Web Bot Run 806

Web bot runs, if you're new to this site, are an incredibly interesting software project that a friend of mine cooked up, which has a seeming knack for providing a glimpse into the future. Big assertion, but when you read what the project has done so far, I think you'll be impressed. Been working on it for 8-years now.
Essentially, he scans a huge portion of the internet's public discussion boards and resolves the conversations going on (in multiple languages, by the way) in a huge pile of data going many gigabytes in length. This is then "distilled" using an artificial intelligence language (prolog) which throws out all comments which are past or present in tense. What's left is a smaller pile of forward-looking sentences. These are then refined and compared with previous scans of the web to get a pretty good indication of how things "might" go.
Cliff, who I'd describe as a programming genius, and his young understudy Igor then spend hours and hours of laboriously going through the data in a complex modelspace derived from prolog where different word/meaning groups appear as "clouds" if you will with connections between them, and from this they take what's usually a very good stab at predicting the future. However, although the web bots are often spot on, Cliff's careful to say that this is all for amusement and speculation and that any changes you make in your life are on your dime - no warranty offered on these glimpses into the future. More background here.
A few people have asked me "Why it is called the ALTA 406 run, if it was actually published in December 2005?" Glad you asked. The numbers refer to the "center of the window" for which the run was done. Hence, the ALTA 406 run is "centered" of events around April '06, but will pick up things either side of center - sort of like passband tuning of a high performance radio receiver. Except, of course, the "passband" is three-dimensional, but you get the idea. If you don't, just have more coffee and keep reading.
So the immediate stuff on the horizon, safe to talk about now because those of us who use the reports have had plenty of time to get our trades in place and our lives adjusted to what seems likely to come next, have a series of very short term expectations referring to the the ALTA 106 and ALTA 406 reports which cover the present day. Short term, we have the possibility of a highly impacting emotional event with the passband "centered" around February 3rd.
A number of readers have suggested that this might mean something like a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl. But here's the rub. The way web bot runs work is that we sense the "emotional" waves that run through society in advance of significant events - something that Dr. Dean Radin has demonstrated occurs in the lab a matter of 5-6 seconds before an event, but which seems to happen as a subtle language shift long (months in many cases) before the actual emotionally impacting events take place.
So how does February 3rd fit into this? Well, whatever "it" is (and it may be nothing) it could be nothing more than the emotional fear being expressed on a wide scale about the pending possibility of a terrorist attack. Remember, that when looking into the future it's damn tough to differentiate between a real physical event or an emotional response.
Show you what I mean. On July 2, 2003, we reported on a then current ALTA report which predicted a "terrorist event" for the August timeframe (2003). What we got was a nearly perfect description of the Northeast Power Outage. (All documented here, if you're interested.) While one might argue that we were incorrect in our forecast at the time, because we viewed the event in terms of a terrorist attack, I would argue that we got even that right because what was the first thing that went through people's minds in the affected area? You got it: terrorist attack.
And we keep getting better at the technology - although we're all sort of making up this new science as we go along - it's not the stuff of "normal" study even for mystical C (not C# or C++ folks, but the get down and dirty in the predicate calculus C) guys like Cliff. For example, in the ALTA 406 report (as well as the 106) there are lots of descriptors going to the idea of the West Virginia mine disaster (January) and the echo of the event in February. You may have noticed that the governor of West Virginia has shut down coal mining now because of danger. No surprise to us there.
So, could the technology have prevented 9/11? Who knows. If you read the piece we published on July 29, 2001, you'll see that we were looking for some kind of "military accident" going to the idea of "sky" and some other words as forming a 2001 "tipping point" which is is still interesting to read in retrospect. We mistakenly looked for that because the word "terrorist" was not in the general lexicon - so as we were waiting for the huge tipping point which was 9/11 we were framing it in pre-event terms, trying to find some precursor event that would fit.
We've got a few other caveats along the way: For example, we seem to find that the size of the emotional impact determines how far into the future we can "read" it. For small events, like the accident involving a couple of athletes at the Olympics, it was a "small" event so we were able to get only 4-5 days of lead time on it. yet, it had enough emotional impact in regards to its short-term immediacy values that we were able to pick it up.
Although the descriptions of the future are sometimes vague-sounding, when actual events happen (like the price of silver ascending since we advised you of that in July 2005, and repeated throughout the fall of last year) it's like a mind blowing event to realize that you actually knew something about the future before it happened. We do get things wrong, however. We had "13-million people walking North" out of the "city sinking into the mud" instead of the 1.3-million out of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Decimal points are a bitch. And, we were off by a few thousands when we picked up the "300-thousand dead, land driven back to a previous age" in August 2004, prior to the December 2004 Sumatra tsunami.
Not to put too fine a point on it, but because those of us who follow web bot predictive technology have had so much lead time, here's a sample sentence or two from the December 10, 2005 ALTA 406 run about silver - so you can watch what's coming: "Further that same area of support sets contains, 'resistance remains at the core of the contracting force'. This is further modified by 'contradicting/countering parties strongest {in the} center'. However, the data also shows that the 'strong resistant core of contradicting parties fails {to} persevere'. Note that this last only comes in during the end of the progression of the modelspace through the release period, say around February 15th or so, give or take 4 days. The suggestion from the data explicitly is that a long, and newly favorable, emotive association with the Silver entity's component precious metals is beginning, but is still at the 'periphery' even into late February. " (used with exclusive permission, not to be reposted without a link to Elaine and I have used the reports to great advantage. We dollar cost averaged into silver in July of last year when silver started to pop up in the reports. I even posted the information right here in front of DHS and everybody so you could have gotten into silver around $7. But I expect few did, after all, this is a wildly speculative adventure.
Now, to the matter at hand today. The subscriptions are open for ALTA 806. What about ALTA 606 - which would be a "normally scheduled" run? Well, frankly, between the end of March and August looks like a fine period of calm and business as usual. But oh my, August brings a huge sea state shift. If you think about WW III breaking out, or the collapse of the economy into pieces - it will be something of that magnitude (both?) which was showing up in the 106 and 406 runs. So, Cliff and Igor have zoomed into that period, and hope to have 806 posted as early as Friday of this week.
From here forward, I won't be saying too much about the 806 run. You already know that the web bots have forecast a shift from a period of "militancy" (when Cindy Sheehan was demonstrating at the Crawford White House). But now, we are about to swing into a period of "conflict" - and to give you an idea of the emotional impact on the country - think 100 times - yup, 100-times the emotional impact of Katrina and Rita combined.
Those who choose to subscribe will get the details, those who don't at least have the heads up here for free that goes something like this: Something wicked breaks out in late August to early September and our best advice would be to be thoroughly prepared with food, medicines, and so forth by say the middle of August. After that, the Universe will decide if you'll be around for next Christmas or not - and the building tensions will escalate through at least May 2007. Our karmic burden is eased.
OK, you're warned. ALTA 806 is not looking at all pleasant. If you feel up to details, click over to and subscribe.
It's a tough decision, to be sure. It goes to the philosophical question "If you could see the time and manner of your own death, would you choose to do so?"
A lot of people don't want to know the future, even if it's a general outline - or a sense of the flavor of the time. I have no quarrel with that viewpoint, as it's a matter of choice. Or is it? That's a long discussion too because we're finding that time isn't what most people think it is - that's a book length topic for some other life. We choose to pursue some general knowledge of the future for the simple reason that chance favors the prepared mind. And we just may be nuts.



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