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Hello Brian,
Here's the footage from John Tosti when he was on WRTV Channel 6 News, Bloomington, Indiana, the first time back in '96-'97. When the cameraman was taping, the batteries on his cam kept going dead. He went through 3 batteries, and on the 4th he finally, barely, got the shots. The cameraman said it was the weirdest thing he ever seen. The batteries are the expensive pro batteries for the news cameras. They're supposed to last 6 hours and he was getting about 2 minutes out of each battery...and they were all fully-charged.
As he left, the cameraman said he really believed John and said, "This isn't over yet."
And as you know, it wasn't. It's been going on ever since.
HBCC UFO Research Note: For anyone who has not read the full written report: 'An Alien Encounter In Bloomington, Indiana - The John Tosti Story',
I recommend you also click on the link below which will take you to the full report. There are video clips and many photos.
Video clip: John Tosti Interviewed By WRTV Channel 6 News (UFO) - Video Footage
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