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Needless to say, our prayers are with this extremely brave and courageous champion of the truth. Barry has been placing his life on the line for too many years to count discovering, revealing and presenting to the world the greater truths of the most important political issues confronting his fellow Israelis, his country and the world. Let me just say that I have known a handful of magnificently courageous journalists in my life and Barry is firmly within that select group. It is an absolute certainty to state that Barry's personal heroism and sacrifice have made Israel a far wiser and better nation than it would have or could have been without him. Agree or disagree with his work, the fact remains that Israel's premier *journalist* - and many would quickly offer, citizen - is Barry Chamish. Get well, Barry, there is no one who could fill your shoes...and we are all the better for your achievements. - Jeff Rense
Barry Chamish
     Three weeks ago tomorrow, I suffered a stroke. I actually returned from the hospital, wrote a finale text, which took me hours to write four sentences, gathered my goods in a bag and returned to the hospital. There I dealt with life's newest twists.
     Three weeks ago I smoked 2 packs a day. Today, nothing. Alcohol is a fed to me three ounces a week. And finally I can move my right hand enough to compose a short piece.  A very short piece which will be answered by much shorter replies.
     In a typical day I read and reply to about 150 letters. I can do this by reading the letters and answering each in as few as two or three sentences. Even that's too much for now. Since I still have to spell out the replies, let's prepare for another week or two of very concise correspondence.
     So let's get to the point; there is nothing to write about anyway. There are elections taking place in Israel and no one could give a damn. Ariel Sharon was murdered and the murderers will take over the country. On Dec. 18 he shared tea with Shimon Peres in the Knesset and was wheeled into the hospital a half hour later by the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin, Yoram Rubin.
     There Sharon was poisoned. Though he suffered from CAA, or weak brain blood vessels, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke and sent to his Negev home with blood thinners. On Jan. 3 Ehud Olmert was the last person to see him alive. Sharon granted Olmert three hours the next morning to be prime minister and then Olmert applied the poison.
     So that's the situation. Olmert, who was never even Likud member number 40 is now number one in Kadima and Peres in number two. They have plastered together a party of political criminals, all of whom with join together to destroy Judea and Samaria when the new government it leads begins to function.
     I put out a new product this week beginning with an ad in B'Sheva, the settlers' news outlet. It is a two hour tape I recorded last month in Kiryat Arba. I spell out the elections, how Olmert and Peres took control of a phoney party, and how they will force with country to accept the pullout from Judea and Samaria after.
    After a few days I realized my mistake; no one in Judea and Samaria is going to defend their homes by actually fighting for them. Why do I think there is any point to any of this work?
    Here is the real point of it all. Look at the following play that opened this week this Baltimore.
    An Israeli nut wrote a play about the murder of Rabin based on not one piece of the facts. And Baltimore Jews think they are getting history in their theatres.
     If you'd like to try motivating Israelis with the facts, you may purchase my new Hebrew DVD or video, THE DIRTY WAR AGAINST JUDEA AND SAMARIA, for NIS 50.
     Finally, the somewhat problematic DVD;  ZION FIRST: The Vatican's New Crusade For Jerusalem, is now a problem-less CD ROM. I'll offer it for $18 this week.
     And guess what? Write me at my old address for now:  Nahal Zohar 40/2,  Modiin 71700 ISRAEL. The new post box is on strike and I have not had mail in 10 days.
     And if anyone actually cares, Yaacov Schlosser is running for Knesset and has actually promised to get the bottom of Rabin murder if elected. If you're crazy enough to vote in the election, then at least try and elect someone honest. Call him at  050 5940965.
      Available at
are my English books; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; Save Israel!; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin; Israel Betrayed; The Last Days of Israel;
Alfred Lehmberg
You're a courageous man, Mr. Chamish, with battles yet to fight and contributions yet to make. I'm looking forward to your complete recovery, your battles won, and your contributions made. With just the effort you are already used to expending and a proper diet? You can get a lot of what you've *lost* back. Believe me, I know... I just had a stroke myself.
We're not immune to the "thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to." These "inconveniences" are a reminder of that. My best thoughts with you, Sir. Stay frosty. I'm certain you are in the prayers of many, and the others don't matter.

Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons
My message to not only Barry Chamish but to you as well is that we cannot defeat the forces of darkness. As I have taken great labor to explain they have resources and advantages that we do not have and thus the bias is for them to succeed. Who can offset/defeat the forces of darkness is G-d. Period. Thus G-d watches whether we move in the right direction by what decisions and deeds we make. Thus my point to Barry Chamish via this E-mail rather than writing him directly is that he like the Muslims regarding the caricatures and the Muslim leadership in pushing forth restraint via the bombing of the Shiite Shrine show G-d decisions and deeds that move in the right direction.
Barry, you nor I cannot change the dark reality as the many good people whom join us in our efforts to move in the right direction. However, so moving opens similar to Rabbi Eliezer's tears the portal to the Heavens so that the future will be better than otherwise might be the case, especially at this point of time. Thus, the very fact that we still have not been depopulated or become openly slaves of the elitist centrix and their alliance with the Satan may just be the result of your effort in regard to Rabin and the truths surrounding Israel. Thus, on the immediate dimension of your perceptions and emotions combined with your illness you feel the frustration of whether "there is any point to any of this work?"
However, I feel confident in saying that your work done with a hand behind your back with limited support with being targeted by those you finger responsible (and being threatened et al) probably played and plays a material role in effectuating G-d's intervention to allowing portals to continue to open and allows us still a chance before the curtain falls and tomorrow no longer resembles today.
So, I for one thank you from my heart, Barry, for your courage and commitment and I apologize for the realities we both feel in terms of failing to see people more open and courageous in admitting to their victimization and doing anything about it. However, I have highlighted a seemingly new movement to bring 9-11 and the injustices of the Bush administration front and center and perhaps in view of Amona there might be those in Israel that will carry the torch of the Rabin assassination to enter the portal to confront and eliminate the NWO infiltration and presence within Israel.
For a speedy fully recovery on all dimensions,
Joseph Ehrlich
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.
Open P.S. to Barry:
Remember when I first met you in Jerusalem I told you that in 1984 I interpreted that if Israel continued on the path away from G-d rather than to G-d that there would be a voluntary handover of Israel. This is to demean Israel's failing to recognize everything I have been highlighting on the SenderBerl site and in these E-mails (and to leadership even before then), While it is a slap in Israel's face think about how the removal can be realistically in this world/life/dimension be effectuated. Would it be better for those Jews living there seeing the Arabs as their enemies be removed via a war and battle or by removing themselves under the oppressive NWO laden and influenced government? Thus, the removal is a given when the rabbis don't admit, apologize and correct and when Israel otherwise becomes a defamation to G-d's name including the point that those dedicated to G-d miss what they are supposed to know: that their removal is by their own hand and has nothing to do either with the NWO or the Arabs. No one removes anyone from the Land of Israel unless G-d permits it -- that even includes the Jews themselves or the NWO run  government. The answer to everything has always been in the mirror. The fact that you see deaf ears on Rabin only parallels the realities before G-d that the same people standing deaf to Rabin have stood deaf to His messages regarding the realities for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. Think about it and cheer up.
My e-mail recipients will ask why does someone like Barry have to suffer from trying? Why does he have to suffer from a stroke?
These are the ultra difficult questions in life that I have addressed but let me address it again. My law partner who was my friend smoked three packs of unfiltered Camel cigarettes a day! He not only died young but when he was taken ton the ICU unit (heart attack) at under 40, the minute he felt better he lit a cigarette in the ICU unit, so strong was his addiction. The realities for Barry was that he could have long ago died from his smoking habit and I guarantee you that without asking him that lighting a cigarette was kindly said in his mind when he returned the first time from the hospital. For an addicted person saying he's stopping smoking is a lot different from stopping.
I always see those that contribute as Barry as facing a reality better than a reality that may have otherwise befallen them. My prayer for him was for a full recovery as no doubt it was the prayer of the many people wishing him such a recovery. Thus in this life I see Barry having lots more than he could have had and in the next life it will be G-d that determines his reward for the sacrifices made with the courage and conviction to stay the course. The least we could do is support him and pray as we have for his full recovery.




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