National Online Chemtrail
Petition Debuts
From Lorie Kramer

Dear Jeff,
In our continuing journey to obtain information and accountability relative to the Chemtrail issue, another step has been taken by concerned Americans.
There is an online petition, authored by our friend, chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom, who has appeared on your program several times. We all have been most grateful for Clifford's dedication, and tremendous personal effort, in trying to get to the bottom of this issue. It is because of his integrity and courage, and that of his wife, that we have come as far into this quagmire as we have.
This online petition gives your listeners and site visitors the opportunity to take a stand in demanding answers to our legitimate questions from the duty bound officials of our government. We are entitled to know the answers, we are paying for the operation of these progams. The atmosphere they are tainting is what eventually gets into our own lungs, and that of our children. We have an investment in this, we have a right to know.
I encourage your listeners to review the petition below, titled "Ariel Chemtrail Spraying" on the "E-The People" petition website. Then, take a few minutes to fill out the form to be able to sign it. Currently there are 283 signatures. It is in the number three position of the most popular National petitions on the website.
We are hoping as well, to utilize this petition to continue to educate about the Chemtrail issue. Our continued thanks go out to you, and your staff, for your continued support of the investigation into this worrisome campaign against our skies. Having Clifford Carnicom and others reporting about chemtrails on your program has assisted us in informing people that no, that's not water vapor over their heads, and we need to find out what IS over our heads. We have a right to know.
Lorie Kramer
Representative Chem Trail tracking USA, co-founder
Aerial Chemtrail Spraying
I, the undersigned, petition my Congress to hold an open hearing on aerial chemtrail spraying. As a concerned citizen of The United States, I demand disclosure explaining the truth behind the ongoing chemical, biological or other toxic aerial sprayings occurring over the United States and other countries, cessation of aerial spraying upon U.S. citizens, and enforcement of existing Federal law prohibiting experimentation upon U.S. citizens without informed consent and permission. I have directly witnessed these sprayings.
The following websites are essential for your review:
and Chemtrailtrackingusa
This petition was initiated by Clifford Carnicom and C.A.C.T.U.S.
(Citizens Against Chemtrails U.S.). Permission to use, modify, copy and distribute is given to any interested organization or individual. When this or similar petition is completed, please mail to:

Clifford Carnicom
P. O. Box 4653
Sante Fe, NM 87502

All petitions will be organized for presentation to the Congress of the United States.

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