Tearing Down America
To Rebuild It For The NWO
By Ted Twietmeyer

Often sincere, honest talk radio personalities and show hosts cannot make sense of the news they see and hear. Many will state this on their shows. Why is this? They are striving to fit shocking current events and new laws they see into the paradigm they were raised with and believe in. No one can remotely hope for any new wisdom to flow into their cerebral cortex, by trying to drive the square peg of today's control paradigm into yesterday's round hole of Constitutional law. Everything happening today is quite far outside the paradigm they knew while growing up.
The bulldozer work on America's freedom is all part of a carefully planned and scheduled demolition. You can't build a new home on a piece of property with a burned out house, unless you bring in the bulldozer first to clear the land. You can't bulldoze an occupied home without first disarming and kicking out the occupants. This is effectively taking place right now all across America, with freedom and free speech under daily assault. The puppeteers are disarming Americans mentally first, and then physically later IF they can get away with it. One more major attack will give the government the excuse to finish the job.
We'll look at just a few of the aspects of the bulldozer's blade used by the NWO.
Radio shows are now aligned with one of two philosophies. There are those that support the Washington party line, no matter how blatantly wrong it may be. If people like Limbaugh and others with similar radio shows were to disagree with the party line even one time, it would create doubt in the minds of listeners in many other areas.  Listeners that call into these shows are screened and asked key questions. Caller ID is used to eliminate former callers with questions that might embarrass the host and the administration. There are real-time caller service companies for hosts and producers on the internet for talk radio, that permit rapid background checks on callers before they are allowed on the air. If a free thinking caller manages to get through the screening, the call will be disconnected in mid sentence. The show's host will pretend that they have no idea what happened. This is just one aspect of the bulldozer's blade.
Call-in patriot talk radio shows that actually want to hear what callers have to say do not use screening. They do not align themselves with any philosophy except that of the Constitution. They do not cut off callers who have contrary opinions, or twist their comments to have a comfortable meaning that fits the show's genre or agenda. Genesis Radio Network and Republic Broadcasting Network [1] are two well known networks that support free speech. Free thinking callers are encouraged to call into shows on networks like these. True patriot shows and networks are concerned with preserving the values of America's founding fathers, not tearing down patriots to create tyranny. "In God We Trust" is their motto.
After reading diverse comments by readers published in a local newspaper, I once wrote a short piece and sent it in for publishing. The paper happened to be owned by the media giant Gannett. My short article was about the importance of true patriotism. It encouraged people to recognize servants in government offices who demonstrate true patriotism through their actions, and to recognize those who do not. I heard nothing back from the editor. After about two weeks, I wrote them again. The response that came back was "your essay was not on topic with any current events." Perhaps I should have praised the fake war on terrorism. How stupid of me to think they would care about patriotism - even it created the very freedom to publish their paper in the first place! Apparently patriotism is only to be discussed under controlled conditions, like that of a clean room.
About 60 years ago, we had "MovieTone News" shorts running in theaters. Presented before the feature film began, these were similar to today's "previews" on pre-recorded videos. You are force-fed for 9-15 minutes of promos on upcoming movies before the movie begins. MovieTone News was filmed by pentagon servicemen at the front lines, and their short films were nothing more than propaganda. Created by the pentagon spin doctors to keep people patriotic, they continued on for several years despite the steady flow of caskets and obituary listings. But we must give credit where credit is due - those overt propaganda films worked quite well. Everyone believed in the reality of the "Japanese menace" and freely allowed our soldiers to die in the staged war. These films even helped to sell war bonds. Who said that all theater takes place on a stage?
Today we have "embedded reporters." They are basically civilian employees trained alongside soldiers in boot camp, to only take videos which fit the same guidelines that MovieTone News used. (Perhaps some or all of them work for the CIA.) These "reporters" never film the thousands of men and women suffering DU poisoning, biologicals, diseases or radiation sickness lying in field hospitals. Nor do we ever see those suffering here at home in numerous VA hospitals. People like Moore would respond to this saying "that would be un-American." Indeed - this was his only answer to Alex Jones, when asked repeatedly on camera in a NY city street during the RNC "Why didn't you talk about NORAD standing down Michael?" His answer clearly showed which side of the coin he is on.
Batteries of psychologists are employed by the media to get inside your head. They use selected colors, patterns, light flashes and subliminal sound on television to open back a channel into your subconscious. Tavistock is just one of many institutes that research new ways to control the human mind. Undoubtedly, many of these are under classified Homeland Security contracts, working on a plethora of twisted technologies. They will be used to assist the dictatorship to gain absolute control of 280 million people.
