State Dept Tells 'News
Consumers' How
To Read, Think
By Ted Twietmeyer
Remember the old yell from the man who spun the wheel in the casino? "On and on it goes, where it stops, nobody knows." And so it is for the battle for everyone's mind. But there are hidden forces at work. For every exposed action of the government from the patriot community to the administration's attempts to control the mind, the administration spin doctors create a counter-counter action. There are actually organizations in the government for counter-counter intelligence. With that in mind, let's examine point by point the state department's guidelines and see how they might apply to what has been flowing forth from over the past four years. As used below, "Uncle" is another term for Uncle Sam in order to avoid repetition of the word "government." For clarity, I will preface the government's statements with UNCLE and my comments with TT.
The following direct quotes are from written July 2005:
UNCLE: "How can a journalist or a news consumer tell if a story is true or false? There are no exact rules, but the following clues can help indicate if a story or allegation is true.
* Does the story fit the pattern of a conspiracy theory?
* Does the story fit the pattern of an "urban legend?"
* Does the story contain a shocking revelation about a highly controversial issue?
* Is the source trustworthy?
* What does further research tell you?"
TT: A new label for everyone is introduced here - "news consumer." You're not viewed as a citizen, just a consumer of news. In the statement above we see the classic phrase "conspiracy theory" placed at the top of their list. Would Uncle ever fabricate outrageous statements or perform illegal acts? If one believes this, then why not? Pentagon psy-ops people specialize in creating theories and legends, and use "conspiracy theory" as a label to discredit people all the time. Until proven otherwise there is no reason to think Uncle cannot create "conspiracy theories" and "urban legends." Pure science states that all things are possible until proven otherwise.
As for a "shocking revelation about a highly controversial issue," this trick is done by Uncle all the time. One example of many in their bag of tricks was back in 2001. Unbelievably, Uncle knew who all the hijackers were overnight and had all their pictures appear as front page news in newspapers all over the country. Who could believe this? But millions did. Yet another magic trick no rational person could believe - a passport in a burning plane at flying at more than 400Mph jumps from a hijacker's pocket, flies through the flames out a closed window and lands in the street below a block away in perfect shape. Or can we visualize Bin Laden with kidney failure wandering through the desert wastelands of Afghanistan without water - dragging his dialysis machine by the power cord looking for a wall outlet? Or for him to be sitting in a cave somewhere, making videotapes even though experts continually state they are fake? But this pathetic reality is what all are expected to believe.
And Uncle's statement - "Is the source trustworthy?" Now this is perhaps the best laugh of all, considering it is coming straight from the proverbial horse's mouth (pie-hole.) American history is littered with lies and failed attempts to cover the truth by Uncle. Roswell with it's blatant re-working of the real story took place not once, but several times. The failed Bay of Pigs invasion ordered by Washington, Watergate and Iran-Contra weapons scandals all originating at the very top of the government, 911 cover-ups and many other countless acts were all attempts to mould the minds of millions of unsuspecting people everywhere. They speak volumes about how "trustworthy" Washington can be. And what about "further research" they encourage us to do? Most readers have done this research, and the more you learn about what Uncle really is the angrier you'll become.
But let's not cloud the issue with facts. According to Uncle, facts are now "conspiracy theories."
As we read on, think about the concrete evidence of voting machine fraud connected with Cheney's Haliburton-connected Diebold Corp. The dictator we now have wouldn't even be in office without it, if voting was honest back in 2000 and in 2004.
Let's look at how the government has indirectly described it's own operations on their website:
UNCLE: "Does the story claim that vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events? If so, this fits the profile of a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theories are rarely true, even though they have great appeal and are often widely believed. In reality, events usually have much less exciting explanations.
The U.S. military or intelligence community is a favorite villain in many conspiracy theories.
For example, the Soviet disinformation apparatus regularly blamed the U.S. military or intelligence community for a variety of natural disasters as well as political events. In March 1992, then-Russian foreign intelligence chief Yevgeni Primakov admitted that the disinformation service of the Soviet KGB intelligence service had concocted the false story that the AIDS virus had been created in a US military laboratory as a biological weapon. When AIDS was first discovered, no one knew how this horrifying new disease had arisen, although scientists have now used DNA analysis to determine that "all HIV-1 strains known to infect man" are closely related to a simian immunodeficiency virus found in a western equatorial African chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes troglodytes. But the Soviets used widespread suspicions about the U.S. military to blame it for AIDS."
TT: In reality, many conspiracy theories have ultimately been proven TRUE, simply by using the government's own data, statements by public officials and records obtained under FOIA. There is strong evidence to show that AIDS suddenly moving from monkeys to the western world is nothing more than a big lie. In fact, it is caused by a micoplasma. It was first publicly spread using a special ventilated truck in the dead of night in Pensacola, FL more than thirty years ago according to the highly respected microbiologist Don Scott.
