Another Turkish Child
Positive For H5N1 Bird Flu

(Reuters) -- Another child has tested positive for H5N1 avian influenza virus infection, which has already killed 4 children in Turkey, the health ministry said on Tuesday [17 Jan 2006]. This latest case brings the total number of confirmed H5N1 cases among humans in Turkey to 21 over the past 2 weeks, including the 4 deaths. The Ministry said the child had tested positive while undergoing tests in the eastern Turkish city of Erzurum. Like the 4 people who died, the infected child comes from the town of Dogubayazit near the Iranian border. Samples of the child's tissues have been sent to a laboratory in London for further tests, the Ministry said.
Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that 5 patients with H5N1 had recovered and had been discharged from hospital. Many of the remaining 12 people are reported to be stable, but doctors said on Tuesday the condition of the 5 year old brother of a girl who died on Sunday, was serious. "He is in intensive care and his treatment is continuing, with him attached to respiratory equipment. I cannot say he is critical but he is serious," Huseyin Avni Sahin, chief doctor at Van hospital in eastern Turkey, told Reuters.
The 4 dead Turkish children are the 1st human bird flu fatalities outside China and South ast Asia since the virus re-emerged in late 2003.
3 In Hospital After Contact With Infected Hens
Focus News Agency
3 people, including a child, have been urgently admitted into the Mugla town hospital after they had been in contact with dead hens that had tested positive for the bird flu virus, according to the online edition of Hurriyet. These cases were registered in Mugla province in Turkey, which afterwards began mass capturing and killing of poultry. However, veterinary teams met strong resistance from the local people while trying to find and capture hens, ducks and turkeys. Despite that fact, the teams managed to destroy 800 birds, and in the last 24 hours the total [cumulative] number of poultry killed in the region is 1500.
Focus News Agency
A 5-person family from Konya province in Turkey has been admitted into the Konya town hospital on account of feeling sick after eating chicken meat, according to the online edition Interhaber.
3 adults (aged 55, 38 and 27) and 2 children had eaten the meat of one of their own chickens.
The 21st human case of avian influenza in Turkey reported above increases the number of children affected in the H5N1 outbreak to 19. The status of the 8 additional suspected human cases of avian influenza virus infection in Mugla and Konya has yet to be confirmed. - Mod.CP
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