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Strange-Shaped Craft Now In Hawaii - Photo
Tristan Giallani
I have personally seen at least 4 - 5 different kinds of craft close up and have had several types of unexplainable or Biblical types of encounters but this last few weeks ago (ABOUT 3 WEEKS 02/06 ) while my mom was in town here in Hawaii she was out snapping touristy photos of beaches and stuff. She asked me if I wanted duplicates of the pics but I told her no, just send me photos on disk when you get them developed. Well when I got the photo disc today. To my amazement I noticed right away, a very familiar craft. One which by speculation in my opinion is either a government drone or UFO other. Either way. The photo is unmistakably in correlation with your mystery craft photos ( 1, 2, 3 ) and It even has an unmistakable green glow around the edges.
So here is a picture. As far as I know this photo was snapped on a disposable tourist type camera that you get at the local convenience store. My name is Tristan Giallani. And you can post that. I am honored to be able to present this material to I don't think I will be sending it anywhere else.
PS: this photo was taken in Hawaii on the Big Island somewhere between south point and Kona the exact location I don't know for sure but I will ask mom later. The pic totally blew me away when I saw it. The only other place I ever seen this type of craft was at If I had not seen it before on rense I would not have had any idea what I was looking at. Thanks for hooking us up with a little bit of insight.
Conspiracy Theorist.
Tristan Giallani.

Enlargement from photo
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