UPDATE - This type of delivery van may have been spotted. spotted. What follows is a detailed description of the sighting by a driver. On Feb. 2nd 2006 about 3PM, a specially modified white Ford (or Chevy) van was observed traveling on I-720 South in northern Maryland, about 40 miles north of the Washington DC beltway. It had three slightly raised, bare aluminum or stainless steel panels on each side. Each panel was approximately 2ft long and about 4 inches wide. Each panel had a long, rounded tube metal handles extending almost the entire length of each panel. Two more identical to these were located on each of the metal back doors without windows. No window was present on the passenger side sliding door. The front windows were tinted and one heavy-set man was driving wearing a white shirt, tie and sunglasses. A white solid wall was visible BEHIND the driver through the windshield. "Direct Delivery" was painted on the vehicle's side in very large letters. A slogan along the bottom it stated "When time and temperature delivery are important." The van's painted number on the back of left rear fender was 491. The company's address shown was Alexandria, VA. The question is - what do they deliver and who are they? Could the van deliver something into the air, since access to the "cargo" is on the OUTSIDE on all three sides? does not show any such company located in Alexandria, VA. No website was found for the company either.
Why would a company with such a large fleet have a readily available phone number and website? The above sighting is a hard fact, which was witnessed by two people. But using the logic of Uncle's website it must be a "conspiracy theory."
But one must ask the ultimate question: Where are the other 490 vans and what are they "delivering?" And why are there no website or phone numbers?
Contrary to what Uncle states, it is true that powerful, evil forces ARE secretly manipulating events. The Club of Rome, CFR and Bilderbergers which meet secretly, most of which whose names are publicly known are all quite real. These groups basically run the entire planet, and tell presidents and dictators alike what they will or will not do. On television interviews with presidents, scull and bones has been admitted by presidents like Clinton, Bush Sr. and baby Bush straight from their own mouths. Yet they will not discuss it when asked. Why the big secret? Several who have been in Scull and Bones and have gone public with what they know and have categorically proven it is an EVIL ORGANIZATION, with tentacles reaching deep into society.
The intelligence community often boasts about their accomplishments, taking credit for actions they perform which they pick and choose to make public. Although no one can deny the need for intelligence agencies when used properly, most of those actions made public are only done so to glorify the current administration. I correctly predicted the resignation of the previous CIA director when he refused to take the blame for bogus intelligence at a senate hearing. I commended him for this action as well. Personally, one almost feels sorry for the average employees in those organizations. They were all sold a song and dance while still in college by highly trained recruiters. Before they can fully realize what they have done, they discover they are "in it for life" with no way out, except to take the final exit.
Of course, it's a pure coincidence that many presidents just happen to be former directors of the CIA. Just like Russia, where former presidents and leaders usually come from the intelligence community.
As for natural disasters caused by government actions, the government itself has stated it is working on weather control and will own the world's weather in a few years. We all know that no good thing for humankind will come of this technology. Consider the pentagon-shaped eye of hurricane Ivan and the square eye of Katrina, both captured by Uncle's NOAA weather satellites and made public. When was the last time you saw a vortex (such as a flushing toilet) have a polygon shape in the middle? This does NOT happen in nature and is completely contrary to vortex phenomena. Katrina also made a SHARP RIGHT ANGLE TURN toward the Gulf coast are highly unusual and DO suggest weather control.
In fact, the Soviets had accomplished weather control more than twenty years ago and bragged about it. Anyone who is rational cannot be so naive to believe that when the iron curtain fell, weather control technology was simply lost. Not likely, considering it's the perfect weapon to destroy another country without declaring war. In fact, it's a clever means to completely bypass the entire UN security council war approval process. Weather control is indeed the "perfect crime."
AIDS is another great example of damage control. The government statement above blames the Russians for concocting a false story. However, it COMPLETELY ignores the iron-clad work of Don Scott in Canada, who has the National Institutes of Health REPORTS number 6 and 9, proving they created it. AIDS is not caused by HIV, but by a micoplasma created by Ft. Dietrich. Note how this powerful evidence was not touched by the government's statement, simply because it's impossible for them to refute it. Again we show there is no conspiracy theory here, just "discomforting" facts.
Of course, the government couldn't leave 911 out of their psy-ops statement. It may have been the real reason for their webpage.
UNCLE: "In his book 9/11: The Big Lie, French author Thierry Meyssan falsely claimed that no plane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Instead, he claimed that the building had been struck by a cruise missile fired by elements within the U.S. government. No such vast conspiracy existed and many eyewitness accounts and evidence gathered on the scene confirmed that the hijacked airliner had struck the building. But, nevertheless, the book was a best-seller in France and has been translated into 19 languages, demonstrating the power that even the most groundless conspiracy theories can have. (More details on 9/11: The Big Lie.)"
