Update - White Spheres
And Missing Time Experience

Brian Vike - Director
HBCC UFO Research
*Note:  I was shocked to read that another abduction report was filed making references to my own report!  I do feel as though that if it happened to at least one other person, then there could be many more!*
This is a 2nd installment of my experiences with the spheres and missing time.
You already know my first experience, so moving on.
My second experience with the spheres happened shortly after I had moved to Florida.  It was September 2002. 
I was asked to drive a co-worker home.  The drive was 22 miles from the workplace and in a different city.  But being the good guy that I always was, I agreed to do it.  I got her home without incident.  I was still mostly unfamiliar with my new surroundings, so I decided to take the same way back home.  Most of the route was desolate roads.  Then it came.
I was halfway home and I noticed the white sphere.  It was pacing my car on the driver's side.  This occurred at roughly 11:45PM.  My car was sputtering and choking out.  I figured that it had to do with the presence of the sphere.  So, I pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the ignition and lights.  I was really scared, I remembered my first incident and thought the same thing was going to happen again.  The next thing I saw was the same whitish-blue light surrounding my car (as I recalled in my dream after the first incident).  But this time I was still wide awake!  Then it just seemed that I "blacked out".  The next thing I remembered was waking up in the car.  Feeling exhausted and quite edgy, I wasn't so sure if I should've driven but I knew I wasn't going to stay there.  When I arrived home, the time was 2:38AM according to the clock on the VCR and my digital alarm clock. From where I was at, the drive should've only taken me another 10-15 minutes.  More missing time!! (About 2.5 hours' worth!)  No marks or burns were noticeable.  I was living with some friends in Venice, Florida at the time.  (Just a couple of months before I moved to Englewood, Florida just a few miles away and where I had my 3rd and 4th sightings.)  I awakened in the morning with another splitting headache and edginess.  I spent most of the day trying to see if I could recall anything about the incident, but I just couldn't remember anything during the missing time-frame.  I went to work as usual and I was asked by my supervisor if I was okay.  She said I looked as though I had an entire night of hard partying!
My 3rd sighting took place in the evening in Englewood, Florida. The date was late-May 2003.  The time was 8:00PM.  I had taken my dog (the Pit-Bull/Black Lab mix) for a walk.  All of a sudden, he growled and the fur on his spine stood on end and he almost pulled me down with his leash.  In just one more minute, a sphere came out of the woods and stopped in front of us.  Just as it stopped, my dog dropped like a ton of bricks right there on the street and became deathly quiet and motionless.  We were only 1/10th of a mile from my house.  The sphere just sat there, silently and shining brightly from within.  It was only 5 feet from where I stood and 6 feet from the ground. 
Something told me that I was in for another night of fun with missing time which would result in feeling awful the next day.  But, I also got angry and decided to ask it, "Why are you here?  Why do you keep after me?  Are you the same one I've seen in the past?"  Just then, it swayed 3 times to the left and to the right.  After 10 seconds of slowly swaying, the light changed colors.  It went from bright white to swirling, changing colors, a lot like looking at a soap bubble.  The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed with my shirt inside out.  Odd, considering that I'd been dressing myself for at least 32 years (out of a total of the 37 years I'd been alive) and I knew I hadn't put it on inside out to begin with!!  Massive headache and edginess all over again.  I decided to get out of bed and go into the bathroom to see if I could find anything, this time I was going to photograph it!!  But, there was nothing.  Except, one of my short sideburns looked as though the hairs had been pulled out of it and little dried blood spots were in the place where the hairs had been.  But I wasn't entirely certain if the hairs had been pulled out by my dog or if it was related to the sphere.  (He liked playing rough with me, including pulling my hair with his teeth.)  So, I just wrote off the idea of photographing what I found in the mirror.  My dog was found wandering around by a neighbor and was left tied up to my carport, which is where I found him that morning. 
Already related my 4 incident in my previous report a few nights ago. 
My 5th incident occurred January 16th, 2006 at 2:30AM.  Driving home from a friend's house after a night out.  (No, I wasn't drunk.  Only had 2 beers and the last beer was at 12:00AM and I was the designated driver.)  I was driving along a back road and the drive is normally just 10 minutes.  Well, I saw the sphere again as it paced my car only about 25 feet away and it was keeping up with me at 55 m/hr (approx 89 k/hr).  Out of the blue, it seemed as though a feeling of dread came over me, I'd never had this intense feeling before.  Well, I was almost to the main road, which is a populated main road into my town and I'd noticed that the sphere was gone.  I was only about 1 mile from the main road when all of a sudden, it appeared directly in my path!!  I had to slam on my brakes or I would've hit the sphere!  It only sat 3 feet off the road and directly in front of me.  This time, a beam of blue light appeared in my car, right through the roof and I was engulfed in the light while sitting in the driver's seat!!  All I said was, "Take me!  You always do!!"
The next thing I remembered was sitting in the driver's seat, car still running and my car had gone through a half tank of gasoline and all the head/tail lights were still on!  It was 4:10AM according to my watch.  A full hour and 40 minutes had elapsed. As I was driving, I thought to myself, "Although I'm on a semi-desolate country road, it's strange that no one saw my car or stole it or bothered to notify the police about an abandoned car that was left running at the roadside."  It only took me 4 more minutes to get home.  I only lived 2.25 miles from the scene.  When I got home at 4:14AM, I was just too exhausted to get out of my car and the headache was beginning to start again, it didn't even wait until I went to bed and woke up again! But, I got out and went into the house and went immediately to bed.  Again, I noticed no marks, bruises or anything.
I am beginning to understand that if you're taken once, there's a good chance that you'll be taken again.  And there's also a strong possibility that even if you think it's your first time, it may not be at all!  It may be the 37th time!!   
I'm not sure why I've been chosen by "them".  I'm not sure why I can't remember hardly anything at all after I've been taken.  I seem to function like a normal person in society and I don't get the nightmares or flashbacks like so many of my fellow abductees.  Perhaps one reason might be this:  I don't fight them.  I just go along with it.  *Also, I am hardly a healthy specimen.  I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 8.5 years ago.  (I inherited it from my mom who's had a family history of this disease.)  I am also a smoker with a 2-pack a day habit.*
Since my 1st sighting, I must add that I have developed a psychic intuition.  I can read into peoples' lives and tell perfect strangers what they've lived through and what to expect in the near future, both of which with about 75% accuracy (sometimes higher).  This never happened before that 1st sighting!!   So, my experiences haven't left me devastated.  Other than the headaches and the feelings of dread and edginess and the 1 time that I had the bruises on my arms and redness in my private region, I feel that "they" have given me something in return for my inconvenience.   Perhaps it's best I don't remember, I might not be able to function as normally as I do right now.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this report. 
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