Gary Webb: More Pieces
In The Suicided Puzzle - Pt 2
By Charlene Fassa
A Closer Look...
Was Gary Webb on PORTER GOSS' Purge List?
"Going back a bit in time, Goss was also intimately involved in the Congressional investigations into Iran-Contra, and with the expose by Gary Webb of the Mecury that indicated CIA knowledge of the drug importation into LA. This connection came to light again when Brian Downing Quig, an investigative journalist, uncovered large scale deals involving Goss in the varoius laundering scandals surrounding Iran-Contra {see} The Death of Brian Downing Quig. (Quig was murdered June 16, 2003.)"
It was after reading,"Who Killed Gary Webb?" an article, by Havana based journalist Jean-Guy-Allard that I initially got interested in the likes of Porter Goss and Posada, and started to wonder how they might have figured into Webb's death.
Who is Porter Goss, Really?
Was it time for the 9-11 beleaguered CIA to act preemptively and remove an investigative journalist who still posed a threat to "The Company" (CIA)? This is the question I had in mind when I started looking into Porter Goss' background..
I think Porter Goss is a key figure because shortly after his nomination to head the CIA, Posada and his friends were welcomed back to the USA with open arms.
And Goss has revealed for all to see, with his CIA housecleaning tactics, that he's a man who will exert all the power at his disposal to achieve his mission. Goss strikes me as an "ends justify the means" type of guy. Could Gary Webb have been on Porter Goss' TO DO LIST? Could Gary have been on a special CIA PURGE list of some sort?
Goss was nominated by President Bush to be the head of the CIA on August 10, 2004. Some news sources claim it was August 11th. The 11th would denote an Illuminati numerology signature. Porter Goss was a Yale graduate, he majored in Ancient Greek, graduated in 1960, and was recruited to work for the CIA as early as the "50's. He was a member of yet another Yale secret society, "Book and Snake." In Kris Milligan's superb tome, "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones", you'll find the original 1960 roster of "Book and Snake" members, which confirms Goss' membership.
Here's additional information from Milligan's book about Yale's "Book and Snake" secret society:
According to an article at Mad COW Press: "More Secrets in the Secret Sauce" by Daniel Hopsicker, this picture was taken on January 21, 1963 in a Mexican nightclub frequented by the CIA and Mafia secret Assassination squad known as "Operation 40." Hopsicker believes, partially based on a letter he had received, that Porter Goss is sitting on the left side of the table. He's the second person from the front, and he's leaning back with his head tilted slightly to the left in the picture. To locate and compare the alleged Goss, 24 years old at that time, in the above picture with other, more current pictures of Goss, go here:
Then go to the upper left side of that web page, just under the photo, and click on: see a comparison -- decide for yourself.
Jean-Guy on Operation 40:
"As a secret element of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the CIA organized Operation 40, in which Posada and dozens of Cuban Americans participated together with hired assassins from the Italian-American mafia. Operation 40's network was used for terrorist activities against Cuba until 1970, when one of its planes crashed in southern California with a huge quantity of heroin and cocaine on board. That same year, the FBI arrested 150 suspects in the "biggest anti-drug operation in the history of the federal police."
Jean-Guy adds:
"Goss, a former CIA agent who in 1972 participated in operations at the JM/WAVE base in Miami including terrorist operations against Cuba." The JM/WAVE Base was actually a Central Intelligence operations base south of Miami, Florida. Its sole purpose was to attack Cuba, and it was established in 1962.
Here's more dirt on Goss from the legendary Iran-Contra Insider, Al Martin (ex Naval Intelligence). He alleges Porter Goss was directly involved in protecting and facilitating CIA-Iran-Contra drug trafficking activities. For example, he sites the Bobby Merkle Case. Merkle was the U.S. Attorney General in Florida at that time. Martin alleges that the Lee County Florida Sheriff's Department was complicit in allowing Iran-Contra-CIA Drug Trafficking. And it was Porter Goss who brokered a deal with Merkle, on behalf of the CIA, to ensure the cover­up of the above fact.
Martin asserts:
"Porter Goss was involved in that facilitation," "He was, but they'll never be able to prove that. You've got to put Porter Goss's name on something real to fit him into it. And what nobody has noticed except for me, because I remember it: Everyone forgets that Porter was a member of the Vice Presidential task force on drugs in 1983 in Miami. The Task Force was instituted to prevent any further interception of CIA authorized narcotics trafficking. Porter Goss was a commission member. That's what gave him the legitimacy. There was also Miami Customs Director Billy von Raab, Miami DEA Director Tommy Cash, Miami Immigration Director George Weiss. And George Bush Sr. who was Vice President at the time was the chairman."
Back to the future.
It turns out that on the morning of 9/11, Bob Graham (D-FL), then head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was having a secret breakfast on Capitol Hill, with Porter Goss (R-FL), then head of the House intelligence committee and also part of the Congressional delegation to Pakistan. The head of Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI, General Mahmud Ahmed, was also part of Goss' staff, and the Pakistani General was reported by the Times of India to be the man responsible for ordering Ahmed Umar Sheik to wire $100,000 from Pakistan to the U.S. bank account of alleged 9-11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. Mr. Sheik is a British citizen who was born in Pakistan and was a well known terrorist.
Not surprisingly, while ignoring that breakfast meeting, the mainstream press widely reported that Goss was strongly against initiating a full-scale 9-11 Congressional investigation. After some public pressure and much calculated stalling, the joint House Intelligence Committees finally agreed to initiate an official inquiry.
Doesn't it strike you as a bit odd that Bob Graham and Porter Goss, both of whom had unexplored ties with principles involved in part of the covert funding of 9-11, wound-up being the lead investigators into what actually happened on 9-11? Predictably, Goss and Graham used their positions to implement damage control tactics that ultimately benefited the White House and the CIA.
