By Frosty Wooldridge
A reader wrote a letter yesterday that piqued my interest enough to follow up on the biggest question on everyone's minds concerning the massive immigration invasion of the United States of America.
Why do our leaders not only permit it, but encourage it--even aid it?
Rick James of Missouri wrote, "I have read your articles and you are great at pointing out what is obvious to those of us who are intelligent. But for some reason, I have never read or heard on talk radio the REASON that Congress and the presidents want to ruin this nation. It cannot possibly be that you and I are much smarter than all of congress or all the presidents, and therefore I must assume that these men and women KNOW that these illegals are stealing
hardworking Americans' money. I must assume that these smart politicians are aware that this cannot go on without the country going broke, and that they surely must be aware that a service based economy where we don't actually make anything, aside from printed money, will eventually bring this country down to the level of Mexico and other Third World nations."
"So why?" James asked. "Since Congress has far more assets and tools for accessing information than you or I, why then would they allow this to continue? We can read all the articles about WHAT is happening. But WHY are the elected officials allowing it to happen? They know what you and I know so why would they allow it to happen? That's the $64,000 question! Why?"
James asks the same question millions of Americans ask daily as they see their towns, cities and schools flooded with non-English speaking illegal aliens and legal immigrants.  What and why is it happening?  Zogby, Pew, Roper and Dobbs polls show that a stunning 80 to 95 percent of Americans demand our borders be closed.  They want legal immigration reduced back to the pre-1965 levels so immigrants will assimilate instead of what's happening: enclaving and separating. 
Why would a sitting president be SO out of touch with his oath of office and with what is happening?  Quick answer:  he isn't.  He's a driving force assisting illegal immigration.  Why would the House of Representatives be so clueless for two decades concerning this quickening national nightmare?  How could 434 (save Congressman Tom Tancredo) representatives be so useless to their constituents for so long?  Short answer:  they're part of the problem on both sides of the political aisle.  How could 100 senators twiddle their thumbs while Americans write, call, phone, fax, attend town meetings and form militia groups to combat illegal aliens in every community and every state?  Long answer: this is my take on it.
When Teddy Kennedy rammed the 1965 Immigration Reform Bill down the American peoples' throats, he opened the annual flood gates from a stable 175,000 immigrants to 1,000,000 mostly uneducated workers from foreign countries who worked for peanuts.  Big business found out how to bust up labor unions by hiring those hapless immigrants who would not complain.  From that point on, follow the money.  In every aspect of this immigration invasion, whether it be illegal or legal, follow the green back dollar.  Follow the greed over love of community or country.
Business barons from Amour, Swift, Tyson, Hormel, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Wendy's, construction firms and many others found they could break unions' grip on wages by undercutting them with scab and illegal labor. 
Meat packing plants paid $18.00 an hour with benefits in the early 80s.  Americans filled those jobs.  Today, illegal aliens work at $7.00 an hour with no benefits.  No complaints, either.  Corporate employers work millions of illegals off the books as if they don't exist-voila!-no taxes are paid on cash payments.
For an employer to hire an illegal alien is a $2,000.00 fine for each illegal and up to five years in jail.  How do these employers get away with it?  They hire lobbyists like Jack Abramoff to make sure laws are unenforced, degraded or not passed.
Who makes sure senators and House reps don't enforce our immigration and hiring laws?  Those corporations, of course! 
What it means is, the rich get richer on the backs of the Middle Class while the Middle Class works two and three jobs per person at poverty wages.  All the while, taxpayers pay for all those illegal aliens' kids in schools, medical, food stamps, assisted housing and more.   In the meantime, our working poor stand in food stamp and public assistance lines.
I discovered while traveling through Third World countries that the high class and the ruling classes don't give a damn about the poor.   One look at Mexico with its five million miserably wretched destitute living in cardboard shacks surrounding the 22 million people in Mexico City illustrates President Vicente Fox's total lack of integrity and his complicity in corruption.  He has not moved a finger to change it for his countrymen.  He's shipped 10 million of them up to our country.
His country enjoys a high class and a poor class.  No middle class!  That holds true in all Third World countries.  They're illiterate, poor and powerless.  If you look back to European history, the Middle Ages featured the rich in castles and the poor working the fields. 
Now, look at our president. He's been filthy rich all his life. He wouldn't know the cost of a gallon of gas or a gallon of milk from a Guernsey cow.  He wouldn't know a mortgage payment from mud pie. Those in Congress, both senators and congressmen--they've got their own retirement fund not hitched to Social Security.  They have unlimited free transportation all over the world on junkets.  They use it too, at over $129 million a year for their trips around the world.  They are served, wined and dined.  Who do you think they listen to?  You and me?  Do you think they care if Middle Class Americans suffer job loss, suffer the effects of outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring of jobs?  Do you think they care if the minimum wage wouldn't keep a rabbit alive?
Look at the American companies that became multi-national corporations based in the United States. They enjoyed this country's incredible creative and economic fertile conditions while allowing us to work for them at living wages that created the most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.  Today, they send jobs to 50 cents-an-hour workers in China and India at the drop of a hat.
From my take, what you're seeing is a methodical, planned and corporate
rich-elite-instigated down-grading and destruction of America's Middle Class.  Our schools turn out undereducated students who won't have enough brain power to protest the devolving spiral of our Republic into a Third World country.  American IT and engineering students are undercut by insourcing from foreign countries with workers who are happy to work for peanuts.  Our own companies ship jobs overseas for sheer profits for the rich.  
By flooding us with millions of the world's poorest immigrants, the rich get richer off the consumption of millions of new mouths while we keep paying our taxes with the jobs we have left.  Given enough time, they will break the nation in half economically.  But no matter how much they degrade our standard of living, they, like the rich in Third World countries, will remain at the top. They live in gated communities and send their kids to private schools. They are not touched by this invasion.  They profit at our expense.
That is, of course, until Paris, France becomes Anytown, USA.  Again, why would they do it to their own country?  Much like the rich in most countries, they feel privileged, aloof and above it all.  What's our part in this 'why'?   Only 50 percent of us vote in national elections.  Less than 20 percent of us vote in local elections.  No wonder it's so easy for corporations to buy votes and pay off our elected leaders-it's a good old boys club with members that have been intertwined for decades.  Corruption is their game for personal gain-- and our national disgrace.
Finally, you need to figure out 'why' you're not doing anything to stop it.  If you and I keep voting in the same senators and congressmen into office time and time again, we're doomed as a viable, sustainable and First World civilization.
We probably will vote most of the same ones back into office in November and that's what the elites count on for their continued success.
Write for that 25-point action letter to stop this nation-destroying madness at  



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