Make no mistake - these mind control techniques work very effectively on the unwary. They can open a back channel into your mind, and hammer the message over and over into you that patriotism is bad and a dictatorship without liberties is a good thing. Many of the political thoughts which you think are yours are really the result of clever psychological manipulation. Hitler instituted the extended arm salute (similar to that used in Rome in ancient times) to repeatedly hammer the idea of allegiance to him into his people. Today that salute is no longer required - we have television. When our "leaders" in office hammer into people that giving up liberty for security is good on a daily basis, the ignorant among the masses WILL believe it. And the masses will go along with it, thereby tearing down America further. Yet another facet of the bulldozer's blade.
The infamous Tavistock Institute brought the Beatles to America. It was a "Committee of 300" attempt at mass population control. However, we know the mind control apparently failed and the Beatles succeeded in a way the committee had not planned on. See [2] for references.
Tavistock Institute is a building in London which had blood spattered on the doors (above) when a bus bomb exploded - on the same day as the subway explosions took place.
Was this a coincidence, or was it a sick, twisted symbolic blood sacrifice? London is a very big city, among the largest in Europe. Shortly before detonation, the bus carrying the bomb was PERMITTED into the area in front of the institute by police, through a police check-point. This took place after the heightened state of alert which the subway explosions created. Just another coincidence of course. This author has personally seen new signs on US military bases with the very same shade of blue which is shown on the doors above. The faded border sign below might have had the same shade of blue as the institute doors above. Note the faded red lettering still visible above each blue section.
Rep. Tom Tancredo points to the sign at the border that illegals always ignore - even though it's in Spanish. Apparently these fines only apply to illegals who the INS service calls OTMs - Other Than Mexicans.
Yet what happens if you are caught crossing the border in almost any other country in the world? Torture and imprisonment are almost certain. And when you don't return home, your family may be told "you were shot while escaping." In America we don't do such things. We load the illegals into air conditioned buses for a nice, comfortable ride to the nearest airport. We provide water out in the desert to help them cross. If caught, they get to try over and over until they succeed.
We have a border that brings illegal aliens into America like a conveyer belt stretched across the Rio Grande, with no one on the receiving end to stop them. This human flow hurts America in numerous ways. Emergency rooms have closed and someone with a heart attack can easily be 100 miles or more from a hospital and die. The innocent die because of closed emergency departments, thanks to being nearly bankrupted by non-paying illegals. But go to a Mexico hospital, and they will NOT take care of you unless YOU pay UP FRONT. Travel agencies warn travelers about this when planning any trips south of the USA. In Mexico, it's pay now or die later. American health insurance isn't honored in most third world nations. Nothing like a double standard - free health care for foreign nationals here, but this is not acceptable by their people in Mexico.
"Poor" families can somehow produce up to $20,000.00 for a trip across the hot desert. But they do not have enough money for a $500.00 emergency visit?  Who can believe that? One can only wonder HOW they afford to come up with that kind of money in the first place, given the austere lifestyle in that country. Is an organization in Mexico PAYING them to come here over and over until they get it right? Very little has ever been discussed in documentaries about the actual source of their money to pay their field guides. Perhaps the money is actually coming from overseas sources.
Fake pledges from a self-appointed dictator to "stop the illegals from coming in" and "enhance border security" do nothing more than buy time to allow more in. "Amnesty" is nothing more than a bad joke. Mexicans who came to America legally and did well for themselves strongly resent this illegal human exodus when polled. Is it really the job of every American to take what little money they have from their own families every day of the year, and give it away to someone who flees from their country into America? Yet this is happening through fees and taxes levied on the American people. Are Americans so well off that we can afford to be the saviors of the world's poor?
Why give away our hard earned money to anyone who simply does not want to stay in their country and make their life better? This isn't selfishness - it's realism. Any country in serious economic trouble like America is becomes the worst hippocrite on earth by doing this. Who can guarantee they won't bring disease, crime or corruption? They will - this IS the accepted way of life for many in third world countries, and they will bring that culture with them. The sharp increase in south-western US crime statistics speaks volumes on this subject. You, me and everyone else are paying for this now - even if you don't live in the southwest. These problems have spread across the country into the southeastern US. To make things worse, the Mexican president has arrogantly proclaimed that "the south-western united states belongs to Mexico." History shows the land was purchased legally, and Americans today should not be harassed for it. The Mexican government doesn't want to clean their own house - they just want new land to trash. And the bulldozer's blade is a quiet hidden supporter of this terrible plot.