Goss wasted little time in proclaiming that the task of a 9-11 investigation would not be to find out who was responsible for the tragedy. It's not going to be about blaming anyone, he warned, but instead it will be about understanding 'OUR' failings-- and about making recommendations as to how we can do a better job of defending America in the future. Goss stressed he was "looking for solutions not scapegoats" (Washington Post May 17th 2002 ). And, amazingly, he even dismissed the notion that Sept.11th was an: "intelligence failure" (Washington Post May 18th 2002).
Truth is, Goss was able to successfully steer the 9-11 investigation into a perfunctory, whitewashed, dead-end limited-hang-out. Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA analyst, and a member of: "Veteran Intelligence for Professionals" summed it up this way: " {Goss gave} clear priority to providing political protection for the president." Then, well after Goss's orchestrated 9-11 whitewash, it was time to obtain more funding to create a Home Land Security alliance with the CIA and other agencies. According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia:" in a sharp turn from his earlier statements defending the CIA, Goss said the agency has 'been ignoring its core mission activities' and the clandestine service is on its way to being "a stilted bureaucracy incapable of even the slightest bit of success." He called the CIA's human intelligence gathering apparatus "dysfunctional" and adverse to change, and charged that its intelligence analysts were timid and lacked proper focus. Tenet, the CIA Director at the time called the attacks "ill-informed" and "absurd." And Goss was on his way being nominated as the new CIA Director.
Seems like Goss was signaling his transition from 9-11 cover-up agent to CIA purger and Illuminati re-organizer. This "sharp turn" and Goss's nomination by Bush to head the CIA enabled Goss to further consolidate power for the Bush/NeoCon Cabal (Illuminati front), thereby enabling his widely reported "Stalinesque" CIA PURGES to be viewed as benign, even necessary by the mainstream press. Do you think, perhaps, the directorship of the CIA is a payback for Goss' longtime loyalty to the "Bush Crime Family" and the "COMPANY" for his effective cover-up and damage control services?
Now that Goss's former assassination squad associate and evil NeoCon twin, Chertoff (a reincarnation of Lenin?) has been named the new director of Homeland Security, could things get any worse? Yes! Now we have a new Czar of Intelligence, Mr. Pale Horse - death squads are us - NeoCon, Negroponte. Americans should realize this grouping of department heads signals the implementation of a centralized Soviet, Stasi style, paramilitary police force apparatus to be used against them. All the legal infrastructure is now in place. And lets not forget our new attorney general Mr. Spanish Inquisition, Alberto Gonzales. We now have the ultimate "evil doer" trifecta. All the foundational building blocks for a domestic Phoenix Program have now been installed.
According to official pronouncements, Goss resigned from the CIA for health reasons (staph infection) in 1971.
Or did he? Was his CIA career ended 'officially' in 1971 as part of a modified sheep-dipping, the spook technique used to erase selected histories of intel operatives in order to severe any direct link with intelligence agencies for operations that are beneath the radar and illegal?
There is more than enough evidence to indicate that Goss' retirement from the CIA, might very well be an example of the cynical use of a psyop to trick the public into believing that he hasn't been involved in the many publicly known, and not so known, CIA debacles and covert/black ops since the early-70's like Iran-Contra, and the Gary Webb expose of CIA crack cocaine drug running in the 80's. And then there's 9-11. Goss' Congressional record (1988-2004) indicates he sponsored a wealth of intelligence appropriation bills. In 1997 he ascended to the head of the House Intelligence Committee. It makes one wonder if his primary mission as a Congressman was to act as a straw man for the CIA?
Here's another red flag. Goss co-sponsored the Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Tools Improvement Act of 2003 or HR 3179. Among other horrors, Patriot Act 2 legalizes secret grand juries, and the 'disappearing' of US citizens. He also helped establish and served on the Homeland Security Committee. He is also a member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations, or CFR, a group that is integral to the Illuminatie's NWO planning and policy making.
Here's what I call the Al Martin BOMBSHELL that arguably ties Webb's fate to Porter Goss. Excerpts from an Al Martin piece: "Who is Porter Goss?"
Porter Goss had been involved in the last-ditch efforts by the CIA to save the CIA-backed and-financed regime of Nicaraguan, tin-horn, right-wing dictator Anastasio Somoza, before Somoza's fall in 1979. After that the Sandinistas were voted into power."
Porter Goss, it's interesting to note, claimed that he was the one who turned the man who would later become a member of the Sandinista ruling council,Tomas Borges. Borges was subsequently the CIA 's point man in Nicaragua pursuant to the CIA's narcotics trafficking during Iran Contra
Goss was the Agency point man to conduct this operation to save the flagging Somoza regime. Of course, he didn't have a title. This was done covertly, and illegally, of course -- as always. This program entailed the assassination of senior Sandinista members."
This is a few months prior to the actual elections that elected the Sandinista regime. Porter Goss then had to leave Nicaragua.
The CIA made an effort to save the dictatorship by undertaking a multi-pronged program, one with assassination. Porter Goss became too high-profile.
Goss then won the seat for Sarasota, Florida and subsequently he started to become involved in 1983 in Iran-Contra profiteering with Jeb and Neil Bush. (end of excerpts)
Jean-Guy reminds us that it was Goss who stopped further investigation into the allegations raised by Webb's "Dark Alliance" series, in exposing the CIA involvement in drug trafficking for the Contras. "When the House of Representatives finally agreed to take up the issue, after a report was issued by the CIA inspector general concerning drug trafficking by the agency, Porter Goss, who had directed the Intelligence Committee since the previous year, decided at a preliminary hearing that the allegations were "false."
Al Martin establishes connections with Porter Goss, the CIA, and the drug trafficking for the Contras, which is what Gary Webb exposed in his "Dark Alliance" series. It certainly could indicate that Porter Goss had a professional axe to grind with Gary Webb! And Jean Guy brings to our attention the FACT that it was Goss, who in true cover-up fashion, nixed the investigation into CIA drug trafficking and the Contra cocaine scandal.
