Judge Stops New
Orleans Bulldozing
Federal Judge Threatens To Throw New Orleans City Attorney
In Jail "If One More Home is Bulldozed Down" In The 9th Ward

By Greg Szymanski

A federal judge Friday threatened to throw the New Orleans City Attorney in jail if  "one home was bulldozed down" in violation of temporary restraining order obtained by activists and lower income homeowners, trying to save their property from what is playing out to be an illegal government land grab.
While the legal wrangling continues, sinister government programs to racially cleanse and steal property from lower income homeowners in New Orleans is playing out on the streets of the poorer neighborhoods with bulldozers and wrecking balls inching closer and closer to 14,000 homes in the 9th
And the only thing stopping the illegal government land grab, orchestrated by the feds, the state of Louisiana and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's office, is a group of feisty activists from Common Ground Relief, headed by Brandon Darby of Austin, Texas, who are literally putting their bodies between the wrecking ball and homes to stop the destruction.
Besides the strong activist stand taken this week, Darby said the group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a number of lower income residents and Wednesday received a temporary 24 hour restraining order to stop the bulldozing after the case was removed from state to federal court.
And a federal court judge at the last minute stopped the bulldozing at least temporarily until the next hearing on January 16, threatening to throw the New Orleans City Attorney in jail if the restraining order was again violated.
"It was nice to hear that," said Darby in a conversation Friday night from his car parked in the 9th
Ward, as he was keeping a watchful for any government shenanigans. "At least for the time being we have stopped this illegal land grab, but we will have to wait and see, as anytime there is a lot of money at stake, I do not trust these guys.
"Also, today I was contacted by federal agents, leaving a message and saying they wanted to talk with me and I have noticed being followed by Homeland security ever since we had the stand-off in the 9 th
The stand-off Darby is talking about occurred Thursday morning when he and other activists from Common Ground Relief, a private organization formed by Darby, put their bodies in between the wrecking ball and a man's home scheduled for demolition.
"We rushed to help one 9th
Ward resident who called and said the wrecking ball was at his house Thursday morning in clear violation of the restraining order," said Darby about this highly important story that should be on the six o'clock news but has been suspiciously kept from the American public by a complicit mainstream press.
"So we rushed to help the man in the 9th
Ward's home, calmly convincing the operator of the wrecking ball to stop the demolition job. We were successful but the government's argument for defying the court order was crazy, as officials said the order only prohibited use of a bulldozer not a wrecking ball."
Darby also wanted to emphasize that a majority of the homes scheduled for demolition are structurally sound, saying many of the owners have been purposely kept out of state by FEMA and hoodwinked into believing their property is worthless setting the stage for the one of the biggest government land grabs in the history of the United States.
"What has our country come to when eminent domain laws and fascist government intimidation is used to steal property away from thousands of Americans," said Darby.
"In the background and behind the political scenes, everybody has to know that from Mayor Nagin right on up to the White House, they are all supporting the rich developers.
"They are also planning a multi-billion dollar redevelopment plan to build expensive hotels, casinos and high rise housing and the bulldozers now being seen in the 9 th
ward are the first step to achieving their rotten goals."
Besides the 14,000 homes in the 9th
Ward scheduled for demolition, 88,000 are expected be next in line for bulldozing in the city's poorer east side, hard hit when the levies exploded, possibly on purpose.
Although no one in the mainstream media or in city hall has the guts to even propose such a possibility as the levies being blown up by government operatives, the same thing happened after 9/11 when everyone was frightened to openly say anything that the terrorist attack may have been a government inside job.
However, four years later many people in high places and even former Reagan and Bush Cabinet members are pointing a finger at government involvement in 9/11, saying it was the lynchpin needed to further the neo con war machine now killing hundreds of thousands of innocents in the Middle East.
Even though proof of the levies being blown on purpose has not yet surfaced, proof positive of FEMA's plans to keep New Orleans evacuees out of state is well-documented.
To prove this point, former New Orleans residents, Clothilde Mack, 85, who recently returned to her Orleans Parrish home on her own accord, said FEMA basically tried to bribe her to stay out-of-state by telling her case would be dropped unless she signed a paper stating she'd remain away from the Crescent City for one year.
Other residents are also reporting similar horror stories, saying they have been offered small amounts of money for their New Orleans property without having any opportunity to inspect the extent of damage.
"One man called me from out-of-state saying he was offered $5,000 for his home," said Darby. "He was told it was demolished when in fact it was still structurally sound and worth much more. And that is the problem. Government programs should be encouraging people to come back and take care of their land instead of being paid to stay away."
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