Skolnick - The Rev. Jesse
Jackson Affair
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Some folks because of an apparent lack of wisdom, seem to reject and violate age-old proverbs. Such as, "PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES".
Being a life-long resident of Chicago and an activist since I was a child, I became known as someone who was not afraid to speak out. By 1965, self-educated in law, I brought a series of federal court class actions to re-apportion Chicago and Illinois's terribly gerry-mandered voting districts. The "One Man, One Vote" constitutionally-based standards were being flagrantly violated. These violations resulted in blacks and latinos not having a fair chance to elect a sufficient number of representatives such as in the City Council of Chicago, as justified by the minority population in the Windy City.
Members of minorities understood I was using my legal research and investigation skills not only to target crooked judges and lawyers, but to assist the aspirations of the underdogs. I choose not to be a member of the Bar. The Federal Judges, who hate non-lawyers and me in particular, were nevertheless forced to permit me to represent myself as a voter and all voters similarly situated. As a result of my lawsuits, sometimes opposed by as many as fifty lawyers [my electric mimeograph rapidly cranked out the court papers], blacks and latinos were able to have more representatives speaking for their interests elected to the City Council, the Illinois State Legislature, and the U.S. Congress, and eventually even the County Board.
By 1969, there was a vast movement in Chicago of black would-be home-owners. By racially-discrminatory practices, banks "red-lined" black districts, so blacks could not get a home mortgage. Blacks had to buy "on contract", paying per month on the basis of twice what the house was worth. I became a volunteer consultant to the 25,000 members of the South Side Contract Buyers League. In packed church mass meetings, I outlined what needs to be done. I dared tell them that the judges hearing their cause were real estate speculators and landlords of sizeable properties, enemies of the common man. The judges opposed the dreams of the Chicago blacks to one-day own their own home.
To the Establishment and their banks and mortgage companies, a grassroots movement, like the Buyers League, is dangerous, like a prairie fire. They have to stop it. Enter, Rev. Jesse Jackson. A series of well-informed sources told me plenty about Jesse's rise to prominence and how he was becoming a multi-millionaire through a series of secret business arrangements. [I had unraveled the secrets of his ill-gotten wealth.] At a crucial court hearing, Rev. Jackson arrived with his muscle-men, called "Black Men Moving", grim enforcers, who overwhelmed the already packed courtroom. The leaders of the Buyers League, present in Court, were prepared, representing themselves, to discuss the law and the facts [they whispered to me that they suspected Jesse's bunch were a set-up, provocateurs].
The court scene became extreme and tense, with Jesse's people, instead of discussing law and facts, hollaring slogans and threats. The County Sheriff himself, not a deputy, entered the Courtroom and stood next to the Judge on the bench. The deputies swept into the courtroom. Guess who they arrested? Not Jesse Jackson or his military-style team, but rather the President and Vice-President of the Buyers League who had been mostly polite and silent. They were taken to the Sheriff's lock-up in the Court basement. At that point, Jesse went from the courthouse to the Mayor's Office across the street. I told a number of the Buyers League members to hurry up and push me in my wheelchair to follow Jesse.
As I rolled up, Jesse was sitting in the Mayor's outer office. He growled at me, "What are you doing here white face?" I responded, "Look, I am not some white cracker bigot that you are trying to scare. I am helping the Buyers League. YOUR southside office is just a few feet away from THEIR office. Yet, you repeatedly refused to help them." As he entered the Mayor's inner office he kept several women members of the Buyers League from following him in. They began pounding on the closed door, "Jesse, come out of there! You do not speak for us." Jeese exited the inner office as a TV crew was setting up their lights. As he approached their microphone he glared at me, "I'm going to get you for this!" Like some over six foot high pest-control expert, somehow giving me advance warning, looking down at me sitting in my wheelchair like I was some kind of helpless bug.
Sweet victory! The confrontation and commotions I caused resulted in the two leaders of the Buyers League being released from the court basement lock-up. After other incidents, my strategies worked. Rev. Jesse Jackson did not succeed in taking over and snuffing out the Buyers League movement. Eventually, after a meeting in my home, of bank-type bigshots and Buyers League leaders, the thousands and thousands of homes were arranged for the blacks with long-term mortgages at HALF the price of the contracts. At every turn of this perilous road, I warned the the bank-shills, opponents and enemies of the Buyers League, "I am not Jesse Jackson. I am NOT for sale!"
Knowledgeable blacks started thereafter meeting me on the sly, afraid that Rev. Jackson would find out. Through them, I compiled a list of witnesses and details which would prove Jesse was an extortionist, shaking down various businesses, including fellow blacks, and thus vastly enriching himself, under the disguise of promoting human rights.
Such as, he became the owner of a garbage truck business, removing refuse, from factories and such. Where did his trucks unload? Why, in a private garbage dump owned by mobsters. He reportedly shook down a food store chain by repeatedly marching on them. Bank clerks whispered in my ear his secret bank arrangements of his apparent laundering of vast sums. We made a mass of witnesses and details available to an elite government unit. In 1972 they had Jesse indicted on federal criminal charges of tax evasion and extortion and various inter-state crimes.