Another Usual Suspect: Luis Posada Carriles
"Luis Posada was a veteran CIA agent with a history of involvement with drug traffickers, mobsters, and terrorists. He was recruited by the CIA in the 1960's after years of working with anti-Castro Cubans in Miami and was implicated in a number of terrorist incidents conducted by various Cuban extremist groups."- Webb ( Dark Alliance p. 246)
Luis Posada
Luis Posada , Gary Webb, and Porter Goss connections.
Jean-Guy makes the connection between Webb and Posada:
"He {Webb} denounced narco-terrorist Luis Posada Carriles and his accomplices who were involved in that criminal transaction {Contra-crack-cocaine}." Jean-Guy continues: "In June 1976 Guillermo Novo and Posada participated in forming the terrorist organization CORU, whose ranks were comprised of the likes of Félix Rodriguez, Frank Castro and other criminals involved in drug trafficking operations authorized by the Reagan administration in support of the Nicaraguan Contras, which Gary Webb had covered."
Here's a thumbnail sketch of Luis Posada's checkered past. Posada entered the world via Cuba in 1928. As a young man, he established a respectable career in Havana as a pediatrician. His next profession was a mother's worst nightmare: a CIA terrorist and drug trafficker. Predictably, he was fervently anti-Castro, participated in the Bay of Pigs fiasco, was a member of the infamous Operation 40, and even a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Officially {emphasis mine} he worked for the CIA only until 1967. Around 1971 he moved to Venezuela. He found employment with the Venezuelan Secret Police (DISIP).
While living in Caracas, Venezuela, he and two associates were reportedly plotting sundry ways to assassinate Castro, who was to visit Caracas soon. As part of the plan, Posada had set up counterfeit documentation and false-trails implicating two innocent Russians as the assassins. Obviously, that plan for Castro's demise never materialized. Next, Posada started a security business in Venezuela.
In 1976 a Cabaña Airline exploded in mid-air after taking off from Barbados. All 73 passengers were killed, including 24 members of Cuba's gold medal fencing team. Eventually, two Venezuelan's were arrested in connection with the bombing of the Cabaña flight. One of the two arrested, Herman Ricardo, had previously worked for Posada's security agency in Venezuela. Ricardo wound up confessing that he and Freddy Lugo had planted two bombs in the Cabaña plane. He also informed the police that Posada and Orlando Bosch were the masterminds behind the black-op.
Eventually, Posada was caught and jailed in Venezuela to await trial for his part in the Cabaña affair. In 1985, Jorge Mas Canosa, head of the CANF, or Cuban American National Foundation, paid $26,000 to 'officials' enabling Posada to 'escape' from prison. CANF is a front group for broadcasting USA propaganda to Cuba via Marti TV. Posada is still wanted in Venezuela for his part in the Cabana Air tragedy.
In the mid-80's, Posada re-emerged as a CIA crack ­ cocaine ­ contra - man. Here's where he stepped into the pages of Webb's "Dark Alliance Series". Additionally, Peter Dale Scott asserts in his book, Cocaine Politics : "Posada was second in charge of a major Contra re-supply operation at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador. He was recruited by Felix Rodriguez, a long-time CIA operative who was with the Bolivian forces that captured and executed Che Guevera."
In a 1998 New York Times interview, Posada admitted he had been fronted $200,000 by the U.S. government, via CANF, to plan a series of terrorist attacks in Cuba. Then in 2000 Posada and three other Cuban terrorists: Gaspar Jimenez, Guillermo Novo, and Pedro Ramon were arrested in Panama, for planning to kill, guess who - Castro! It seems Castro has used several of his nine lives just avoiding assassination by Posada. Castro was scheduled to speak at the University of Panama where hundreds of students would have been in attendance to hear him speak. In other words, there could have been many lives lost in the process of taking him out.
All four Cuban exiles were arrested and jailed in Panama. Then something very out of the ordinary happened. In August 2004 the outgoing U.S. backed, puppet President of Panama, Mireyas Moscoso, pardoned all four confirmed terrorists. This in turn created a political firestorm. As you recall, Posada was still wanted in Venezuela for the airline bombing As an act of protest, Cuba broke off all diplomatic relations with Panama and Venezuela retracted its ambassador.
It gets better. Finally we get 'to see compassionate conservatism' in action. President Bush actually granted the three known terrorists: Jimenez, Novo, and Ramon POLITICAL ASYLUM in the United States. And off to Florida they went. Hmmm? Then there's Luis Posada. He went to Honduras, but didn't stay long. Here's the rub. Posada wound up mysteriously in the United States in September 2004 with a U.S. passport.
So much for no-fly lists and abusive pat downs and strip searches at U.S. Airports, or stopping terrorists from entering the country. Honduran president, Ricardo Maduro had this to say; "I will demand that the United States and Panama explain how Posada used a false U.S. passport. How did that airplane leave Panama with Posada, reach Honduras, and wind-up in the United States? We know we're dealing with an international influence."
Venezuela won't get Posada, Immigration judge rules
By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services
EL PASO, Texas - "A U.S. immigration judge has ruled that Luis Posada Carriles, a Cuban exile wanted in Venezuela on terrorism charges, cannot be deported to Cuba or Venezuela."
Some synchronicity here: Posada Carilles is sneaked into the U.S., Porter Goss becomes head of the CIA, and Gary Webb is shot twice in the head at close range in an attempt to make it look like a suicide.
"Wackenhut was very active in El Salvador during the Contra war, providing employees to protest the U.S. embassy and other installations, and doing "'things you wouldn't want your mother to know about'," one Wackenhut employee told Spy Magazine in 1992."-Webb (Dark Alliance, p.113)
And there are more dots:
An integral part of the police state drug war is the prison­industrial­complex. And the drug war has certainly fueled that system where prisoners, many of whom are incarcerated for minor drug offenses, are contracted out as slave labor pools for large corporations. In other words, prisons are thinly disguised, government/corporate forced labor camps. It's offical! America now has the highest incarceration rate in the world. We've even surpassed China and Russia. According to the latest figures: 1 in 138 Americans are currently behind bars. But how many people realize that before the so-called "drug war" was declared by President Regan, in 1980's America's prison population was actually declining. Hmmm! Who benefits? The Illuminati, ofcourse.
