Strange Suicide Of A
Flight 11 Passenger's Wife
Raises More Doubt As To
What Really Happened
On The Four 911 Flights
Prasanna Kalahasthi, 25, a USC dental student and married to Pendyala Vamsikrishna, a Flight 11 passenger, killed herslf approximately one month after 9/11 in her Los Angeles apartment even though friends say she was 'in good spirits and determined to finish dental school.'
By Greg Szymanski
A friend of an alleged Flight 11 passenger said he was "shocked and amazed" after learning five weeks after 9/11 his friend's wife committed suicide in her Los Angeles apartment in an apparent act of despair.
But others were quick to point out that foul play has never been ruled out, according to several sources close to the suicide investigation.
Not only was this 9/11 suicide shocking and difficult to understand, but the alleged victim's husband, Pendyala Vamsikrishna of India, was never even listed on the original Flight 11 manifest, only appearing later as a passenger on a couple of conflicting unofficial lists.
Due to the numerous inconsistencies and irregularities on all four 9/11 flight manifests, critics of the official government story contend many of the passengers probably never existed at all or were concocted as the result of carefully constructed aliases, essentially faking their deaths.
Further, critics contend if the passenger lists were suspect then so were the planes, calling the 9/11 jetliners 'phantom flights,' paving the way for military drones to be used to attack the WTC and Pentagon.  
Others who disagree with the official story for the most part buy into the drone theory, but theorize the unlucky passengers actually were killed by being transferred onto a single airliner and then either dumped into the Atlantic or taken to one of the many hidden underground government bases.
Of course, both theories have their skeptics, but the irregularity of the passenger lists, the evidence refuting the existence of the flights, eye-witness accounts of seeing a cargo plane without windows slam into the towers and the strange silence among the airline family members makes it imperative to pursue a full scale investigation into the whereabouts and real identities of each and every passenger listed by the government as dead.
And the case of Vamsikrishna, a 30 year old engineer from India, and his wife who committed suicide, called unlikely or very strange by those in the Hindu community, is just another example of the many mysteries surrounding the 9/11 passengers and their families.
Going back to a month after 9/11, Prasanna Kalahasthi, 25, a USC dental student from India and Vamsikrishna's wife, was found dead in her Catalina St. apartment in Los Angeles on Oct. 19, 2001.
 Investigators noted there was no suicide note and the only thing found next to her body was a letter from then New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani inviting her to an upcoming memorial service at Ground Zero to mourn 9/11 victims.
After the apparent suicide, several school friends and even family members said Kalashasthi was, of course, devastated by her loss, being married for only a short time, but was determined to move forward and complete her dental studies.
Further, friends pointed out she was devout Hindu who believed in reincarnation, making suicide an even more unlikely choice since a return to earth is inevitable according to Kalashasthi's Hindu beliefs.
"I knew Vamsi, that's what we called him at school in India, and I was shocked when he died on 9/11," said school friend Anupendra Sharma in a telephone conversation this week from his home on the east coast. "What was very strange, though, was his wife's suicide. They were only married for a year and she had recently just come to America to go to USC.
"Vamsi's parents also are back in India and came to the Unites States for the funerals. I know Vamsi's wife was very upset and there were some accounts of her suicide in the local papers.
"Also, I should say I wasn't a personal friend of his but knew of him at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India , where we both went to school in 1992. They did tell me, though, that his loved ones were notified that they found some of Vamsi's remains in the wreckage, but I am not sure of specifics."
Although it's unlikely to recover of any remains in a towering inferno like the WTC, the Arctic Beacon has uncovered a strange trail of suspicious evidence emanating from passengers at both the Pentagon and WTC, indicating the FBI may have been busy planting phony evidence at all locations on 9/11.
For example, two California ID cards of Flight 77 passenger, Susanne Calley, were miraculously uncovered in the Pentagon wreckage by a first responder, Capt. Jim Ingledue of the Virginia Beach Fire Department two days after 9/11.
Although Capt. Ingledue believes the official account of 9/11, he admitted it was "very strange and highly unusual" to find unblemished paper-thin evidence in a meltdown like the Pentagon.
And even more miraculously than Calley's ID's a year after 9/11, four unscathed credit cards were returned to the parents of Waleed Iskandar, a suspicious Flight 11 passenger also not on the original passenger list but included a year later on unofficial flight lists.
Strangely, in light of the miraculous discoveries, both Iskandar and Calley's loved one's did not question the return or authenticity of the items returned, adding they were in perfect agreement with the government's official version of 9/11.
Although Vamsikrishna's parents could not be reached in India to discuss their son's case, Sharma's recollection of his friend isn't the only one commenting about the strange nature of Kalashasthi's suicide.
Anuradha Gupta, another friend from India who attended the same technical school, wrote a tribute shortly after the suicide, saying:
"On October 20th, a friend called me, overcome with emotion and told me that Prasanna, studying to be a dental student had committed suicide the previous day. When newspaper reports came in, we all were shocked and almost defensive.  
"We told people that Hindus do not believe in suicide, that they believe in reincarnation and that their journey towards learning and evolution does not end with deathexcept that sometimes one can't handle despair beyond a point
"We heard that Prasanna, a USC graduate student in the International Student Program for Foreign-Trained Dentists since April 2001 had moved to US only a year back, and was found in her Catalina Street apartment on Friday, October 19th. She was 25 years old. Near her body, they found a letter from New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani dated Oct. 12th inviting her to a memorial service scheduled for Oct. 28th to mourn the death of her husband.
"And from her friends, I learnt that though she was devastated, she was determined to move on and complete her dental course. However, a few questions haunted her"
In the tribute, Gupta also commented that Kalashasthi refused counseling, all of friends saying she was recovering "fine" from the tragedy.
"The University Director of Student Counseling Service, Bradford King had referred her to Nadadur S. Kumar, associate director of the Office of International Services," wrote Gupta. "In their regular chats, Kumar reminded Prasanna that counselors, even Indian ones were available to help her. Bradford even offered to walk her across to the counseling center. But it was her choice to not go in for professional counseling, not because of the stigma attached but because she felt she was doing fine, as did everybody else.
"Prasanna did reassure her families that L.A. was her home and that she would move on. Her brother was moving into the apartment she and her husband had shared near the USC campus to be with her, and she also had a new, extended family that included her friends, her classmates, and people at the University."
The strange suicide and Vamsikrishna's questionable passenger status is just another example of the many oddities coming forward about the passengers on board all four 9/11 flights.
In the past, the Arctic Beacon has found most of the families of the doomed flights have remained silent or a few that have returned phone calls agree with the official 9/11 story word for word.
This, however, is in stark contrast to the families of victims at Ground Zero who readily come forward, many openly disagreeing vehemently with the official story.
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