Zionist Thugs Threaten
Another Writer
And Program Guest

By Jim Mortellaro
It had been thirteen days without a single email threatening to disembowel or otherwise make mincemeat out of Pepe, my little French Bulldoggy. WooF!
However I did receive a threat on a most unforeseen instrument ... my cellphone. Why? Because I 'support' Jeff Rense (according to the caller). Notice the person did not say that I support Jeff's site, but that I support Jeff Rense... 
I was in my office, smoking a cigarette and sipping some coffee when the cellphone rang. Funny thing was, the display said something it never said before ... it said, and I quote ... "RESTRICTED NUMBER."
Now, I never answer calls on any phone unless they identify themselves. And those who bar their number can do so, but I won't answer. And when that happens, the display reads: "Restricted Call"  I was intrigued. So I answered it. Well, the call went something like this ...
Me:       "Hello"
Caller:  Jim? This is Jeff Rense...
(NOTE: "Jim?" What's up with that level of familiarity? I did *not* recognize the voice. Never heard it before. Hmmmm. Interesting.)
Me:       "Yes?"
Caller:  "This is Jeff Rense"
Me:       "You don't sound like Jeff Rense"
Caller:  "You support Jeff Rense.  You F-ing bastard"
This was followed by a suggestion, which happened to have been anatomically impossible for me. That, in turn, was followed by a threat. Now it got serious. 
This is not the first time I - or even Jeff Rense's sponsors and even columnists - have been assaulted on one or another level. There've been articles on Rense.Com describing such.
See: And this is *not* the first time it has happened to me. I had my property spray painted not terribly long ago. The message was clear. "Rense lover, Jew Hater."
Right on one account. But not on the latter. I am Sicilian Italian and raised a Catholic. But I have a Jewish side to my family. Ninety-three of the Schwartz family from Budapest, out of 95, were murdered in the camps. And so this caller is so damnably ignorant and culpably so, that it isn't funny. And as I wrote above, I take these matters *very* seriously. And what follows will demonstrate just *how* seriously. Call me anti-SemItic? Uh-huh...not to this man.
So, what does a person do in a situation such as this? There *is* something you can do whether it's a cellphone or landline. You can call your carrier and ask what their procedure is for such a situation. In VERIZON's case, you immediately dial Star Star Star(***) and then press SEND. This will place a marker on the caller's telephone number at the Verizon computers, identifying the caller and marking it for future reference.
For example, let's say you've received several of these calls. You've reported them to the appropriate authorities. You've marked the numbers as above. Now you have a tool which can be used to subpoena the phone company to release the offending numbers perviously marked by you. You now have what is known as "a case" and "proof." 
Now for Morty's solutions...
After the caller hung up, I immediately dialed Star-Star-Star-Send. I then called my local and State Police agencies because a threat was made to me and my family. Next, I called the FBI because the threat included mayhem on our Web Site, www.MortysCabin.Net . That'd be a Federal Offense.
Since I have been volunteering my time in support of law enforcement since 1966, I have developed a network of connections which I assumed would someday come in handy. It did now, in spades. Now comes the good part.
Not only has this caller's telephone number been 'marked' in the event we wish to take legal action against the perpetrator(s), but we've traced the call back to its point of origination. The call, indeed, came from a "restricted phone number'...but not merely a 'restricted call' by virtue of the caller dialing Star 67 prior to my telephone number.
Also, the caller phoned me on my cellphone. Most people know - or should - that such a number is extremely hard to obtain. You must have the *authority* to do so and that authority must be high up the food chain. So, whomever called, did so from a "restricted telephone number" and had *access* to cellphone numbers and their owners. A 'restricted' telephone number, being different from a 'restricted call,' makes the case for a governmental, institutional or large and powerful company as having made the call.
The plot sickens.
Further, we now have a darned good idea who the caller was. Three letter agencies can do good work, good legal work, when given the opportunity to do so. Considering what has passed in my case, I won't cast aspersions on any other matter concerning three letter government agencies. I need them. And now, they need me. As a witness when subpoenas are issued.
But wait, there's more. The phone call was taped. A thickening plotz, eh? Because we will be doing a radio show in the near future and because I am an Amateur Radio Operator, I have what is commonly referred to as a telephone patch. This may be used for example, to contact a member of our military in a foreign country, and patch the soldier to his family via a telephone. And that phone may be landline or cellphone. I prefer cell phone because of the privacy factor. Or it may be used to interview someone for the radio show.
What do we have on this perpetrator so far, this Zionist bastard(s) who is attempting to get rid of as many of Jeff Rense's supporters, sponsors, friends and columnists as possible and to do it through this subterfuge? Let's take a look see.
1) We have 'Marked' in the jargon of the phone company, the caller's telephone number for a possible legal action at a later date. This allows the release of that calling number by subpoena.
2) We have traced the call back to it's origination, geographically and, in fact, to the address of that phone.
3) We have a good idea who the perp is.
4) We have a tape of the call which means a lot more than just fun and games. It means we have a voice print. This, along with the rest of the evidence, will make our case in future. This guy is in for a lotta grief.
5) What Zionist run companies (or companies who give Zionists their support and want Rense out of the game) have access to cell phone numbers? Could it be those firms who have the contract for billing Verizon's customers? Hmmmm.
So listen up people, if you want to support your local, state or Federal government, fine. A good way to stay out of trouble. A good way to become a 'good citizen.' This is a good way to stay out of the camps now being prepared in our own country. The United States of America. This country. With concentration camps waiting. Waiting for Lord knows what.
"Something is happening here, but you don't know what it is ... do you, Mr. Jones?" Dylan said that.
I can't get me, satisfaction. I said that. But I assure you, I will. These bastards simply must be caught and punished. And Jeff, I promise you this much, they picked the wrong dude in selecting me. I've about had it with those who would deride Jeff Rense, Rense.Com and last but not least ... *me*
Illigitimi non carborundum
Jim Mortellaro, AKA, Morty
Note - Rev. Ted Pike whose material is often presented on and who has been a program guest on numerous occasions regarding his heroic battle to protect Freedom of Speech from World Zionism in this country, was also phoned on his private line on Monday, Jan 23. It was another near photocopy effort by Zionist Terrorists operating out of the US which featured one of their typical racist goons saying to Ted: "Hi, I'm working for Jeff Rense and he doesn't want you to send any more articles or email to him or ever again." Ted immediately said, "You're don't sound like you work for Jeff..." upon which the caller immediately launched into a familiar vulgar, profane assault on Ted, and finished by calling him and 'anti-semitic pr*ck', etc --Ed
What's This, Morty, Anti-Zionism Isn't Anti-Semitism?
Hi, Morty:
I see in your Rense piece that you make a disticntion between opposing Zionism and being anti-Semitic.
That distinction is a non-starter, as you must know any application of "anti-Semitic" is Orwellian in its purpose.
In other words, it is always used to hide some fact or truth abut Jewish supremacists:
2643) The term "anti-Semitic" is a name-calling term used by Jews to shut up any opposition to Zionist or Marxist Jews' political/social/cultural machinations; that is, any factual evaluation of a negative nature warrants being tagged "anti-Semitic" by Jews, such as expressing any factual reference to Jews conceiving and leading the anti-male/anti-family feminist movement in the West, or such as any factual reference to Jews' leadership in the First Holocaust, the Bolshevik Revolution, which directly effected the second; a psychological tool of protective propaganda used to guard the architects of Zionism or Marxism from any criticism or retaliation.
Okay, I shouldn't have used "always" since there are some exceptions.
-just thought to clarify...




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