One of the sleaziest players in the prison for profit growth industry is a company called Wackenhut. But did you know that Wackenhut is a CIA front?
"GEORGE WACKENHUT, an ex-FBI man, formed his namesake security company in Florida in 1954. Closely tied to the Mob, radical Cubans, and right wing nuts including WACL. Since the company's inception, its board has been packed with "former" CIA, FBI, and military agents. The company guards the US's most sensitive facilities, and runs vast domintel ops. Was a key player in the Inslaw/Octopus affair, and reportedly smuggled arms to Iraq during the BUSH Administration. Wackenhut Corrections Corp. is now the no. 2 private prison contractor. Mr. Wackenhut once called George Bush "pink".
Here's an eye-opener article, Wackenhut: "Prisons, profits and golf umbrellas"BY ARUN PRADHAN
"Wackenhut maintained files on over four million suspected dissidents. "
"William Corbett, who worked for the CIA for 18 years, told the US-based "Spy Magazine", " 'For years Wackenhut has been involved with the CIA and other intelligence organizations. Wackenhut would allow the CIA to occupy positions within the company [in order to carry out] clandestine operations.' "
"He also said that Wackenhut would supply intelligence agencies with information, and that it was compensated for this " 'in a quid pro quo arrangement'."
"Retired FBI agent William Hinshaw also told the magazine about Wackenhut's ease in snaring lucrative governmental contracts as being governments' way of " 'pay[ing] Wackenhut for their clandestine help' ".
" 'It is known throughout the industry that if you want a dirty job done, call Wackenhut' ", Hinshaw said.
Let's see if I've got this straight:
1. The CIA sells and supplies the drugs.
2. The CIA launders their drug profits vis-a vis proprietary CIA banks around the globe and Wall Street at home.
3. The CIA is also involved in the slave labor, prison-for-profits racket, where drug offenders comprise the largest segment of the prison population?
"Although the original media reports of multiple gunshot wounds were confusing, the coroner's public-information officer, Ed Smith, since has explained that a single shot is not always fatal. Since 1995, said Smith, Sacramento County has had 13 such suicides."
Isn't it strange that Mr. Smith failed to any reveal significant, distinguishing details about the 13 suicides that Sacramento County has had since 1995. For example, how many of the two shot suicides cited were two shots to the head? And of the 13 that were two shots to the head, how many were accomplished with a .38 revolver? And by the way, how many of the 13 two shot suicides had a sufficiently thorough homicide investigation to confirm suicide beyond a reasonable doubt? Mr. Smith what are you hiding? Mr. Smith, please supply the details behind your generality.
Webb, : "So, the one thing that I've learned from this whole experience is, first of all, you can't believe the government -- on anything. And you especially can't believe them when they're talking about important stuff, like this stuff. The other thing is that the media will believe the government before they believe anything"
Transcript Excerpts: Gary Webb Speaks on CIA Connections to Contra Drug Trafficking (and Related Topics)
Date: January 16, 1999 Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St., Eugene, Oregon
Sponsored By: Eugene Media Action; Eugene PeaceWorks; Hungry Head Books; The Committee in Solidarity With Central American Peoples; Support Coalition International.
Email From Paul Fassa
I am not an expert on guns, but I have dealt with and used them, rifles, shotguns, and handguns, for fun and games from age 12 to 35. I do know enough to communicate some basics regarding the gun used on Gary Webb on December 10, 2004. When the confusion form inaccurate reports immediately after Gary's demise settled, I focused on the logistics of the gun used. On that basis alone, the suicide claim did not hold up with me. Michael Rupert wrote an article shortly after Webb's death entitled "Saying Goodbye to a Giant" on his website using the gun logistics to assert his claim that Gary undoubtedly did himself in.
I say that is quite a feat considering the reality of the gun used and the wounds that resulted. Ruppert stated that the .38 revolver used was a "relatively weak" handgun using inappropriate "target bullets." Interesting. Is that why almost all police departments used the .38 revolver for decades until most, but not all, switched to 9mm semi-automatics in the past several years?
The "inappropriate target bullets" assertion is disinformation. First, let's be clear, the bullet is the nose of what most consider bullets. It is the smaller portion that is projected from the casing or shell that contains the powder that explodes when the firing pin of the gun strikes the back of that shell or casing.
Until the "60's, rounded lead bullets were used in the police special .38's. Experience in the field exposed problems with that bullet or projectile. The issues were not because of a lack of power. That type of bullet penetrated through, yes through, a body too cleanly and easily, causing damage to others near the targeted individual. It also ricocheted easily, injuring others not being targeted including the police involved in a shootout. Probably because the wound inflicted was so clean and exited the body, it sometimes did not cause enough internal damage to immediately stop a determined assailant from causing damage to whomever was firing the .38. But these were problems with the bullets, not the gun.
Those problems were resolved with changes in the bullet design, most notably the hallow point, which is just that. A hole in the front or point of the bullet causes the bullet to "mush" on impact. There were also flathead and ball bullets introduced to replace the rounded lead bullets. These designs helped keep the bullet from exiting the body rapidly or even at all in many cases, and increased internal bodily damage in the process as the bullet flattened out in the body. Ricochets were lowered considerably because the bullet "mushed" so much on striking all hard objects, which absorbed enough energy to lessen the "bounce" velocity..