Containment might also be another word to describe the new way protesters are now handled. They are treated like livestock. What do farmers do with infected cattle? They are placed in an isolation pasture until they either become well again or have to be put down. Protesters use their own hard-earned money to travel to distant cities such as Portland or Washington. When they arrive, they will be corralled into a fenced "free speech zone." [3] This secure area is located far enough away from the real action they are protesting so they will not be heard. America is now just one tiny step away from banning ALL dissenting opinion. This is exactly what the dictator has been asking for. It would not be too surprising to many of us if the dictator gets his wish in some form in 2006. It should make life easier for the censored press, too. It's all part of the bulldozer's blade which will be used to help clear the path for the rebuilding process...
The Alito hearings are nothing more than more theater. When was the last time you saw a "confirmation hearing" turn someone down? The only one in recent memory happened when the person withdrew their name because of a conflict of interest which the press uncovered. The dictator declared openly in the summer of 2000 "members of the current administration will not be accountable for conflicts of interest." He illegally circumvented the law by using an executive order. How many other "appointees" have you seen turned down in the last 6 years? Or was that one who withdrew just a sacrificial lamb?
Remember who made the statement on camera before taking office the following month - "this job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship...just so long as I'm the dictator."
Alito WILL be confirmed in the end. How do I know? Simply because it follows the grand plan. Dictators always get what they want no matter what it takes. And you will most likely find the number 11 will be connected with Alito's confirmation, most likely with regard to the date. That date will be Jan. 19th. Note that these are called "hearings", not  "certification of worthiness hearings." This is nothing more than another performance to give the masses the ILLUSION of democracy at work.
Meanwhile, the executive office of the dictator does anything it wants to do - as long as it fits in with the world domination agenda. And that "system of checks and balances" you learned about back in high school social studies? That was killed off years ago by those in office who have no respect for the law. People breathe a false sigh of relief knowing that the dictator's office is limited to 8 years. But the truth is that each new dictator in that office is worse than the previous one. Perhaps the next one will be the real anti-Christ who will start up the engine on the bulldozer and finish the job of leveling America so the country can be "rebuilt" in the image which the NWO minions have in mind. Freedom will become a memory, as will all articles like this one.
Periodically I receive emails from readers who are under RF assault. We are not talking about the tin-foil hat crowd. Aluminum sheeting or aluminum foil-faced foam insulation can work when placed correctly, according to some readers that have implemented this. Many are finally able to sleep through the night for the first time they can remember. A corner reflector is constructed with two large sheets of metal placed to form a 90 degree inside corner. The inside corner is faced toward the RF source. Such a reflector will send almost all of the energy back to the attacker regardless of the angle. (Note this applies to VHF to microwave band RF weapons only - not those using scalar wave technology.) People appear to be chosen randomly as targets. These unfortunate victims can suffer for years before they realize the subtle damaging effect of psychotronic weapons.
The Russians were years ahead in this technology and used it openly on their people. Most likely this technology was originally prototyped under Hitler using vacuum tube based technology. One such technology was known as the "Woodpecker Transmitter." It was so named because of the sound it created broadly across the shortwave band, designed to alter the thoughts of human beings. The Russians did not have their hands (partially) tied by a Constitution like we have. Shortwave mind control is now out of date. The low gigahertz frequencies used by digital cell phones *just happen* to have almost the same frequencies as those patented by scientists which are used for mind control. In fact, the frequencies are close enough to be used for this purpose. This works because even though every individual has a unique resonant frequency, the new technology does not depend on this characteristic. Complex modulated mind-control signals can easily originate from cell phones and the user (who is paying for the service) might never know it is happening. Cancer effects and tumors have been proven to exist, according to researchers conducting controlled experiments. Soon the ultimate in mind control will be in full force whenever you use a cell phone.
Would anyone pay someone to brainwash them? Millions of people are already paying for brainwashing, every time they turn on cable network news or watch a government approved (or funded) television series. The A&E network television series "24" shows the heroism of Jack, who works for Homeland Security. He proudly tramples Constitutional Rights in the name of "fighting terrorism" to ad nauseum. The series illustrates how this is important for America's "new freedom" to save lives. It is closely modeled on another British series about MI-5 of the same name, doing the very same thing to British subjects. In both series torture is shown as a necessary evil.
