Spooks Out In Force
This Holiday Season
Even Caught Harassing People At
'Friendly Confines' Of Wrigley Field
Former federal Border Patrol Agent, Frank Tremmel, says his life is endanger over spreading the truth about 9/11 and the downing of Syrian Migs by Israel three days after the WTC tragedy
By Greg Szymanski
The 'spooks' are out in force this holiday season and getting downright nasty with average Americans, getting 'down and dirty' with the common-folk working 9-to-5, paying their fair share and wanting nothing more than to express their views whenever they choose.
But, like 'Scrooge' at a holiday party, the list of those being silenced under the neo-con takeover is as long as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's arm.
In fact, one of the first to report ill-will during this season of joy was Dan Nelson, a small town Montana carpenter like Joseph, the father of Jesus, who recently reported being run-off the road and being attacked by microwave weaponry for simply trying to get at the truth behind 9/11.
And now comes Frank Tremmel of Chicago, a former badge and gun-carrying federal border patrol agent, who reports being 'tailed and harassed' by federal agents at a Chicago Cubs baseball game, a place made for hot dogs, beer and family fun, not CIA spying and undercover work.
But that's exactly what happened to Tremmel, 35, who claims his advocacy and penchant for getting at the truth behind 9/11, as well as his harsh criticism of Israel, has led to "getting followed, photographed and harassed" even at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.
How could an 'average Joe' like Tremel, who now drives a truck, be the target of sophisticated government harassment when obviously the first thought is 'there must be bigger fish to fry?'
"I asked that myself," said Tremmel in an extended telephone conversation this week from his Chicago home, adding the orchestrated attempt at silencing his first amendment rights goes much deeper than a bad experience at a Cubs game.
Although Tremmel had difficulty answering the question 'why me,' he said it relates to three different avenues of communication, including numerous 9/11 truth postings made on the highly popular Craig's List web site, postings about 9/11 and Israeli connections on a Border Patrol (union) federal web site and an April 2005 letter sent to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill), giving him a July 2005 deadline to re-open the 9/11 investigation.
"My harassment really started when I heard a radio report that Israel shot down a Syrian Mig on Sept 14, 2004.   I checked out the Drudge Report and he had it in the old headline sections. There was a correction, though, it stated the date the planes were shot down was actually three days after 9/11," said Tremmel.
 "I posted this link and I wrote an editorial that Israel did this to try to get the U.S . to invade Syria first. I think Israel really want to go into Syria. And it is this story that made massive waves, but you won't find it anywhere now."
Although the story was difficult to find and not credited to AP, an article was found about  Israel downing two Syrian Migs on World dated February 2005, the opening two paragraphs stating:
"Diplomatic sources said Israel Air Force F-16 multi-role fighters intercepted and downed two Syrian MiG-29 fighter-jets in 2001. The sources said the dogfight took place in September 2001 over the eastern Mediterranean Sea.
"This was the first engagement between Israeli and Syrian fighter-jets since the 1980s. The sources said the air battle took place when Israel Air Force fighter-jets buzzed the Syrian city of Latakia, a port used by Iran for the shipment of weapons to Hizbullah."
Besides checking the Syrian Mig story, a check of Tremmel, showed him posting on the internet blog on May 11, 2005, the following message, indicating he felt he was the target of government harassment:
"My 9/11 posts are the cold hard facts. I am being followed and my life is on the line.
My name is Frank Tremmel. I live in Chicago and I am a former U.S. Border Patrol agent and if I am found dead, I did not commit suicide. I was murdered."
In fact, Tremmel said harassment for his internet activity on the border patrol web site and other places led a death threat during a mysterious late-night phone call, as well as low-level helicopter and vehicle surveillance at his home and work.
"I was sleeping and I got a late-night call, saying that I wouldn't make it alive to work the next morning," recalled Tremmel. "That shook me up and when I left the house, I was constantly looking over my shoulder.
"And they have done a lot of other things besides that call. Just as recently as a few weeks ago, I was working in Gurnee and a helicopter flew at me at a very low level. It came down to about 100 feet off the ground in an open area in a residential neighborhood, hovering near my truck and facing me directly..
"Then there has been the constant tracking of my activities, like at the Cubs game and the trucks outside my house, checking my every move. It is ongoing as we speak, but they are not going to keep me quiet. We are losing our freedoms but what's the sense of living if we can't express ourselves or get at the truth about the corruption in our government?"
Besides his passionate internet activities on the federal web site calling attention to many government wrongs, Tremmel now feels the letter to Sen. Obama may have also triggered the spooky surveillance invading his privacy.
"I sent him the Pentagon strike flash video," said Tremmel. "I also noticed part of the email I saved is missing. There is a portion missing where Obama stated that he looked at the video, closely and that he still believed the official 9/11 Commission. Somehow that is now missing from the email, which has sat in my inbox for months now.
"I thought Obama may be able to help since he was new to the Senate and decided to see, giving him a deadline of July 4, 2005 to reopen the investigation. The date passed but nothing happened but me being tailed all July 4th weekend.
"We are all very right about 9/11 being pre-planned. We have their backs against the wall and I have used craigslist to get the word out, as one method of helping spread the word."
And a check with one of Obama's office staff said they would research and verify  Tremmel's  letter, but in the interim, Tremmel forwarded a copy of Obama's response, saying:
"Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns that all available footage of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon may not have been released.
"I agree that the government should be as transparent as possible in releasing information about events that affect our country, but I recognize that in some instances the need for transparency is trumped by national security interests.   I am sure you are familiar with the report issued by the 9/11 Commission. It provides the public with a strong compendium of information about the tragic events of 9/11.
"Again, Frank, thank you for writing. Please feel free to contact me in the future with issues of concern."
Even though Tremmel said the harassment is ongoing, he plans to continue trying to influence people to open up their eyes about the truth behind 9/11, emphasizing:
"I am not afraid of these guys, not afraid of them one bit. But if something happens to me, you know why! It won't be a suicide. It will be murder!"
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