Webster Griffin Tarpley
Graces St. Marks Church
By Judy Andreas

"As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities." -- Voltaire
On Sunday, January 15, 2006, a capacity crowd packed into St. Marks Church in NYC, to hear Webster Griffin Tarpley speak.  The event was sponsored by
Though old man winter was having a tantrum outside and New York City was a combination of frigid temperature and wind chill, people braved the elements to hear the affable Mr. Tarpley give a remarkable presentation.  His information was boundless and the audience could not get enough. An hour after the talk had concluded, people were still asking questions.
Webster Griffin Tarpley is an activist, historian and expert on international terrorism.  He is known for his famous book, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography which he wrote in 1992 with Anton Chaikin.   Mr. Tarpley's latest bombshell book, 9/11-Synthetic Terror- Made in the USA, was released in October of 2005 and has recently gone into a second printing.  It is a brilliant book that explores the attacks of September 11, 2001 as an example of state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism  that was carried out by a rogue network within the US government
A mesmerized crowd listened to Webster Tarpley's explanation of  the roles of the "patsies" (Mohammed Atta, Osama Bin Ladin), "moles" (powerful people in the government) and "professionals" on 911.  He said that this way of operating has been standard in the US for many years. The patsies, dupes, useful idiots and fanatics are the scapegoats.   (like Lee Harvey Oswald)  The government officials are loyal to a private network and have to make certain that nobody interferes with the patsies beforehand.  The professional killers shoot and leave.
Webster Tarpley took a survey of the people in the room, to ascertain how many people were seasoned 911 truth seekers.   Many of the people were new to the information.   In order to help put things into perspective, he summarized some of the anomalies inherent in the official story of the events of September 11th, 2001.
"There was no proof that the 19 supposed highjackers had any connection to 911." Tarpley asserted.   He talked about the impossibility of "patsies" flying the planes and suggested that it was accomplished by Global Hawk, a remote control system which took over the crafts and flew them into the targets.
Tarpley even referred to the bulge on the bottom of one of the planes.  There has been a great deal of controversy around this bulge, which was introduced in Dave Von Kleist's film "911 In Plane Site."   Mr. Von Kleist has taken a lot of heat from debunkers.
"Such bulges should be taken seriously."  Tarpley insisted.
"That was not a commercial aircraft", one woman called out.   "I saw it....I was across the street from WTC at the time"   She reported how much trouble she had had trying to get people to listen to her story..
Tarpley questioned why there had been no air defense for one hour and 45 minutes.   His answer was   "Moles work in the USAF and NORAD".
He talked about the plethora of evidence pointing to the fact that the buildings had been brought down by controlled demolition.   The fires did not burn hot enough or long enough to collapse the World Trade Center.   Tarpley mentioned such buildings as The Windsor building in Madrid, which  burned for 48 hours and only a couple of the top floors collapsed. 
Tarpley talked about the Pentagon and the size of the hole that was created by the supposed plane that crashed into it.   He explained why it could not have been a Boeing that hit it.
Tarpley's talk demonstrated that the official accounts of the Pentagon crash, the fall of the Twin Towers and WTC 7, as well as  the crash of United 93 in Shanksville were physically impossible.  His facts made a convincing argument that "four misfit highjackers" being able to pilot commercial jets defied the boundaries of physical and technical reality
For some people in the audience this was a basic review, but others were hearing much of this information for the first time.   They were incredulous.
The second printing of 911 Synthetic Terror - Made In The USA, is now available, and, in it, Webster Tarpley has included some of the newer information that has emerged in the past year; information such as "Able Danger".
According to Wikipedia:
"Able Danger was a highly classified United States Special Operations Command military intelligence program under the command of the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). It was created as a result of a directive from the Joint Chiefs of Staff in early October 1999 by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Hugh Shelton, to develop an Information Operations Campaign Plan against transnational terrorism, "specifically al-Qaeda." According to statements by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and confirmed by four others, Able Danger had identified the September 11, 2001 attack leader Mohammed Atta, and three of the 9/11 plot's 19 hijackers, as possible members of an al-Qaeda cell linked to the '93 World Trade Center Attacks. The group used all information legally collected under the rule of law. Primarily consisting of classified information, all publicly obtained information was approved after a legal review of SOCOM lawyers. The early identification of the four hijackers by Able Danger appears to contradict the official conclusion of the 9/11 Commission, that American intelligence agencies had not identified Atta as a terrorist prior to the attack. This has resulted in a political controversy that has begun to damage the credibility of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission."