For at least a year now, mind control weapons have been set up in Iraq to control the population. From what we see on the news it's only making things worse by agitating people. It makes them hate America even more. But agitating people might be the real purpose - to give the US government an excuse to stay there. Iraq is also used as a proving ground for classified technologies which will be used later against other countries, and ultimately the American people. A thorn in your shoe can be quite irritating - and so will the neurons in your head when irradiated by specific RF energy waveforms.[4] Yet another part of the bulldozer's blade.
Make no mistake - what you don't know, CAN and WILL hurt you. We must never forget that any form of brainwashing is effective ONLY when the target (i.e., victim) is unaware of it. Awareness will almost completely destroy the effectiveness, and will turn the target's anger against the attacker. People that finally wake up to mind control television news techniques each morning will almost always stop watching it. These people will either seek out uncontrolled news sources or toss out their television. They will find far less tension in their life without it, too.
The national herd was discussed on "The Derry Brownfield Show" which aired on Jan. 16th 2006. This is a radio show which focuses mainly on agriculture. Derry commented on a planned law to put tracking tags on every farm animal of every kind. The mandate states that there will be fines for any farm or farm animal that isn't properly registered. Does this indicate the coming of a communal society where no one owns anything? Or is that already here? Perhaps it is. [5] How long will it be before tracking tags are placed on humans? Don't think that can't happen in America? That's what everyone thought when the freedom-stealing Patriot Act was passed, too.
Will people ever learn?
In a war, troops lost in battle are replaced with more from behind the lines. But suppose in the battle to preserve America, someone has quietly "un-recruited" the troops waiting behind the lines? When the trumpet call is issued new troops will not arrive. The story of the "frog in the pot" that won't jump out even while being cooked is a good analogy. All these endless daily attacks against all that we have believed in as good (and more not shown above, such as chemtrails and HAARP) are aimed directly at the American psyche of both adults and children. It serves to accelerate the dumbing-down of America. The "no child left behind" philosophy started by the dictator, is nothing more than a clever way to push children out of grade school into the mainstream unskilled work force, or force them to enlist because there are no other jobs with which to earn a living. Children in schools today all across the nation are actually told that in mathematics, "there are no wrong answers, just answers which are more correct than others."
This idiotic statement is almost funny - that is, unless you are computing the course of a rocket to Mars, the dose of a powerful life saving drug for someone seriously ill or the weight load of a sky-walkway with 200 people on it high up in a hotel lobby. Will engineers and doctors be able to use the excuse that "some math answers are more correct than others" when lives are lost?
This author's life was narrowly saved by a doctor who stepped into my room to check on me, when a resident doctor was going to prescribe a lethal dose of a blood-thinning drug. The resident had calculated the WRONG dosage by more than 100%. I was to be given a double dose of an injectable blood thinner, and would have literally bled to death internally. The resident was quickly taken around the corner by the arm into the hallway, and firmly told "What is the matter with you? You give him that and you'll kill him!" In the end no blood thinner was prescribed. It is said that "doctors bury their mistakes," and I can tell you that is completely true if they are given the chance. An autopsy would have only revealed the doctor's lethal mistake - I'd still be dead.
Equations can only have one RIGHT answer, and ONLY the right answer if calculated correctly.
Here is an excerpt from one person's fight to change the dictator's law, which promotes dumbing-down through his "no child left behind" policy:
"The National Education Association's Joel Packer, who has been lobbying Congress and the Department of Education to modify the legislation, says a Minnesota study concluded that, absent changes, about 80 percent of the schools in the state will be rated failures by 2012 - the year we're supposed to witness the catching up of that last left-behind child." For the full story see [6].
Children that goof off, skip classes and don't even care about doing their school work are rewarded. They are pushed through from one grade to another until they graduate functionally illiterate. Parents care but schools do not. Schools are economically punished by the government for any student forced to repeat a grade, further encouraging illiteracy. Repeating a grade for some children is actually a good thing and can help them. We are mentally incapacitating the next generation that we expect take care of us and run the country, when we are senior citizens. When they are in charge of the country in a few years, they won't even give us the time of day. Many probably won't even be able to read a clock. They will elect to exterminate us instead. But, that's the "new freedom" we keep hearing about. Thank, you, Mr. dictator, for all you have done to destroy America. May God have mercy on your soul, because no one else on earth will.