The .38 revolver remained in service through the "60's and "70's with most law enforcement agencies. It was bullet design, not power that was the issue. Since then, that rounded lead bullet, once the standard, was considered appropriate for target practice, but not appropriate for self-defense. Go to a gun store and look for yourself. The old rounded tip bullets that are not hallowed or flattened are usually sold and purchased when you are planning to visit the firing range or go "plinking" cans and bottles in a large open field. The power is not diminished in those bullets. The shell or casing of each cartridge and the powder content remain the same! Get it? The lethal capacity from shooting someone, even yourself, at point blank in the head is not hampered by using "target bullets".
What's wrong with this picture?
Back to the "relatively weak handgun" statement by "ex-cop" Ruppert. Weak compared to what? I have read that even a .32 caliber handgun, I once had a .32 semi-automatic, can be used for defensive purposes, though "anything less than .38 caliber is risky". The 9mm semi-automatics that have been adopted by most law enforcement agencies are virtually the same size as a .38 caliber revolver in all respects. They simply use different measuring systems, comparable to adopting metric measurements over our English standards.
All caliber and mm sizes refer to the internal diameter, or bore, of the gun's barrel. That, of course, determines the thickness of the bullet itself. In handguns, the shell casing that contains the powder and holds the bullet is usually the same diameter as the bullet. The length of the casing and the amount of powder may vary, but the .38 revolver and 9mm semi-automatics use cartridges that are closely similar in size and power.
So why the shift from .38 revolvers to 9mm semi-automatics by most law enforcement agencies? The 9mm does have a little more muzzle power than the .38, but it is more compact than the bulky .38 revolver. More importantly, consider the fact that in a shootout, a semi-automatic puts one in a better defensive or attack situation because it is so easy to rapidly and repeatedly fire and reload! Which would you rather have in your possession in a dangerous environment? The trigger mechanism in a semi-automatic handgun is sensitive enough, after the first cocking action, to require a safety button or switch to prevent inadvertent firing, which would make the two shots to the head suicide more plausible with an involuntary muscle reaction on the trigger.
It is not so easy with a revolver. There are no gas activated or spring loaded recoil mechanisms, essential to the semi-automatic, that re-cock the revolver. It is completely mechanical. One can manually cock a revolver by pulling the hammer back completely, thus creating an easy, low resistance trigger squeeze to fire the gun. Otherwise, the resistance of the trigger is such that it takes a good pull or squeeze to move the revolving chamber into the firing chamber mechanically. Comparing the firing actions of a revolver to a semi-automatic is like comparing the shifting actions of an old stick shift truck to a new automatic transmission sports sedan.
So when it was revealed that Gary Webb had fired two shots into his head with a revolver, I dismissed the notion of a second trigger squeeze from an involuntary muscular reaction. Very possible with the ease of re-firing a semiautomatic, highly improbable, in my opinion impossible, with a revolver, especially one as large and powerful as a .38. Consider the awkward angle needed to fire into the area near his right ear, possibly behind it, in order to blow his lower left jaw out rendering his face unrecognizable with this "relatively weak handgun (sic)", realizing that the trigger is six to nine inches from the muzzle of the gun that was placed to his head.
Get a pen and hold it from the top while you place the point around the back and top of the right ear at the necessary angle for the "target" bullet, one that does not splatter but easily penetrates through a body, to blow out the left side of your lower jaw. Then you have the sound and physical recoil of the gun so close to his ear and held in an awkward, unsupported angle. Visit a firing range sometime (even in the movies). Notice how everyone is wearing a headset to protect the eardrums and holding a pistol with two hands. Why do you think that is?
My point is, the effort to either squeeze off another shot with a stiff trigger mechanism or manually cock the hammer, which is even further back from the head than the trigger. Gary would have had to overcome the trauma of a serious wound, shock, deafened and ringing ears, recovered the gun's position from the recoil, change the angle of gun to accurately aim into the brain, then squeeze a resistant trigger mechanism or re-cock the hammer in order to get off another shot. Easier to go unconscious and bleed to death! And why would he have had it at the wrong angle (downward instead of upward toward the brain) in the first place? I think it was because someone else was holding the gun to his head from behind while he was seated or trying to move away from the shooter.
Some of the firearm information was gleaned from and
Ruppert's Webb blasphemy, "Saying Goodbye to a Giant", can be read at
Who Benefits from Webb's demise?
Faustian Careerists - selling their souls to advance their careers
Goss has been rewarded by being named the Director of the CIA. Posada and friends, all known terrorists, have been pardoned and allowed to reside in the U.S.A.-no questions asked. Who benefited? And what about Gary's colleagues at "The Mercury News", where the initial firestorm from his "Dark Alliance" series started?
"In the aftermath, the Mercury News "did a mea culpa, [the] editors got promoted, and Gary bore the burden of the damage," says Scott Herhold, a Mercury News editor in the late '80s and a columnist there now. The editors who directed the series saw their careers flourish: David Yarnold was promoted to executive editor (he later became editorial page editor and recently left the paper to become an executive with an environmental organization); Paul Van Slambrouck became executive editor of the Christian Science Monitor (he is now a senior editor); Jerry Ceppos [editor of Mercury News who publicly recanted Dark Alliance] is vice president for news at Knight Ridder; and Dawn Garcia is deputy director of the John S. Knight Fellowships for Professional Journalists at Stanford University. All four declined to be interviewed for this article."
Faustian Globalists - Uninterrupted mass media mind control
Gary was in the process of finishing up a new book that would name more names and expose more details concerning the CIA's involvement in drug trafficking. Gary Webb's known, documented relationship with Riconoscuito would have taken Gary's research and writing to an even deeper level than Dark Alliance, exposing more of the secret government and its nefarious acitivies. The secret government must remain secret, and Webb would not be silent unless he was silenced.
Synchronicity - or planning?
Gary Webb was forced to resign from the Mercury News on December 10th, 1997. Porter Goss named by Bush to be the new CIA czar on August 10, 2004. Posada was back in Florida by September2004. Gary Webb was found dead on December 10th 2004.
