Skolnick - Red China &
The American Presidential Elections -
Part 1
By Sherman H. Skolnick

Where did it start and when and how will it end? To understand that, requires pulling together little understood facts and making some sense of them. Perhaps this will give you a door into a better handle on the situation.
As an upcoming industrial power, Japan was always down-rated by the West. When they destroyed the Czar of Russia's Pacific naval fleet at Port Arthur, early in the 20th Century, Americans and Russians were suitably shocked. How is it they did not understand? In World War One, Japan was an ally of the Western Powers. The Japanese Royal Family interlocked with their business cartels, the Zai-batsu, and had plenty of financial muscle. They began pulling away from America in the 1930s. The Japanese Monarchy had huge deposits in U.S. banks. They angered the American aristocracy by withdrawing those deposits and contributing to the then oncoming bank collapse. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had to declare a bank holiday, an emergency, right after being inaugurated in 1933.
When the common people of one nation are angered by those of another country, that is ethnic, nationalist, or religious friction. But, when the aristocracy of one country is really sore at the aristocracy of another country, however, that is not simply opposition; that means WAR.
Japan began attacking China 1931. President Roosvelt sent in a top military expert, Brig.General Claire Chennault, to find out why the Chinese did not have an effective air force to counter the Japanese attacks. China began making demands for material assistance on the American government as well as American financiers. After all, with another World War expected, the U.S. needed items from China, such as tungsten, for the making of airplanes and battleships.
One result was that American mercenaries became involved in aiding China fight an air war against Japan. They were called "The Flying Tigers". From documents released more than fifty years AFTER the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, it became evident that the Japanese may have felt justified attacking our fleet and airfields in Hawaii. Six months BEFORE Pearl Harbor, the Flying Tigers were part of an American plan to aid the Chinese, known to the Japanese, to bomb Japan. [In recent years, Barbara Walters and ABC Network did a documentary, based on those documents, on this American plan to bomb Tokyo six months BEFORE Pearl Harbor.]
Part of the world's then richest family, May-ling Soong, known as Madame Chiang Kai-shek, was the wife of the Chinese dictator. Her family member, T.V. Soong, was considered one of the richest men in the world. Their fortune, in great part, was based on narcotics exports. The American government contemplated that assisting China with war loans would minimize dope addiction in American. [Then, as now, the major dope coming into the U.S. was and is from China, now called "China White". The monopoly press, to protect Red China, falsely states the major dope now is from Colombia.] The American hope then was that narcotics exporting to the U.S. would diminish.
Even all during World War Two, however, corrupt Chinese generals were in charge of dope exports, even, on occasion, through Japanese lines, down the Burma Road, and elsewhere. [Numerous details are in the book, "The Soong Dynasty" by Sterling Seagrave, hardback edition, Harper & Row, N.Y., 1985, pages 368-369.]
Historically, arranging the finances of the dope cartel was the British bank owned jointly by the British Monarchy and dope-rich families of Shanghai, the HONG KONG & SHANGHAI BANK. [See, for example, the book "Dope, Inc."] The Queen of England, through the bank owned by her, Coutts Bank London, has a joint account for laundering illicit funds such as from the dope trafficking, jointly with George Herbert Walker Bush and his sons, George W., Jeb, and Neil. [See Federal Reserve secret wire transfer records, attached to our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes the Bush Family".] The reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police IN THE UNITED STATES is tied to the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank. He lives in the Midwest and has direct communications links with the White House. [Visit our website series, "The Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States".]
To benefit ethnic Chinese in controlling oil-rich Indonesia, the American CIA, in 1965, arranged the mass murders of some half a million of that nation of islands. The excuse, other than that the ones to be slaughtered, opposed the CIA-installed regime? The victims were considered and perceived as being "Reds", whether actually true or not did not seem to matter.
Made fantastically rich on reputed dope exports and other contraband to the West, the ethnic Chinese family of Riady set up their North American headquarters from their flagship, Lippo Group and Lippo Bank, in Arkansas. For influencing American Presidential elections, they bought the tiny First National Bank of Mena,Arkansas. The further purpose? For reportedly assisting the American CIA and their surrogates, William Rockefeller Clinton, Ollie North, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Henry Hyde. The purpose? To launder the huge cash flow resulting from the narcotics flown in, through, or nearby, to the Mena airport. The cash flow, in turn, was relayed through two or more routes, among others. Some of the cash went through a small bank, in Noel,Missouri. The reputed body of the too-talkative bank president was found in a nearby lake. His murder was falsely blamed on to young fellows. The documents purportedly linking the dope cash affair to George W. Bush and his father, were in the possession of Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan running in 2000 for U.S. Senator. In an earlier story, we mentioned the sabotaged plane crash by which Carnahan was snuffed out to benefit George W. Bush's alleged "election".
Other parts of the American CIA/Riady huge dope cash flow, from fourteen Southern states, was funneled to what became reportedly First Union. That bank ran surreal TV commercials, showing Wall Street as an area of great confusion, with mannequins suddenly falling down and splitting apart. The Southern states operations were under the supervision of Arkansas Governor Clinton, together with Jeb Bush, later Florida Governor, Ollie North, the Elder Bush, and Henry Hyde. As a Chicago-area lawmaker, Congressman Henry Hyde had numerous links to Arkansas and the dope cash. Hyde had been a director of a reputed CIA proprietary, Clyde Federal Savings & Loan of a Chicago suburb. [There have been 26 other S & Ls as CIA proprietaries sucking out the federally-insured funds for covert operations and then the S & Ls went under. See the book, "The Mafia, the CIA, and George Bush" by Pete Brewton, former Houston newspaper journalist, S.P.I. Books, N.Y., 1992.] Hyde was accused as an S & L director, in federal district court Chicago, of causing 67 million dollars of the thrift's funds to disappear in Arkansas.