Supposedly, a small group of intelligence employees ran "Able Danger" from the fall of 1999 until February 2001 - just seven months before the terrorist attacks - when the operation was axed.  To link Mohammed Atta to al-Qaeda, the operation's information technology specialists used data mining and fusion techniques to search terabyte-sized data sets from open sources - such as travel manifests, bank transactions, hotel records, credit applications - and compared this material with classified information.  During the operation's life cycle, the group sought help from the CIA, but the agency was reluctant to cooperate.
Tarpley's bold assertion is that "Able Danger" did not involve a group whose purpose was to "observe " Atta and his cohorts, but rather, it involved a group whose purpose was to "control" them. "Able Danger are the controllers," Tarpley stated.  "They helped Atta get through the day....they gave him money ....they told him what to to behave."
Interestingly, to date Able Danger has not been allowed to testify and has managed to destroy their own records. Apparently, they have destroyed approximately 2.5 terabytes of data.
Another fascinating presentation was Tarpley's detailed account of the 15 drills which were conveniently occurring on the day of September 11th.
"It was the highest concentration of military drills in United States history, "  he stated.
People traditionally view drills as a protective strategy when, in reality, they are quite the opposite.  The purpose of the drills is to deceive;  often there comes a day when the drills morph into the real deal. Such a day was September 11, 2001.
Tarpley surprised a great many of the attendees by declaring that he believes George Bush and Dick Cheney were told very little prior to September 11, 2001.   He said that the President and Vice President have merely been puppets since FDR's administration.  People who feel that all the problems will be solved when this duo is no longer in power are missing the larger picture;  they are unaware of the rogue government puppeteers.  The President has merely become the salesman of the myth of September 11th.
Mr. Tarpley included a detailed explanation of the various schools of 911 analysis, beginning with the official version of the story.   He talked about the LIHOP crowed (those who believe that the government LET It Happen On Purpose) and the MIHOP group (those who believe that the government MADE It Happen On Purpose),    Tarpley is a MIHOP.
The one area in which I disagreed with Webster Tarpley was his insistence that the Mossad had little, if anything, to do with the events of 911.   He dismissed the group of "celebrating Israelis" and stated that the Mossad is always watching us, and before he will incriminate them, he needs to be shown more conclusive evidence.   I believe that evidence is there to be found.
Tarpley talked about his anger at Ward Churchill who he believes is the worst of the "left gatekeepers". Churchill has stated that if you don't believe the official version of 911, you are a racist, for you are denying the capacity of Arabs to execute such a maneuver.  This line of reasoning merely props up the official story with "we deserved it" rhetoric.
Webster Tarpley  talked about the telephone call between Putin and Bush.  Apparently, Bush had given Putin an ultimatum stating that the United States intended to take over Afghanistan and other Central Asia bases.  Putin, being quite clever, offered no resistance.  He knew that the United States would merely weaken itself by such an action.   This has become a reality,  for as Russia is building itself up, the United States has become vastly unpopular.
"We are in a world financial crisis,"  Tarpley continued.
Tarpley believes that the reason for the crime and tragedy of 9/11 was to save the US/British Empire from falling, by providing an excuse to destroy countries that have planned to change the currency in which they trade from US Dollars - which support the Empire - to Euros, thus leading to the fall of the US/British dollar Empire of the world. The fall of the US Dollar would halt the possibility of US world domination. The so-called "War on Terror" is really a war on the countries that threaten to bring down the US Empire   And now, towards the end of March, Iran will start trading in Euros.
"911 is the key to stopping World War 3", Tarpley concluded.
I have only touched on a small part of the lecture.  To truly understand what was being shared, I strongly recommend purchasing Webster Griffin Tarpley's book, 911 Synthetic Terror - Made In The USA.  It should be required reading for all honest truth seekers.
The hardest job lies ahead of us.   We must extend ourselves beyond the walls of St. Marks Church.  We must go out into our communities.  We must organize events.  We must talk to people.  We must show videos.  If we are to have a future at all, the truth of September 11, 2001 must be revealed. 
Copyright 2006 Judy Andreas



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