Stop All Immigration
Into America

By Frosty Wooldridge
Last fall, immigrant Muslim youths torched tens of thousands of cars in cities across France. They created more havoc and fires than has been seen in France since World War II. During New Year's Eve, immigrants set fires to another 425 cars in cities around France.
Maintaining political correctness in the face of France's ravaged society President Chirac said, "Diversity is part of our history: it is a resource. It is an asset for our future."
He neglected to explain that to the fire bombed car owners, destroyed neighborhoods, and French citizens enduring escalating tension and violence. The immigrants of whom he speaks denigrate French society into slums with no solutions. What he failed to address is the complete incompatibility of Third World African and Middle Eastern immigrants to First World French society.
In December, 2005, in Sydney, Australia, immigrant Muslim youths set fires to scores of cars and buildings in another rampage of violence. Aussie police clamped down in a headlock on all citizens to contain the violence. It would not have happened in the first place if leaders had not allowed incompatible cultures to immigrate into Australia.
In Amsterdam, Holland two years ago, a female parliamentary Somalian leader wrote and asked Theo Van Gogh, great grandson of the famed artist Vincent Van Gogh, to film her story, "Submission," about how Muslim men violently treat their women. After Van Gogh filmed the 10 minute movie, a Muslim stabbed Van Gogh to death. The Somalian woman is under a death threat.
In Norway and Sweden, recent victims of inviting uncounted numbers of Third World immigrants into their civilizations, those two heretofore peaceful societies now suffer horrific rates of female genital mutilation, savage rapes and deadly violence. One Norwegian said, "Immigrants are centuries behind us and they will not speak our language; the only production they know is how to make babies while living on our welfare systems."
One leader who lost his son to violence in Bergen, Norway said, "This is the cost of bringing about multiculturalism."
A Norwegian replied, "Why do we need multiculturalism and what good is it doing us or them?"
In London, England, no less than five different languages greet and confuse drivers and citizens in what once was a coherent, peaceful and viable English society. Today, ethnic tension rides under the surface like a shark circling a society in an inner tube. Terrorists bombed London subways last summer.
In Denver, Colorado in May of 2005, 65 percent of the Denver Public Schools graduating class flunked out or dropped out. Why? No teachers could educate the linguistic fiasco of 40 different languages, cultures and tension in the classrooms. One in five quit every nine month cycle. The American kids that did graduate thanked their lucky stars to get out of high school alive. Because of dumbing down classrooms, few were prepared for college.
In the highly liberal and welcoming of 'diversity and multiculturalism' Mecca of Boulder, Colorado, a phenomenon of 'White Flight' reported in the Rocky Mountain News, December 19, 2005,, showed that the neighborhood around Columbine Elementary was 87 percent Caucasian, but that the school contained 83 percent Hispanic kids.
While very rich and very white parents driving $50,000 SUVs sporting "Celebrate Diversity' bumper stickers love the concept of 'multiculturalism', they carted their kids off to other area schools that would educate them instead of dumb down their kids to the illegal immigrant classrooms.
In California, Arizona and Texas, Mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, wave Mexican flags in their vehicles, homes, parties, demonstrations and school classrooms. They speak Spanish and demand everything be translated in their native language. Now with over 10 million illegal alien Mexicans, the United States suffers colonization by sheer numbers and bows to their demands while it spends billions on language classes for children and parents who will never honor English of their host country.
In Detroit, Michigan, hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants refuse to speak English nor do they honor America's culture by separating from their former countries.
What we have is the lie of 'multiculturalism'. The aforementioned examples offer the tip of the conflagrations awaiting America. While America still suffers from racism on both sides of the black and white curtain, it injects itself with the lie of Mexican colonization as well as Muslim immigration.
These new immigrants arrive from totally incompatible cultures. They are the seeds of cancer sewn into our social fabric that will eventually destroy our nation. Again, when the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation, it is a recipe for the annihilation of our civilization.
How can anyone think that a documented violent religion that dominates the Middle East and is bent on destroying Israel-is something we want or need in America? How can anyone who knows Mexico think its culture 'wants' to assimilate into America's?
No country on earth today is successful with 'multiculturalism'. It's a lie, it's a proven failure, it's dangerous, it's deadly and it's growing in America.
While hundreds of thousands flee Los Angeles and other cities with millions of immigrants, at some point, there's no place to run or escape in America. We'll be forced toward violence. At that point, the government will bring about martial law to keep the peace. Why invite that moment? Why repeat Paris, France?
Can you think of any positive reasons why we need one more immigrant whether legal or illegal? Name a single valued point of adding more foreigners to our country in the 21st century. Give one single merit on how our nation will survive multiple languages? How will we survive violent religions? Since we have 10 million illegal alien Mexicans today, how will we survive the next 10 million or even 20 million? Have you seen any good to the growing gridlock, educational crisis, hospital crisis, disease crisis, crime, acid rain, air pollution or loss of quality of life in America? Do we want to add another 100, 200, 300 million people to our country?
Will more immigrants working at minimum wage be able to pay off our $7.9 trillion debt? Will more insourced immigrants pay off our pending Social Security crisis? Will more immigrants solve California's $38 billion debt? Will more immigrants with hundreds of languages help our nation remain cohesive? Will more of our working poor be able to survive millions of more immigrants? Will importing millions from those countries sending us immigrants stop their adding 85 million more annually? Give one single good reason for more immigration! Can't?
What do you do to stop the sinking of the Titanic? Stop the water from pouring in! What do you do to keep a failing hot air balloon aloft? Patch the hole! What do you do to avoid a head-on accident? Turn sharply in another direction! How do you stop from catching tuberculosis? Keep people with tuberculosis out of your house and schools!
Let's shut down America's borders. Let's stop all immigration. Let's give ourselves a break. Let's take a moratorium. Our citizens deserve it. There is no immigration allowed in China, India, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Turkey and MOST other countries. Are they suffering race riots, car burnings, language crisis and other problems from immigration? Nope!
But the fact is, we are and so are other First World countries. It's time to shut down our borders and take care of our own people, our own country and our own future.
Remember survival points made on your latest flight by airline stewardesses, "Ladies and gentlemen, if you are traveling with children, please put on your oxygen mask first, then assist your children."
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