High school graduates that cannot pass an SAT or any other aptitude test to enter college will almost certainly end up on welfare rolls. They may find themselves standing around in a blue smock in ChinaMart with "How May I help You?" written on their back. The irony is, they can't even help themselves. Or, working at a production line that hasn't been shut down yet. Students in America's colleges and universities are increasingly populated with those from other countries. When foreign nationals graduate, they frequently pack up and return home overseas. They take what they learned back to their country with them, instead of investing back it back into America. From their perspective, their stay here in school was viewed as nothing more than a business transaction. The knowledge they gain will ultimately in many cases be used to take more and more American jobs away by moving more skilled positions overseas. I have the greatest respect for those that stay here after graduation to create new jobs HERE. It is their way of expressing their appreciation for what America has done for them.
The U.S. government announced last year deep concern about intellectual property theft in industry from foreign nationals taking jobs here. We have only ourselves to thank for this security lapse, because no one seems to care about anything other than video games, porn websites and chat rooms. Our true American inventive culture that has given the world so much is not just dying a slow death. Instead, it's a death which is accelerating on a daily basis.
With all this happening before our eyes, how can anyone with a conscious sit and do nothing? One can attempt to save for their children's education, but that has become little more than a dream for the average family. The truth is that many students obtain a higher education only by using student loans. If well-to-do parents have ALL the money in the bank to fund their child's masters or doctorate, then it's also likely they can give them a job when they graduate. But this is the exception today, and not the rule. There is actually an "eye chart" provided to colleges and universities. Instead of the standard giant letter "E" followed by the standard random letters, it begins with a giant letter "I" and states, "I WILL NOT DEFAULT ON MY STUDENT LOAN."
Can we look into the eyes of our children and grandchildren when they ask with the innocence of a baby lamb, "WHY can't I find a job? I went to college and earned my degree. You told me it would assure me a high-paying job, yet I can't find one. What am I doing wrong? Now I owe a fortune in student loans that I'll never be able to repay." 
Can we face our children because we did little or nothing to stop it, and our apathy and inaction to today's problems actually made things worse? Is a trip to Disneyland at the top of your family's priority list? It is a short-lived credit-card experience most families will spend years paying for or go bankrupt trying. Will you, your family and friends roll up your sleeves to get the planned pentagon chip implant - one which will release a lethal toxin by remote control when they decide to terminate your life?
Just before Hitler came to power, he and his cronies made certain that all the laws were in place which he would need to take complete control. And today 70 years later with various acts in place aimed squarely at patriots - we have almost all of those same laws again, too. Congress has sold us out only because we allowed them to. Not enough people stood up and have said NO to their criminal actions, nor have we vowed to make them accountable.
The big question is - now that everyone knows who's behind the curtain pulling the levers and why this is happening, what will those awakened do with this knowledge? Will it take another civil war? Doing nothing will absolutely insure the end of the American way of life as we know it. Think things are bad now? Just wait and see what comes next - this is nothing compared to the planned population reduction - i.e. extermination. America's freedom and structure will continue to be torn down by the bulldozer, brick by brick. It will be replaced with a world-wide, suffocating police state unless we stop it.
The UK has already made great strides in this area, with more than 2 million cameras installed in the London area alone. It is a perfect example of a people trained to be SHEEP, and what happened to them. WHY can't Americans learn from this? A government agent in full view of hundreds of people walks into a subway car in London, empties his gun into an innocent man and walks away. Not one civilian attempted to stop him. The government claims "the security cameras weren't working that day" and the agent gets away with it. Was this just a test of their people to see how they would respond to a public execution? Do we want that brand of "justice" in America? Even the Nazi's weren't quite that bold. London is a perfect example of America's future we are heading into, full steam ahead.
Remember that burned-down house? That house represents our freedoms, and the final pass of the bulldozer over America's liberties and freedom is about to begin with a blade that reaches from sea to shining sea. All the freedoms we take for granted will be pushed aside forever into the memories of history. The void will be instantly replaced with a pre-planned Orwellian control system that Hitler and Caesar could only dream about. Everyone will be forced to become a part of the "National Herd."
History has shown that most democracies last about 200 years (even though America is supposedly a republic.) The downfall of America is long overdue, and it was planned this way for far longer than most people will ever know. Some have blamed the fall of the Roman Empire on lead pipes. But perhaps its demise was also planned too, and the Roman people did nothing to stop it.
And what of the bulldozer? It is a dangerous power tool wielded by social engineers and globalists alike.
The final question is - will we dismantle the bulldozer before it's too late, or sit and wait for it to run over us?
Ted Twietmeyer
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