;
Atlanta and Chicago First Union, owned in part by the Riady family reportedly trafficking in narcotics and weapons and tied to Lippo Group and Lippo Bank.
Wells Fargo Bank, CIA proprietary, arranging funds for covert operations in Pacific Basin area.
Bank America, and their unit, Bank of America, transacting covert and illicit funds for Marc Rich, in commodities and currencies, Chicago and elsewhere.
Another rogue bank was Nugan Hand Bank, the principals of which either disappeared or were murdered in 1980; taken over by successor and alter ego, Household Bank and Household International. Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, was general counsel of both Nugan Hand Bank and Household International, and was murdered in 1996, as he started to go public with certain misgivings of his past.
Name some celebrities reportedly tied to some of the foregoing:
Warren Buffet, major owner Wells Fargo Bank and CIA-linked; the Coca-Cola Company; Dope from South-East Asia, "The Golden Triangle", as supervised by General Colin Powell, his confidant Richard Armitage, and their confederates in the George Herbert Walker Bush Family; Richard Cheney, large stockholder of Enron, reportedly orchestrating the current California electric mess.
Name some international operatives allegedly closely-tied to the foregoing:
Vincent W. Foster, Jr., law partner and reputed lover of Hillary Rodham Clinton, murdered in 1993; the late Hugh Rodham, Sr., infamous international money laundry expert in insurance field and father of Hillary Rodham Clinton, close to Gambino Crime Family and originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania; reputed Deputy Chief of The Mossad for North America, Rahm Emanuel who, on and off for six years, was Clinton White House Senior Advisor - Rahm went on to become a Managing Director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., reportedly laundering huge funds through the Chicago and New York markets for the Red Chinese and the Red Chinese Secret Police; the Wasserstein Perella & Co. operation has merged with Germany's Dresdener Bank, A.G.
Name some of those who reportedly run huge sums through the foregoing:
Rahm Emanuel; REFCO-LFG Division Chicago (Richard Friedman & Co.); Warren Buffet and his false public statements that his fortune started with a 'department store' in Nebraska.
Name a supervisor, tied to some of the foregoing, of a secret 50 million dollar Federal Agency fund transferred to Little Rock, to cover up the embezzlement of an Arkansas-based Savings & Loan, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing for misappropriation of federally-insured thrift funds:
As shown by undisputed federal court records, that supervisor has been Rodham Family confidant, John E. Gierum, from the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, hometown of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gierum's undisputed confession is in the record of the U.S. District Court in Chicago. (Sherman H. Skolnick and Joseph Andreuccetti, plaintiffs, versus Hillary Rodham Clinton, etc., and John E. Gierum, et al., defendants, U.S. District Court, Chicago, case No. 96 C 4373.)
Name some exchanges where massive covert transactions took place, closely linked to the foregoing:
Chicago Mercantile Exchange; Chicago Board of Trade; Chicago Stock Exchange; Chicago Board Options Exchange; Comex, New York.
By way of the foregoing, you have references to realities, not conspiracy theories. To examine a lot more details, visit and read our website, from start to end, just like chapters of a book.
A doorway into understanding all this, begins with sixteen secret accounts, relating to Marc Rich, the espionage agencies, and the persons and entities named:
* EX 4505 3218 Credit Suisse corrected to EX 4505 9065 3218 Credit Suisse [Switzerland]
* AL 1946 3078 51 Banco de Espana [see the documents referring also to a bank in Malaga, Spain, in our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush Family"]
* 31002 871653 Belgium Cre Lux [Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, notorious money laundry center]
* 9517 30013-5-00 Wien ONB [Vienna, Austria].
* 918762500-10-150 ANB
* 2577321836550 Vaduz [notorious money laundering center, principality of Liechtenstein, capital being Vaduz; situated between Austria and Switzerland]
* 328671-11-08-155 Credit Lyon [One of France's largest banks, Credit Lyonnaise. See our story about the alleged Election, and Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris and this bank's Chicago unit account]
* 4402010-00-08 ANB
* 3712 0915 67172 AMEX transfer #
* 714-16782-005-092-0 Cr Lyonnaise
* 3712 0012 10501 Citi Bank
* 440 40 1213 ANB
* 440 68 1211 ANB
* 6100 52 1762 501 Chase Man [Rockefeller Family flagship]
* 9106 1250 01 086219 CitiBank
* 01156 86 7918 4578 01 World Bank
Switzerland and the other countries are permitting illegal transactions on the American markets in Chicago and New York, to unlawfully manipulate currencies and commodities and to enable a worldwide cartel to have falsely kept down the price of gold, aided by Marc Rich. By the way, Colin Powell's crony,Richard Armitage, reportedly played a key role in the massive amounts involved in the Iran-Contra Affair done with the connivance and assistance of Marc Rich.
Some independent journalists are aware of the secret passwords into the mentioned accounts. If you really understand all this, then you see it is natural that some of the foregoing celebrities and entities parked, escrowed, offshore, upwards of one hundred million dollars for the beneficial interest of Hillary Rodham Clinton, in turn, to make it available to her alleged husband William Rockefeller Clinton [as we have pointed out, they are a "CIA couple" and publicly conduct themselves as "married" although incompatible]. These parked funds were to persuade Bill, in the last moments of his presidency, to pardon Marc Rich, headquartered in exile in Zug, Switzerland, by way of protecting the foregoing entities and celebrities from, so far, being subject to U.S. federal criminal prosecution for various crimes linked to the sixteen secret accounts and matters thereto related.
Prior to Bill Clinton becoming President, Marc Rich set up secretly in Switzerland for the future of Clinton's purported daughter Chelsea, at the time she was about 12 years old, a ten million dollar secret account under password Chelsea Jefferson, the term deriving from her first name and Bill's publicly used middle name. [Was Bill her birth father? In the Juanita Broaddrick rape matter, Bill told her not to worry, that he was STERILE as a result of having mumps at an early age. So then, who is her birth father? For various facial resemblances, some contend her birth father was Webster Hubbell.]
More coming. Stay tuned.

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