Jesse Jackson Among Top
100 African-American Freemasons

From the marbled corridors of Capitol Hill to the executive suites of corporate America to the boardrooms of community based organizations, Prince Hall Freemasons are playing a major role in shaping national policy. With passionate and powerful voice they are articulating the needs and desires of African-Americans in every stratum of American life.[1]
The Phylaxis Society had requested photographs of all of the Leadership within Prince Hall Freemasonry, many was not received. However, irregardless if the photographs were used or not, we have listed the names of those Men of Mark in Prince Hall Freemasonry in America. There are many Prince Hall Freemasons whose names should be included in this listing, for instance we know that many of the Mayors across the nation are Prince Hall Freemasons, therefore, we ask our members to furnish the Society with those names. The names can be sent to The Phylaxis Society, Public Affairs Office, Post Office Box 2232; Kansas City, MO. 64142.
Abrams, Brian L. Sr., Director, Scottish Rite Research Institute, Phylaxis Society, Chicago, Illinois.
Alexander, Lincoln, Past Lieutenant Governor of Province, Ontario, Canada
Allen, Alex E., Chief, Judge, Detroit Recorder,s Court, Detroit, Michigan
Althouse, Roy H., Grand Master, Kansas
Archer, Dennis, Mayor, Detroit, Michigan
Arrington, Marvin, President, Atlanta City Council, Atlanta, Georgia
Ash, James K, Grand Master, Minnesota
Barksdale, Benjamin, Grand Master, Georgia
Bendaw, Harold H., Grand Master, New Mexico
Blackwell, Kenneth J., State Treasure, Cincinnati, Ohio
Blevins, William E., Grand Master, Tennessee
Boone, Michael R, Grand Master, Alaska
Bradley, Walter T., Director, Life Membership, Phylaxis Society, Midway, Kentucky.
Breckenridge, Sid., Sr., Director, COFP Book Department, Phylaxis Society, Tacoma, Washington
Bridges, Edgar Sr., Grand Master, Mississippi
Brodgon, Samuel Jr., Sovereign Grand Commander, Northern
Butts, Calvin O., Rev., Pastor Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York
Bynor, John G, Grand Master, Massachusetts
Campbell, Bob "Soup, Pres., Second Vice President, President Phyaxis Society Public Affairs, Kansas City, Missouri.
Campbell, William, Mayor, Atlanta, Georgia
Chambers, Marvin , Grand Master, North Carolina
Channel, Afred, City Councilman, Marksville, Louisiana
Clay, William L., U.S. Representative, 1st District, Missouri
Cleveland, Clyde, Councilman, Detroit, Michigan
Clever, Emanuel D., Ex-Mayor, Kansas City, Missouri
Connor, Robert E., Jr., Grand Master, Texas
Curling, Alvin, Member of Provincial Parliament, Ontario, Canada
Curtis, Israel "Bo, State Rep, District # 26, Alexandria, Louisiana
Dailey, Herbert, First Vice Pres., Emeratus, Phylaxis Society, Tacoma, Washington.
Dallas, James W., President, Northeast Chapter, Phylaxis Society, Tacoma, Washington.
Darnell, Edward B., Great Black Man in Masonry, Deputy Imperial Potentate, A.E.A.O.N.M.S.
Davenport, Charles W., Grand Master, South Carolina
Davis, Ossie, Actor
Desselle, Wilton A., Police Juror, Avoyelles Parish, Marksville, Louisiana
Dixon, Lamont, Director, Prince Hall Art Commission, Phylaxis Society, Atco, New Jersey.
Elerbee, James, General Conference Grand High Priest
Ellis, Henrick, Grand Master of the Caribbean
Evans, Willie B., Grand Master, Illinois
Ford, Harold E., U. S. Representative, 9th District, Tennessee
Ford, Johnnie, Legislature, Tuskegee, Alabama
Foster, Jimmie D, Grand Master, Wisconsin
Gantt, Harvey B., Former Mayor, Charlotte, North Carolina
Gray, Marvin L., Grand Master, Delaware
Green, Al, Singer
Green, George W., Director, Williamson Hall of Fame, Phylaxis Society, Iselin, New Jersey.
Green, William D., Financial Secretary, Phylaxis Society, Tacoma, Washington.
Griffin, Willie H, Grand Master, District of Columbia
Gross, William H., Jr., President, Council of 459, Baltimore, Maryland
Halstead, Joseph, Commissioner of Economical Development, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Harmon, Clearance, Mayor, St. Louis, Missouri
Harris, Lawrence, Grand Master, Pennsylvania
Hartsfield, Wallace, Rev., Vice Chair, Congress of National Black Churches
Hill, Stephen, Director, Non Prince Hall Commission, Phylaxis Society, Seaside, California.
