What NASA Isn't Telling
You About Mars - PART 2
By Ted Twietmeyer
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The e-Book "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" covers unusual discoveries on Mars, from Martian day 1 through 625. A Mars day is 39 minutes longer than one earth day. NASA has given Martian days the prefix "SOL."
Since two months have passed since Martian day 625, I felt it was time to re-examine the Spirit rover's images for new discoveries. In this photo essay, I'll present new objects which have been recently found and evidence of image tampering. What these objects actually are will remain unknown. However, the reader is free to speculate. If someone wants to remote view these objects, the SOL numbers given may work in lieu of reference numbers. Feel free to email me any RV results you may obtain. As you read keep in mind that NASA ONLY provides rather low quality JPEG images. Any artifacts present on the surface will be extremely old, and are probably fossilized.
Fig. 1 ­ SOL 642a  [Fig. 1...jpg]
Top image is the original source image. A cone-like object is visible in top left of image. (Center) red circled area appears to show pixilation and that something important was painted out. This was done before it was posted on NASA computers. (Bottom) red outlines show unusual geometric shapes. The red-outlined ring shape has ever been observed in more than 10,000 previous Spirit rover images.
Fig. 2 - SOL 642b [Fig. 2...jpg]
Top left corner shows two square shaped, rock-like objects. Square or cube shape free-standing objects are quite rare in nature, as they are on earth. These two objects appear to have to dark, square cavities curiously sitting at 90 degrees from one another. In the lower right corner, we see two dark areas of identical size, one above the other. Together these look something like sunglasses.
Fig.3 ­ SOL 648a [Fig. 3...jpg]
A circular cavity is visible inside an unusually light colored object, amid a field of blackened rocks. The edge of the slope showing the sky above is included to help give the reader an idea of size. This object is about 3 to 4ft. across. Particularly interesting are the two dark, almost identical horizontal features (inside red circle.)
Fig.4 ­ SOL 648b [Fig. 4...jpg]
Top image shows rover tire track beside rock for size comparison. This rock is about 12" long. Circled in red is a pattern on the surface that has the appearance of the number 74 or 79. Further, this rock has a nearly perfect straight line from one end to the other. The back end of the white line changes from white to black, as though it is a sawed slot in the rock. Is all this a coincidence?
Fig.5 ­ SOL 658 [Fig. 5...jpg]
Circled in red, the rock in upper left corner shows a pattern that represents the upper-case letter "F." Rock in large red circle (center) shows an embedded dark rectangular center.
Fig.6 ­ SOL 669 [Fig. 6...jpg]
A number of polygon shapes are visible in this image.
Upper left corner (red circle) shows a rectangular block protruding from the ground.
Below this object is a green circled object that appears to be perfectly triangular in shape.
The blue arrow points to a stepped shape apparently attached to the side of the cube-shaped block (the cube-like shape is visible on the top surface of this object.)
White outlines on the ground show several square shaped impressions which were made by unknown objects.
Large red box outline (center) shows two more square shaped impressions on a large rock sitting on the surface. How can all this happen in nature ­ all near one another?
Lower left corner (red polygon outline) shown two nearly identical dark shapes side by side. This object appears to have a V-shaped channel down the center.
Near the lower right corner, a vertical red oval highlights a right angled artifact with several straight lines.
The large red outline in the lower right corner shows a large object. The red arrow points to a box-like object hanging from under the left end of the large object. The small object also has two rows of dark features.
Finally, there is a strange white geometric pattern on the side of this object (see black outline.)
Another discovery I made to my dismay was that more images have been tampered with than previously thought. The two images below clearly show this taking place. The conical ring in Fig. 1 may also be more evidence of image tampering, due to the appearance of it.
Fig.7 ­ SOL 161  [spirit SOL161
A mechanical part is clearly visible in this image. In this image, the camera was commanded from earth to use a near-infrared filter. Note the cylinder-like back end part which appears to have a hole on top, and the inside angle.  There are also two right angle shaped "cutouts" on the inside of it, near the ground. Near infrared filtering which was used for this image does not permit one to see inside objects. That requires far infrared imaging. (This image is one of the dozens of artifacts shown in the book.)
Fig.8 ­ SOL 161 [spirit SOL161
This is the same image as shown in Fig. 7, taken from the exact same rover position. This image was commanded from earth to use a light blue filter according to NASA files. Here we see dramatic proof of image tampering at the space agency. Note how the object has changed shape dramatically, and has become a rounded rock-like object. There are no other smooth-shaped rocks like this fake object, anywhere else in this image!
Compare all the other rocks in the image with those in Fig. 7. No other rocks or objects in the image have undergone this dramatic shape transformation. Other rocks in the image will appear to be slightly different because of different length shadows and lighting, as a result of the time difference between this image and Fig. 7 of several hours. But what we see here is clearly NOT the result of shadows.
The question is ­ why was the object in Fig. 8 tampered with, while the same object in Fig. 7 apparently was not? Is someone inside the agency trying to send a message to anyone who has eyes to see? Can it be a pure coincidence that the ONLY object which undergoes a dramatic shape change ­ happens to be the only object that looks manufactured?
If you haven't read it, the book "What NASA Isn't Telling You About Mars" is available as an e-Book download. If downloading is a problem you can get the book on mini CDROM via US mail to give as a Christmas present to someone. The book focuses on more than 160 objects, which were only 12" to about 100ft. from the camera.
See for more details, or see the coming UFO Magazine in newsstands which shows additional artifacts.
Ted Twietmeyer



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