According to Luis Gomez, a fellow investigative reporter associated with the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism, Gary Webb was working on a new book. Here's a quote from his eulogy to Webb:
"Chief Gary, pardon this digression, but did you finish that book you were working on? {emphasis mine} I remember that a few months ago everything was up in the air while you looked for work, but when you wrote to me again for the last time, you were already a reporter again. So I suppose that it is finished, because a journalist does not leave work hanging, and you were one of the best that I've known, that I've read. Now, I hope it gets released, so that we can find out what you were doing these last few months because I really don't know, and that ignorance makes me cry, chief."
Here's a segment from Alex Jones' interview of Kevin Booth:
KB: Right, it was all these cartels. So, like you said, he (Freeway Ricky Ross) was in the Victorville prison, right above Los Angeles there and the last time he spoke to Gary, which wasn't that long ago, he told me that Gary was still working on the story. This was the kind of thing that Gary was never going to give up on because Gary felt like he could just keep going with this forever and uncover more and more people and exposing more names. {emphasis Mine} But he (Ricky Ross) did tell me that Gary knew he was being followed. Every time he drove somewhere, there were always cars following him around. He said he knew it was government people . . . The entire transcript and audio of the conversation between Ross and Booth is available at:
Audience Member 11: So what I'd like to ask you is, what are you working on now? And do you have your own journalistic chain of reaction? Are you going to be doing something that connects back to this?
Gary Webb: The question is what am I doing now -- believe it or not, I'm working for the government. [Laughter from the audience.] I work for the California legislature, and I do investigations of state agencies. I just wrote a piece for Esquire magazine which should be out in April on another fabulous DEA program that they're running. Actually, part of it's based here in Oregon, called Operation Pipeline. That story is coming out in April, and Esquire told me they want me to write more stuff for them, they want me to do some investigative reporting for them, so I'll be working for them. And I'm putting together another book proposal, and a couple of other things. I'm not going to work for newspapers any more, I learned my lesson.
(Although the last part of this quote appeared earlier, I thought it was worth repeating.)
NOTE: Gary Webb's book Dark Alliance was published in 1998 (Hardback) and the paperback came out in 1999. Again this Q/A session was in January of 1999. This is clearly another book Gary is speaking about.
Why? It should be obvious to all that Gary Webb was unrepentant. He refused to apologize to ANYONE for having uncovered the truth about the CIA and drug trafficking.
Transcript Excerpts: Gary Webb Speaks on CIA Connections to Contra Drug Trafficking (and Related Topics)
Date: January 16, 1999 Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St., Eugene, Oregon
Sponsored By: Eugene Media Action; Eugene PeaceWorks; Hungry Head Books; The Committee in Solidarity With Central American Peoples; Support Coalition International.
Dark Alliance(?) mini-series in the works deal went sour... "When a screenwriter suggested they write a miniseries that summer, he threw himself into the work, but the project fizzled." (According to this information from Sue Bell (Gary's ex-wife) in the article from which this quote was taken, this occurred in the summer of 2004).
The Sad Saga of Gary Webb By Susan Paterno ( Susan Paterno is an AJR senior writer.) June/July 2005
The offer to collaborate indicates that Gary was still continuing on with his investigative writing, perhaps expanding his original research into darker regions of the "Dark Alliance". Did the project "fizzle" because a few spooks picked up on it and scared a sincere screenwriter/producer away? Or was the screenwriter part of a set -up working to get information from Webb--to determine how much he currently knew and where his research was taking him ?
"Relationships with other women ended badly."- Sue Bell
A honey-pot is a term used to describe an intelligence agency operative (usually oposite sex but could be same sex) who is used to sexually attract and then ensnare a predetermined targeted individual into an affair in order to gain information, and or to lure the target in a way that he or she could be set-up and even arrested if need be.
So I wonder, could at least one of the affairs that Gary had engaged in actuality have been arranged by the Intel-crowd in an effort to gain information about Gary's ongoing investigation into CIA related activities, and his pending, future book that would have revealed more about government black-ops?
If a real investigation into Webb's death had been launched, these women could have been questioned and had background checks run if appropiate.
"... {Webb}had embarked on a series of affairs; he was divorced from Bell in 2000, though he remained close to her throughout his life."
The Stolen motorcycle - a cut-out?
"On the last day Webb was alive, his motorbike broke down while he was moving to his mother's house. A passing motorist - a heavily tattooed young man - gave him a lift home, then returned and stole the motorcycle, which police recovered from him three days after Webb's death."
"On the day he died, his motorcycle broke down. A man who appeared to be in his early 20s offered him a ride. Webb took it and gave him $20 for his trouble. By the time Webb returned to the parking lot where he'd left the motorcycle, it was gone, stolen by the same man, according to a detective with the Sacramento sheriff's department." (
Perhaps If there had been a homicidal investigation we could discern if the stolen motorcycle incident was a simple theft or possibly something more. From the perspective of the official story the stolen motorcycle is touted as a major event; it's been repeatedly promoted as the "trigger" incident that pushed Webb over the edge and into oblivion.
CLINT VAN ZANDT, FORMER FBI SPECIAL AGENT STATES: (2000) "But I can tell you that in suicides, as an FBI agent, we only found about 20 percent of suicides would have an actual suicide note."
"... a variety of studies over the past few decades showed that 15-35% leave {suicide} notes (e.g., Shneidman, 1981; Tuckman, Kleiner, & Lavell, 1959).
It is estimated that only less than one-third of people who commit suicide leave a note [19][20].
"The coroner claims that a hand-written note by Webb was found at the scene "indicating" an "intention" to take his life - although we are left clueless as to what the coroner means by the words "indicating" and "intention." These are, of course, favorite government "fudge" words."
Bell explains, "Webb had written four letters explaining what he was about to do - one to her, one to each of their three children - and mailed them immediately before he killed himself."