Through a highly corrupt GOP national committeeman from Indiana, Rev. Jackson reportedly conveyed to the Nixon White House a "gift" of 850 thousand dollars. The Federal prosecutor was removed. [He told his associates how he came to be wrecked.] The indictment was suppressed.
Thereafter, I arranged a clandestine meeting with a member of the elite unit. I was present with two mass media reporters who claimed confirmation would result in a story by them. They received direct confirmation from the horse's mouth, how Rev. Jesse Jackson, himself a Republican in the early 1970s, beat down the prosecution and made it a secret. One of the journalists, with a TV network, never got around to do a story. He died when his plane was blown up by a bomb. The other reporter decided to stay shut, despite direct confirmation, and in return, he was rewarded with a very lucrative job with one of the world's largest news groups. Enhancing a career by blackmail?
In 1975, I and my associates met with an Afro-American reporter, Barbara Reynolds, then working for the Chicago Tribune. She had written a book about Rev. Jesse Jackson how he fraudulently became a supposed black "leader", replacing Dr. King, how he falsely claimed Dr. King died in his arms; and how Jesse gets various benefits from the government and huge corporations who condone his vast deception. Her book, "The Man, The Myth, The Movement" was then being withdrawn from the bookstores and suppressed, she told us, because the Establishment needed to protect their front man, Rev. Jackson. She said the Rev. Jackson's threats were requiring how to soon pack up and leave Chicago. [I have one of the very few copies of the original book.]
In the early 1990s, she appeared on the TV Show "Tony Brown's Journal". She told what happened to her at the hands of Jesse Jackson and mentioned she thought her book was finally going to be re-issued.
In years that followed, Rev. Jackson was a very mixed bag. Sometimes he was fully justified in clamoring about discriminatory policies of major corporations. But, then he would become silent once one of his cronies were put on their board of directors and through some means or another, he got some benefit or emolument that enriched him. And, the corporations would continue their discriminatory policies. An example, is the matter of black would-be General Motors car dealers. Jesse complained to GM who made one of his cronies a director. Some blacks were given the franchise to be a dealer but in a territory where they could starve to death and go bankrupt. Jesse was silent about racially discriminatory practices at a GM Parts facility in a western suburb of Chicago, Broadview. Jesse refused to help the 3,000 black workers protesting that General Motors Electro-Motive Division, making railroad locomotives in the Chicago area, had discriminated against blacks for decades, giving blacks the dirty grease pit work and knowingly operating one of their facilities on a toxic dump where over the years numerous blacks died of cancer. Jesse refused to help the blacks picket the federal court to remove the U.S. District Judge who refused to disqualify himself yet he had been the attorney for the Electro-Motive Division. After almost 20 years pending in court, the black workers got almost zero from GM. [I designed the leaflets for the picketers, with our investigation of the judge's past.]
If you are a black and hope to be a gospel singer and get TV attention, you reportedly have to deal with Jesse Jackson's wife's company, Jacqueline Productions. Otherwise, you get lost. It is a trick apparently to even locate where they operate from.
Jesse seems to have an unholy arrangement with the mob-linked Hotel Workers Union. How is it that his family members have the lucrative reputedly mob-linked beer distributorships in Chicago? Yet, his commotions about blacks being blocked from voting in Florida in the year 2000 Presidential Election are justified grievances. But, is he, with his past pattern of doing things, hoping to somehow shakedown the Democrat National Committee? As we have mentioned in our website story about the Murder of Dr. King, according to a former Justice Department official who had Jesse's records piled up in his office, Rev. Jesse Jackson was reportedly an FBI informant and "fink" most of his adult life. The staff of the House Subcommittee on Assassinations, 1976, had documents, not to be disclosed for 30 years, that the FBI hand-picked Jesse Jackson to replace Dr. King before he was assassinated. And some now believe the FBI/CIA played a role in the murder of what the Establishment perceived as the "Black Messiah".
Notice the pattern: When details begin circulating about the CIA, and Clinton, and the dope from Mena, Arkansas, and the links to China. What happens? A supposed "Independent Counsel" shows up, Kenneth W. Starr, who in private law practice is the attorney for the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun. Starr spends four years and some 50 million dollars of the taxpayers money and works the whole mess down to a sex scandal, Monica Lewinsky. Then when more Chinagate scandals may be in the works, with alleged "President" George W. Bush, putting in cabinet members part of Chinagate, the Establishment and their oil-soaked monopoly press, suddenly comes up with a sex scandal on Rev. Jesse Jackson. As if they did not already long know about it. And this, right on the eve of the Inaugural of the alleged "President". The Rev. Jackson sex scandal is to whitewash not only the latest Chinagate dope and theft of U.S. military and nuclear secrets, but also to cover up Rev. Jackson's apparently corrupt arrangements with General Motors and numerous other giant corporations. The U.S. Government and the major corporations certainly were in a position to know who and what Jesse Jackson is at least all the way back to 1972 as mentioned here earlier. And even earlier, how he was selected to replace Dr. King before Dr. King was assassinated by the FBI/CIA.
What is the reason, None dare call this treason?
Stay tuned.

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