Greenpoint, Brooklyn And A Candy
With Mad Cow Written On It...
By Jim Mortellaro

A chewy and delicious candy ... a German Candy ... in fruity flavors, is popular in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Why the candy settled there is another question which at this moment remains unanswered. It may have to do with the popularity of anything from Europe as a result of the ethnic population in Greenpoint.
Greenpoint is a virtual melting pot, the epitome of what America was back in the late 19th and early 20th century. Hassidic Jews, Eastern Europeans, blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, Greeks ad infinitum. All living together, but in neighborhoods surrounding and protecting each ethnic grouping.
These groups, ethnic neighborhoods, co-mingle as a result of people having to move about, going to work, shopping etc. If one were to take a camera into this area, and take pictures of people walking about, it would look like Babble and sound like it too. Some wearing the black garb of the Hassidim, others with Islam written all over the bodies of women draped so that only the eyes can be seen. Others are typically Mayan clearly written in their almond eyes and sloped heads, this, largely from the South American population which has inundated the greater northeast.
All separate and yet together. I living organism of independent and yet dependent life. An oxymoron. Nothing in common except a piece of real estate and the Greenpoint Bank of TV commercial fame.
Except - one other one thing. Candy. A candy from Germany. A chewy and fruity delicious craze, made from gelatin, which is made from animal products, which is derived from European animals. And the latest craze is now a fearful danger, potentially.
Mad Cow.
Most of the residents never heard of Mad Cow. In fact, it sounds like a great name for a candy, "Mad Cow." But many have heard of it, a testament to site like But mainstream media is only just now picking up on this story.
Where the hell have you other dudes been all these years?
Well, now the people of Greenpoint have something else to share other than a neighborhood and a bank.
Ain't the Internet wunnaful?
Well, we don't want to ruin anyone's business, so we won't name the product. But for the benefit of your own health, read the label. And if the product contains "gelatin," you may wish to pass on it. It could save your life. Not to mention your teeth.
Jim Mortellaro

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