Contrary to the U.S. Constitution's mandate of "Separation of Powers", Hyde is also head of CIA's "black budget", covert funds to overthrow governments and to finance political assassinations. Also, Hyde arranged, for CIA, that the dope cash be laundered reportedly through the gambling casino on Paradise Island, the Bahamas. [Many more details. Visit our website series, "IRS Officials Face Exposure".]
Another route for the American CIA/Riady dope cash reportedly went up through Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank of Chicago. A principal owner of the small, closely held bank has been defrocked Congressman Dan Rostenkowski, an ex-convict. Having been for years head of the tax-writing committee of Congress, quietly and corruptly favoring with loopholes the Chicago markets, "Rosty" as he is known, had plenty of "muscle". [His daughters were reportedly paid by the exchanges in Chicago while apparently doing little if any actual work.] Rosty's pal, Clinton, pardoned him. Rosty had been federal criminally convicted of defrauding the private bank of the U.S. House of Representatives.
The Riady/American CIA dope cash also reportedly benefitted, Tyson Chickens; J.B. Hunt Truck Lines, heavily transporting from Arkansas to a Chicago suburb; Wal-Mart discount store chain; and Beverly Enterprises, the reputedly highly corrupt nursing home chain. That truck line reportedly on occasion transports contraband, such as narcotics. Illinois state transportation regulators, however, know better than to dare stop and check their trucks. Other truck lines, not J.B. Hunt, are harassed and shaken-down for pay-offs for purporting to have "overweight" trucks.
A terminus point for the Riady/Lippo/Red Chinese Secret Police/American CIA dope cash has been for several decades, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Five currency and commodity brokers have traded with use of this river of narcotics money, without filing reports, required by the U.S. Treasury, of cash intake over ten thousand dollars. The brokers knew, know, and have known, that the cash came in great part through the Red Chinese and reportedly the Riady Family, for the purpose of corruptly influencing U.S. Presidential Elections. In violation of Federal regulatory rules, they did not conduct "due diligence", to accurately determine who their "clients" were. But they had plenty good reasons to already know.
Clinton as presidential candidate, and as president, often came to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, to supposedly give a "speech". Funny thing, if the monopoly press even mentioned he was at the "Merc" as it is called, which was seldom; they never mentioned what his speech there was all about. Clinton came to the "Merc", to tap into and connect into the illicit fountain of cash, masquerading as foreign currency and other deals.
For some twelve years, regulating the Chicago markets was oriental-descent Wendy L. Gramm, then head of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. A brokerage owned by a former top Chicago Mercantile Exchange official, GNP Commodities, accused her jointly with the Federal Reserve Board, of falsely interfering with the firm's plan to merge with a French firm, Bank Indo-Suez. Following a regulatory hearing, an attorney for the firm reportedly hollared that if Wendy Gramm and the Fed, do not get off GNP's back, they will be caught up in an international incident and will cease to exist. [Stories about this appeared in the Wall Street Journal, November, 1989.] Wendy L. Gramm, as then head of CFTC, played a key role reportedly in covering up the bribery agenda of Bank of Credit and Commerce International. BCCI, through five La Salle Street brokers, corruptly condoned by CFTC and Wendy L. Gramm, was engaged in bribery and/or blackmailing 108 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 28 U.S. Senators, including Gramm's own husband, U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R., Texas). BCCI wanted Congressional okay to spread out their bank branches in the U.S. [Only one populist newspaper, Spotlight, ran the details of my exclusive story in August, 1991, of this scheme operating through "straddles", Chicago and London.] By a strange series of circumstances, the Bank of England had the BCCI bribery records, as an open record, for only thirty days.
Senator Gramm has been in a position to cover up this dirty cash. He has been Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. His wife Wendy, became a Director of Enron Corp. Enron produces electricity and natural gas, develops, constructs, and operates energy facilities worldwide and delivers physical commodities and financial and risk management services to customers. Annual revenue exceeds Forty Billion Dollars. Alleged U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney is a major stockholder of Enron. And Enron reportedly has been part of putting the giant squeeze on California in their electricy black-out following the alleged year 2000 "Election". Going heavily for Presidential candidate Gore, was California thus punished? As an example to other state's popular vote that went for Gore instead of for George W. Bush? That is, if you supported Gore, we are going to "stick it" to you.
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Red Chinese and their secret police, played a key joint role in several presidential elections. The head of a Chicago Mercantile Exchange consulting unit leaked the earth-quaking bribery/dope details to certain more independent journalists. At a key point in the year 2000 Presidential Election, this key figure was murdered. Both George W. Bush and William Rockefeller Clinton had an interest to snuff him out. What was it all about? Who all in Florida were bribed with the Red Chinese dope cash funneled through the Merc? Are some members of the alleged "Cabinet" of alleged "President" George W. Bush tied to the Red Chinese? Was there a malign, if not corrupt, influence, on the U.S. Supreme Court in the Bush/Gore cases? More coming. Stay tuned.

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