Although the family members confirmed that the notes were from Gary, there was no forensic handwriting analysis done to prove this. Most people probably don't know that at least since the 60's the FBI has developed "state-of-the-art forgery" capability. Another obscure fact is that most suicide victims do not leave notes, statistically only about twenty percent actually leave a suicide note. So why the over kill here? Gary allegedly left five notes including the one remaining the scene of the crime. And how many people know that Webb mailed four "suicide notes" "immediately before he killed himself?" Huh?
"Forged Correspondence: Former employees have confirmed that the FBI has the capacity to produce state-of-the-art forgery. This capacity was used under COINTELPRO to create snitch jackets and bogus communications that exacerbated differences among activists and disrupted their work.
For example: " The Senate Intelligence Committee uncovered a series of FBI letters sent to top Panther leaders throughout 1970 in the name of Connie Mathews, an intermediary between the Black Panther Party's national office and Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, in exile in Algeria. These exquisite forgeries were prepared on pilfered stationery in Panther vernacular expertly simulated by the FBI's Washington, D.C. laboratory. Each was forwarded to an FBI Legal Attache at a U.S. Embassy in a foreign country that Mathews was due to travel through and then posted at just the right time "in such a manner that it cannot be traced to the Bureau."
[NOTE] "The FBI enhanced the eerie authenticity of these fabrications by lacing them with esoteric personal tidbits culled from electronic surveillance of Panther homes and offices."
For a discussion of additional points to ponder SEE: "GARY WEBB SUICIDED TO KILL NEW BOOK?"
What does it mean?
Here's my version for your consideration.
Gary Webb's death was an assassination, carefully staged as a suicide. Webb never posted a note on the front door to alert the movers not to enter the house and to call 911 instead. It's pure confabulation on the part Ruppert, et al, to convince others that the note to the movers was Webb's attempt to "secure the crime scene". Ironically, it really was a "crime scene" after all - a homicide! Webb never wrote four "suicide' notes and mailed them just prior to killing himself. Nor did Webb write a fifth suicide note that was left in a conspicuous place, inside his recently sold house, so it would easily be found by officials. And Webb didn't neatly place a pile of identifying information, including his drivers license, next to his body. Wow! what a considerate guy. Except for this fact. Webb had just sold his house for $300,000 plus and the new owners were scheduled to move in to their new home within days.
Don't you wonder why Webb didn't just check into a hotel room while he was off mailing those suicide notes, and off himself there, sparing the new owners of his home the trauma and stigma of moving into a house where a suicide had just occurred? Just wondering, after all, it is claimed he did all those other things out of consideration, right? All the reports asserting this so-called suicide indicates logic and determination on Gary's part, until we realize that Webb couldn't even position his gun correctly to achieve his primary aim. And Webb's death may just go down in history as the "suicide" victim who left the most suicide notes. I believe the reason behind all those excessive suicide notes, the warning note to the movers, and the visibly placed array of Webb identifying information was simply to guarantee that there would be no homicide investigation and autopsy. This was done by the assassination team, not Webb. And it worked, didn't it?
One last point about Webb allegedly writing and sending individual "suicide" notes to each family member, I believe this was an over the top, psy-op done to create maximum trauma and introversion within each family member, as well as convince them individually that the suicide was real, as the forged notes no doubt contained thoughts that would resonate in a personal way. This would also assure the perps that "suicide" would be the agreed upon verdict by all family members. To challenge a suicide note from a loved one is not often done, and may be seen as a symbolic form of desecration. The most important outcome for the hit team, aside form murdering Webb of course, was to make sure there would be no homicide investigation.
Who Ordered Gary Webb's assassination?
But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength, would have no reason to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves, like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose, they could blow the party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely, sooner or later, it must occur to them to do it? And yet - George Orwell, 1984
As difficult as it is for the majority of mainstream Americans to comprehend, assassination is a common tool that's used widely and routinely by the Illuminati and their minions to shape the geo-political landscape for their Illuminati/NWO agenda. Anything or anyone that gets in the way of their intentions is, shall we say eliminated- often even en masse.
No Virginia. There are no conspiracies. Just ignore those men behind the curtain!
The "Demonocracy"
And their credo: "Do What Thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law."- Aleister Crowley
Most of today's supposedly 'sovereign' national governments are in fact merely front groups for this cartel. In reality Gary had begun to pull back the curtain enough to expose a small portion of the CIA 's behind the scenes international drug trafficking network, which is a massively lucrative black-op and component of the secret government's hierarchical power structure.
The real power that actually steers our society looks like this: larger pyramids within smaller pyramids, with a top down command structure, all contained within an overarching pyramid structure. Intelligence agencies, like all the above mentioned institutions in our society, likewise are designed in this fashion. Keep in mind, the people at the bottom of the pyramid are the least knowledgeable, and generally have no idea of the "big picture". Their roles are limited to bureaucratic or operative functions. They are often unknowing cut-outs inadvertantly working for the secret government.
It didn't take Webb long to connect the dots, and it was just a matter of time before he'd connect more and more dots. A very real danger, from the perspective of the power elite, was that Webb's expose of CIA drug trafficking could inevitably lead back to the real powers behind the throne: the Illuminati. But still, drugs are only one component of a much larger agenda.
Again, regardless of the cover story we've been force feed about intelligence agencies and what their true mission is-- they are first and foremost the covert implementers and enforcers of the Illuminati or New World Order (NWO) agenda. Often times when a black-op occurs, it's difficult to distinguish who exactly was behind it: Mossad, MI6, the CIA or any of their affiliates/offshoots, or a combination of the above. These Intel-agencies often work in concert, despite the nations or groups that they ostensibly represent. They all have complimentary interlocking goals, which actually makes sense, because they are ultimately all working for the same people. For those who naively think or believe the CIA is working on behalf of the American people, installing democracies around the world, or merely intelligence gathering under the rubric of "NATIONAL SECURITY", I highly recommend reading books by authors like William Blum (ex-State dept), Rodney Stitch (ex-FAA accident investigator), Phillip Agee (ex-CIA), or John Stockwell(ex-CIA).
