Chamish - Avi Dichter:
Head Of Shabak
& Part-Time Crap Salesman
By Barry Chamish

Thirty days after the murder of Binyamin Kahane and his wife Talya, the chief of Israel's General Security Services (Shabak) spent the sabbath with the deceased couple's family. His mission was to unload an unwanted supply of rotting crap. But before describing his weekend, let us examine some classic cases of successful crap sales.
In November 1, 1990 Binyamin's father, Rabbi Meir Kahane's speech in New Work was interrupted by lethal gunfire. The shooter, an Arab named Nosair was a trained assassin. He felled the rabbi from a distance of sixty feet with small arms. He raced outside where a postman, who just happened to be wearing a bullet-proof vest, was supposed to kill him as he fled. But Nosair shot first and saved himself.
Later it was discovered that Nosair somehow arrived in the US without a passport. And somehow he joined an Islamic cell in New Jersey run by a blind Egyptian cleric who would later order the bombing of the World Trade Center.
This cell was infiltrated by an Arab who later moved to Israel for his own protection. He met with Binyamin Kahane and signed an affidavit for him declaring that he had reported the upcoming hit on Rabbi Meir Kahane to his contacts in the FBI and Mossad. They did nothing to stop the murder. And later, they intervened in the courts to prevent Nosair from being convicted of Rabbi Kahane's murder.
The Israeli and world media reported that Rabbi Kahane was murdered by a radical Arab. That was crap. Meir Kahane was a political threat to, more than anyone else, the Likud Party and its leader, then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir. While the Left despised him for his fiery opposition to their delusions, the Right feared him for luring away, according to all the polls, at least 20% of their voters. He was assassinated in a covert intelligence operation and that is the truth.
In the Spring of 2000, the Israeli Ambassador to France, Eliyahu Ben Elissar, got wind of the truth behind the Rabin assassination and the collusion of France in the murder. French intelligence operatives told him that Shimon Peres cut a deal with the French. They authorized Rabin's removal and in return his successor Shimon Peres signed an agreement for a French-approved peace deal. The UN would take over security of Jerusalem's Old City, they would grant the PLO a capital there and the Vatican would become sovereign over the holy places within. Ben Elissar was determined to warn his people and that the French authorities would not allow.
Prime Minister Barak was called to Paris and met with Ben Elissar and Jacques Chirac. Ben Elissar was warned in the frankest language not to intervene to save his nation. He did not comply. Barak returned to Israel knowing what the French would do to his ambassador and tried his best to save him.
To make Ben Elissar's recall to Jerusalem more logical, Barak recalled a total of six Foreign Ministry workers and spread the word that he was firing appointees of his renegade Foreign Minister David Levy. Seeing that Ben Elissar was packing his bags, the French hit team went into action.
They removed Ben Elissar's Paris police guards and by whatever means, had his Israeli Shabak bodyguards abandon him as well. Alone, late Sabbath morning, Ben Elissar went to his embassy's small hotel to meet two men. He clearly thought this meeting was vital enough to interrupt his normally quiet day of rest.
The three of them went to a room. Ben Elissar was overcome, stripped naked and tied to the bed. A needle with an air bubble was injected into him and when the empty pocket of blood reached his heart he suffered a cardiac arrest.
The Israeli media was leaked a lurid tale of Ben Elissar spending his last morning in the company of two male prostitutes and of having a heart attack while engaged in a sadomasochistic orgy. And the media dutifully spread the crap. It never occurred to them that a man of Ben Elissar's stature and intelligence would never have shown up in the embassy's hotel where everyone knew him, with two homosexual call boys.
This morning I received a call from America from a gentleman who worked in the same department as Ben Elissar when he was the ambassador to Washington. His wife worked with him personally. She was informed that American intelligence had conclusively proved that Ben Elissar's death was a murder. In Israel, the crap story continues to rule.
Thirty three days ago Binyamin Kahane, his wife and three children returned from Jerusalem to their home in Kfar Tapuah. No doubt his mood was fine because he was having a resurgence. After his father's death, he abandoned his political party Kach because it was thoroughly infiltrated by the Shabak and assembled an alternative movement called Kahane Chai.
The Arab uprising begun three months previously had convinced tens of thousands of Israelis to openly proclaim that his father's philosophy was being proven prophetic. They spread stickers everywhere reading,"Kahane Was Right."
This, however, wasn't what really worried the authorities in Israel. What got their ire were those hundreds of thousands of Israelis who thought, "Okay, Kahane went too far and he was an extremist. But, he was right about some things." To prevent that bud from blossoming, Israel Police had recently shut down Binyamin Kahane's yeshiva. But the stubborn bud threatened to flower, so it had to be removed from the stalk.
Binyamin Kahane's killers waited from just 60 meter's range, audaciously close. They pumped 62 bullets into his vehicle. Please find another example of "random terrorism" where the shooters were so determined to fell their quarry that they pumped 62 bullets into his car. There aren't any. This was a hit and by skilled hitmen. Their bullets only landed in the front seat. Not one bullet even scratched the children sitting in the rear. They were wounded by shattered glass and the car accident which followed.
The Israeli media tried selling their usual crap but this time people too many people decided not to buy it. So the Shabak sent its chief to unload the refuse in person. Read the following press release from Kahane's organization:
GSS head Avi Dichter met with family members of the late Binyamin and Talia Kahane today, and informed them that the murderers of the couple - parents of six orphans under the age of 11 - have been apprehended. Dichter confirmed that the terrorist murderers were members of Yasser Arafat's Presidential Guard. The cell, most of whose members are also part of Arafat's Force 17, murdered seven Jews over the past three months: Sarah Lisha and the soldiers Elad Veinshtein and Amit Zana - all in a two-pronged attack between Ofrah and Shilo; Ariel Jerafi east of Tapuach; Eliyahu Cohen on the Modi'in highway, and Binyamin and Talya Kahane outside Ofrah. This cell is apparently also responsible for many of the recent shooting attacks in northern Jerusalem.
However, when Dichter and the other GSS heads were confronted by the Kahane family and asked if indeed those apprehended were the ones who pulled the trigger in the murder of Binyamin and Talia Kahane, Dichter conceded that the actual murderers were not yet apprehended.
Dichter then offered the real reason for his visit. The GSS representatives expressed their concern over the dissemination of conspiracy theories connected to the murder of Binyamin and Talia Kahane. Specific reference was made to the conspiracy theories that blamed the government for former Prime Minister Rabin's assassination and asked the Kahane family to accept their denial of any government participation in the plot to kill Binyamin and Talia Kahane. "We had nothing to do with their murder", insisted Dichter.
David HaIvri, the husband of Molly, who is Talia's sister told the GSS, "I personally did not suspect a conspiracy, however, many of the Kahane supporters believe that the Israeli government may have played a role. After all, you persecuted him and killed him so many times while he was alive, people see it as more than a coincidence that Kahane was arrested and his offices closed by the government only weeks before his murder. Everybody knows how hard you tried to silence and bury him."
On the day Binyamin and Talya Kahane were murdered, I told my readers that the hitmen were from Arafat's own force. Look who got it right. The day before Dichter's visit, the Israeli media proudly announced that the murderers of the Kahanes were captured. This was crap and Dichter was forced to admit it.
So why did Dichter make his journey to the lair of the Kahanes? Because all the crap is coming out, starting with government involvement in the Rabin assassination, and the Shabak is panicking. The vicious attack on the Kahanes was one murder too far and this time there will be no nipping the truth in the bud. Too many people are finally seeing through the crap.
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