Holder, Ira S., Jr., President Ira S. Holder, Sr. Chapter, Phylaxis Society, Uniondale, New York.
Hood, Nicholas, Rev., Former Detroit City Councilman Pro Tem
Hooks, Benjamin, Past Executive Director, NAACP, Grand Secretary, Tennessee
Hughes, McMurphy, Grand Master, Indiana
Hurst, Wayne, Mayor, Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada
Huyler, Godfrey B., Grand Master of Bahamas
Jackson, Jessie L., Rev., President, Rainbow-PUSH Coalition
Jackson, Maynard, Former Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
James, Sharpe, Mayor of Newark, New Jersey
Janifer, Joseph E., Director, Chapter Presidents
Jassamy, Thomas F., Grand Master, New York
Jemison, T. J., Rev. Past President, National Baptist Convention, USA
Jenkins, Verne E., European Representative, Phylaxis Society, Germany
Jones, William O, Grand Master, Alabama
King, Don, Boxing Promoter
Lawson, Myron K., Past President Rapides Parish Police Juror, Alexandria, Louisiana
Leake, Joseph, Chief, New York Police Department
Lewis, Raymond, Athlete, Past Grand Master, Ontario, Canada
Logan, Benjamin H., District Judge State of Michigan.
Mallett, Conrad, Jr., Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court
McNeal, Ralph L., Assistant to First Presidency, Director, Masonic Information Center.
Mfume, Kweisi, President and CEO, NAACP
Miller, Marvin, Grand Master, Connecticut
Moss, Otis, Jr., Rev., Pastor, Olivet Intuitional Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio
Neal, Torrance L., Grand Master, Colorado
Nelson, Ramon E., Grand Master, New Jersey
Newman, Lonnie, Grand Master, Rhode Island
Newson, John W., Jr., Director, Jno. G. Lewis Medal of Excellence
Parker, William C. Jr., Past Grand Master, North Carolina.
Patrick, Julius, Mayor, Boyce, Louisiana
Perry, Moses, Grand Master, Nebraska
Pettiford, E. Duane, Grand Master, Ohio
Phillips, Robert, M. E. Grand Master, Knights Templar
Poe, James E, Imperial Potentate, A.E.A.O.N.M.S.
Rangel, Charles, U.S. Representative, 15th District, New York
Redden, Sheldon Grand Master, Maryland
Rheubottom, William, Grand Master, Washington
Richardson, Franklin, Grand Master, Missouri
Rigmaiden, Tommy, Decentralized Art Commission of Louisiana, First Vice President, Phylaxis Society.
Roberts, Oscar, Jr., Treasurer, Phylaxis Society, Kansas City, Missouri
Robinson, Ronald, Grand Master, California
Scott, Bruce O., Grand Master, Ontario, Canada
Scott, Henry, Grand Master, Oregon
Shannon, George A., Mayor, Pleasant Hill, Louisiana
Sharpton, Al, Rev., Civil Rights Leader, New York City
Slaughter, Ralph, Grand Master, Louisiana
Stokes, Louis, Ex- U.S. Representative, 11th District, Ohio
Stone, Craig, Recorder,s Court Judge, Detroit, Michigan
Street, Fred H., Grand Master Kentucky
Sullivan, Leon H., Rev., Chairman, OIC of America
Taylor, Charles A., Pres., Council Representative, Phylaxis Society, Kansas City, Missouri.
Taylor, Eugene, Grand Master, Iowa
Towns, Edolphus, U.S. Representative, 10th District, New York
Tyler, Gilbert, Grand Master, Virginia
Uzzel, Robert, L., Rev., Director, Public Communication, Phylaxis Society, Waco, Texas.
Vaughn, Deary, Grand Master, Oklahoma
Walkes, Joseph A., Jr., President, Phylaxis Society
Washington, Lawrence, Grand Master, West Virginia
Waters, Willie, Grand Master, Nevada
Webb, Wellington, Mayor, Denver, Colorado
Wilder, Douglas L., Ex-Governor, Virginia
Williams, Euell, Rev., Past President of Rapides Parish School Board, Alexandria, Louisiana
Williams, John B., President, Computer Club, Phylaxis Society, Rialt, California.
Wolder, Harold L., Grand Master, Arizona
Woods, Howard L., Grand Master of Arkansas, Pres., Conference of Grand Masters
Wright, David, Grand Master, Florida
Yarbrough, Samuel, Jr., Grand Master, Michigan
Young, Andrew, Former Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
[1] Taken from Ebony Magazine, May 1994, p. 36.
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