The overt implementers of the Illuminati/ NWO mission are the majority of the legitimate, even so called democratic, governments around the globe. So it makes no difference who appears to be in charge of any of these governments as they are facades used to legitimize and implement the NWO policies. This is probably why Gary Webb no longer believed in voting and considered himself a "responsible anarchist". As the notorious, Anarchist (not communist) Emma Goldman once said, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.
The Elites have created an interlocking secret society network of groups such as the Bildbergers, CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission, British Roundtable, Club of Rome etc., that hammer out the NWO global agenda and broadly formulate policies, programs, plans and target dates for the stepwise implementation of their globalist agenda around the world. Then the Illuminati owned and controlled press/media "manufactures consent" for the Elitist conspired agenda. Of course, it's all made to look very democratic, as if the demonically inspired agenda was actually generated at the grass roots level by we the people.
OUR Government is actually a local chapter of the global NWO criminal cartel, aka Illuminati! Webb was carefully fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. And the big picture was starting to emerge. Over time Webb understood that the drug war was completely bogus. He was on his way to discovering that our *government* is the number one drug trafficker on the planet! Webb was quoted by the LA Times as saying, "Now we know what CIA stands for - Crack In America".
When Gotti was asked under oath if the mob was dealing in drugs he casually replied: "No, we can't compete with the government."
Truth is - all the major institutions that shape our lives are under the Illuminati web of control and influence. It's by inserting their people in decision making positions within key institutions that they are able to surreptitiously wield a remarkable level of coordinated control and power over the masses. The institutions and enterprises they own, control, or influence include: banking (money creation), wall street, big business, government/politics, education, media, religion, intelligence agencies, Medical/ pharmaceutical companies, illegal drug trafficking, organized crime, and the prison industrial complex.
From the perspective of the secret government, Gary Webb would remain a "person of interest." Webb had already deemed to be a proven trouble source and he would always remain a potential trouble source. For starters, Webb had the skill and the determination to keep digging and connecting dots, to expose the "Demonocracy" or as Danny Casolaro called it "The Octopus." And we know what happened to Casolaro! When Webb connected up with Riconosciuto his fate was sealed. He was following in Casolaro's footsteps. Riconosciuto had crossed the line when he signed the Inslaw Affidavit. That signature sent a strong signal to his former employer within the secret government that he was now working for the people. For that, he was thrown into prison on bogus drug charges - a political prisoner in reality. I am convinced more than ever that scientific geniuses are not allowed to work for the benefit of humanity. The secret government ensures that their genius is exploited to be used against humanity.
When the spooks got wind of the Riconosciuto - Webb connection it must have sent fire alarms ringing throughout their pyramid. They knew Riconoscuito would give Webb a highly detailed, backdoor satanic occult mystery tour of the secret government black-ops division he had been working for since Riconosciuto was a teenager. And what would Webb do with this information? He would write about it because that is what Webb did so well. The only solution: take Webb out. Riconsciuto had offered information for Casolaro, who eagerly took advantage of the offer. And there were others. In fact, there is a growing trail of dead bodies around Riconosciuto, including Gary Webb. It seems even as a political prisoner, Riconosciuto is useful to them - as bait.
"We live in a nation hated abroad and frightened at home. A place in which we can reasonably refer to the American Republic in the past tense. A country that has moved into a post-constitutional era, no longer a nation of laws but an autocracy run by law breakers, law evaders and law ignorers. A nation governed by a culture of impunity ... a culture in which corruption is no longer a form of deviance but the norm. We all live in a Mafia neighborhood now."
-Sam Smith
From Jeffery Moussaieff Masson's book: "The Pig Who Sang to the Moon: The Emotional World of Farm Animals," Masson writes: "I was told by some New Zealand sheep farmers that sometimes a particularly smart lamb will learn to undo the latch of a gate, evidently not an uncommon skill, and the sheep farmer then worries that the lamb might teach his less clever companions to do the same."
Masson asked a group of farmers, "What do you with sheep who can undo the latch?"
"We shoot them," came the reply, "so they can't pass on their knowledge."
"Others nodded in agreement," Masson continued. "They all had anecdotes about particularly intelligent sheep who were shot as a reward for their cleverness."
"Tyranny inspires awe and terror precisely because it allies itself with death. The spectacle of the scaffold and its terror are its distinguishing marks. Knowing that the tyrant does not shrink from atrocities strikes fear into the hearts of his subjects."
- Foucault
Daniel "Danny" Casolaro - Researched BCCI and the Inslaw/PROMIS Affair, and the Cabazon Reservation, Iran-Contra, Iraq-gate, the October Surprise, and so on. A "suicide."
Steve Kangas - Researcher and writer who started "Liberal Resurgent" web site dedicated to naming names and exposing the fascist underbelly of American democracy. His greatest and lasting contribution was his research culminating in the: "The Origins of the Overclass" which exposed in great detail the CIA's interlocking role expanding and maintaining the plutocracy that runs America. A "suicide."
Jim Hatfield - Researcher and author who wrote "Fortunate Son," an unauthorized biography of George W Bush that included planted information from Karl regarding George W. Bush's alleged cocaine. Rove knew that Hatfield was an ex-con and could easily be discredited along with the Bush cocaine allegation. The last thing Hatfield wrote "Why Would Osama Want to Kill His Ex-Business Partner?" A "suicide."
Mark Lombardi- "Artist and researcher who developed "Global Networks" or "Social Network Diagrams" which illustrated and chronicled the relationships between many of our day's shadiest characters, institutions and treasons. One of his works graphically charted Osama bin Laden, Sheik Salim bin Laden, James R Bath, Texas Gov George W Bush and HARKEN Energy". A "suicide." ...
Photo By Noel Neuburger
Reporter Gary Webb, seen in this 1997 photo, will be remembered for his "Dark Alliance" series, first published in the San Jose Mercury News.
Gary Webb- - "A Suicide."



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