Skolnick - America's Great
Fairy Tales - Part 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Fairy Tale #1: NATIONS, NOT THE UNITED STATES, HAVE A LONG HISTORY OF FRAUDULENT ELECTIONS. IN THE U.S., ELECTIONS ARE GENERALLY HONEST. Realities: At key points in U.S. history, the elections have been a gigantic fraud upon the American common people. Part of a post-Civil War struggle as to how to handle the conquered South, the Election of 1876 is depicted in Gore Vidal's book "1876", re-issued strangely just before the year 2000 alleged Presidential "Election". Much of what happened in the year 2000 alleged "Election" is very similar if not prophetically the same as in that book. [Visit our website for details on the alleged "Election" of 2000.] A corrupt compromise of the 1876 fraudulent election, was to reverse the small gains of blacks. In the Reconstruction Period, following 1876, voting, holding public office, and other rights of blacks, under the newly minted 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, were crushed and not restored, even in part, until almost 100 years later, IF THEN.
In the year 2000 alleged "Election", under the sham and excuse of "defective ballots", some two million blacks, nationwide, were deprived of having their votes counted. As a consequence, there is a perception that the equal rights of blacks are in the process, like after 1876, of being blatantly reversed. And as a possible result, the ultra-rich, favoring Divide and Conquer among ordinary people, black and white, are instigating conditions that may lead to new racial disharmony if not outright racial riots. [Some rightly estimate that the rejected black ballots would have been a large per centage for candidate Gore. How would the oil-soaked monopoly press explain away that large of a plurality for Gore in the national popular vote? And how to explain away that Bush became President by a strange decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, blocking manual recounting of questioned ballots? And how to explain away that Bush was allegedly "elected" by two votes in the Electoral College under the most unusual circumstances, like1876?]
A sinister side-light: The last time a "Black Messiah" showed up to aid the aspirations of people of color, the Establishment, with their secret political police, the FBI and the CIA, had him assassinated and the murder blamed, naturally, on a "lone assassin". For details as to Dr. King, visit our website.
Fairy Tale #2: THE JUDGES OF THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES HAVE GENERALLY BEEN PERSONS OF HIGH STANDARDS AND THE COURT HAS BEEN HIGHLY REPUTABLE. Realities: In 1856, the high court, promoting the position of slave-owners, made the Dred Scott decision. Blacks were proclaimed and adjudicated to be chattel, mere baggage, that could be transported from place to place. Despite all the later bloodshed, this decision is still on the law books. In the process of U.S. Senate ratification of his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1991, Clarence Thomas, an"Uncle Tom" to some, mouthed off about "natural justice" and was apparently just about to state in his televised hearings, that the Dred Scott decision was proper under his theory of "natural justice".
The driving force and bigbucks behind his high court appointment was Senator John C. Danforth [R., Missouri]. Danforth has been the heir to the Ralston-Purina, pet food and other items, fortune. Thomas had been an office employee assisting Danforth. While Thomas was a Federal Appeals Judge in the District of Columbia Circuit, he made a decision, WITHOUT DISQUALIFYING HIMSELF AS HE WAS OBLIGATED TO DO UNDER FEDERAL STATUTES, favoring Danforth in eleven million dollars.
Interesting detail: Danforth won election to the U.S. Senate in 1976, where he remained for 18 years, as a result of a sabotaged plane crash removing his Democrat opponent. In 2000, Mel Carnahan running for U.S. Senate, and his son, and office aide, all died in a sabotaged plane crash in Missouri just after debating Carnahan opponent, John Ashcroft. And this was just prior to the Gore/Bush presidential candidate debate in St. Louis. Carnahan reportedly had documents with him on the plane which he planned to give to Gore, showing tremendous financial and other scandals incriminating George W. Bush. The documents disappeared in the crash zone at the hands of the secret police, the FBI, or persons claiming to be FBI. [Do I understand airplane sabotage? In 1973, my book, "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage" was blocked in the printing cycle by Rockefeller-owned United Air Lines. No copies are now available.]
For several decades early in the 19th century, John Marshall was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. In Chicago, a law school is named after him. The Establishment falsely portrays him as a great pillar of honor. A heavily documented book, however, shows the massive corruption involving Chief Justice Marshall, including huge land grabs by his relatives, litigation which Chief Justice Marshall covered up on his high court and did not disqualify himself. See: "The History of the Supreme Court" by Gustavus Myers, a book generally NOT allowed to be on the shelves of law libraries.
Chief Justice Marshall's allegedly "famous" decision, Marbury vs. Madison, as the book documents, was a brazen scheme to block STATE SUPREME COURTS from proceeding with litigation contesting and investigating huge land grabs done by the Chief Justice and his circle of thieves and swindlers.
Judges on the U.S. Supreme Court have traditionally been multi-multi-millionaires, representing and promoting the interests of land-grabbing railroads and large corporate interests, in direct opposition to the rights of common people. In the 1930s, the high court judges repeatedly outraged the public, by knocking down laws passed by Congress to try to combat the emergency caused by the widespread Depression. The financial and industrial debacle was fomented and instigated by the ultra-rich as a scheme to seize assets and properties for a penny on the dollar. The high court dictators repeatedly cancelled the rights of labor and the working people. In Post World War Two, the U.S. was having extreme foreign policy problems with various countries including Africa. Caused by the image of the United States NOT having equal rights for American blacks, a contradiction that the U.S. could not continue to evade. As a consequence, the U.S. Supreme Court not willingly but was forced to make a decision in 1954, purporting to help the rights of blacks, ordering school desegregation. It was a decision the ultra wealthy reluctantly made to try to clean up America's image of lynching blacks and using them for cheap labor. For related details see: "The Myth of Democracy" by Ferdinand Lundberg. His other books, "The Rich and the Super-Rich", 1967, and a version in the 1930s, "America's Sixty Families", documented the crimes of the very wealthy, which sooner or later, Lundberg says, causes the common people to rise up and slaughter their tormentors and exploiters.
Some call the high court Justices in making the majority ruling in the Bush/Gore cases, "The Gang of Five". As to their blatantly not disqualifying themselves when there were strong reasons to require it, see our website stories about the alleged "Election". Their decisions, cancelling the voters position, stopped the re-counting and installed Bush as the alleged "President". Some called it a "Fascist Coup". These Five, realizing their second Bush/Gore ruling might be used as a precedent in some OTHER election controversy, said the decision on so-called Equal Protection of the Law, IS NOT TO BE REFERRED TO IN ANY OTHER LITIGATION.
More America's Great Fairy Tales coming.
Stay tuned.

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