TT: Several years ago, Rumsfeld was interviewed by the military magazine "Parade." He actually stated "a missile or something hit the pentagon." Of course a big plane hit the pentagon - anyone knows that who watches network news. The wings struck the columns just to the right of the entry hole which was only about 7ft tall. The wings were completely destroyed on impact, so that nothing but shredded aluminum was left without damaging the columns. The grass on which the plane skidded into the wall was untouched in the photos. We all must realize that the jumbo jet impact must have happened simply because the media said so.
And what about that photo of a large rectangular object about the size of a chest-style freezer, covered by a blue tarp and carried off by several army employees? They never told us what it was. And Uncle's confiscation of more than a dozen surveillance tapes from stores and gas stations around the pentagon? They left that out of their "conspiracy theories" list, too. These facts and more than a hundred others are all groundless of course.
What else does our loving Uncle have to say about anyone seeking the truth? Let's take a look at the laundry list:
UNCLE: AIDS, organ transplantation, international adoption, and the September 11 attacks are all new, frightening or, in some ways, discomforting topics. Such highly controversial issues are natural candidates for the rise of false rumors, unwarranted fears and suspicions. Another example of a highly controversial issue is depleted uranium, a relatively new armor-piercing substance that was used by the U.S. military for the first time during the 1991 Gulf War.
There are many exaggerated fears about depleted uranium because people associate it with weapons-grade uranium or fuel-grade uranium, which are much more dangerous substances. When most people hear the word uranium, a number of strongly held associations spring to mind, including the atomic bomb, Hiroshima, nuclear reactors, radiation illness, cancer, and birth defects.
Depleted uranium is what is left over when natural uranium is enriched to make weapons-grade or fuel-grade uranium. In the process, the uranium loses, or is depleted, of almost half its radioactivity, which is how depleted uranium gets its name. But facts like this are less important in peoples' minds than the deeply ingrained associations they have with the world "uranium." For this reason, most people believe that depleted uranium is much more dangerous than it actually is.
Another highly controversial issue is that of forbidden weapons, such as chemical or biological weapons. The United States is regularly, and falsely, accused of using these weapons.
In the same way, many other highly controversial issues are naturally prone to misunderstanding and false rumors. Any highly controversial issue or taboo behavior is ripe material for false rumors and urban legends."
TT: Now that's a classic medical statement in their top paragraph, "discomforting." Sounds as though it's taken straight from doctor terminology. Most people don't realize that a psychologist or psychiatrist has medical training, too. Recall the doctor about to do a medical procedure on you, who says "this may cause some discomfort." Translation: It's going to hurt like hell.
Uncle's lies about depleted uranium are utterly ridiculous. Any heavy metal element IS a heavy metal element, and WILL REMAIN a heavy metal in the environment forever. The idiot that wrote that section thinks that losing only "half the radioactivity" isn't important? The half-life left of the material they casually dismiss, is measured in THOUSANDS OF YEARS. If this material is so harmless, why are tanks, jeeps and soldiers being buried right on the spot where they died in the desert? In reality, depleted uranium retains more than 80% of it's radioactivity AFTER use in a reactor. Uranium emits deadly alpha, beta and gamma rays that are acknowledged as DAMAGING DNA and living cell structures by the entire medical world. This results in cell mutations and cancer. This is not a theory but it is a medical fact. Uranium is not only radioactive but is also a POISONOUS, TOXIC MATERIAL as well.
Uncle's webpage further tells us the US doesn't use chemical or biological weapons. There are numerous eye-witness accounts of these weapons being used in Iraq, Vietnam and in Afghanistan. They blew up stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in the first Gulf War which were sold by Haliburton to Saddam and labeled made in America according to one photo several years ago, instead of incinerating them which would be standard procedure. The aerosolized weapons were carried high up in the atmosphere and rained down for hundreds of miles on our troops. Agent Orange was well known to have dioxin "contamination" which has caused long term damage to Vietnam vets. Those who haven't died from health complications yet are still suffering to this day, and many are in wheelchairs. Joyce Riley talks to them almost every week when they call into her The Power Hour radio show.
And what about Gulf War Illness? Again, their statement doesn't touch that subject. Originally the government branded it "Gulf War Syndrome" and sent veterans to psychiatrists. A bio-engineered micoplasma has already been found as the source of the illness - courtesy of the US government. It was so widely used that now our own Gulf War troops, veterans and civilians suffer from it. When they come home vets pass the contagion to their wives, girlfriends and family members. So-called "mystery diseases" like MS, Fibromyalgia and other auto-immune diseases are now known to be connected to these pathogens - all created by a loving Uncle.
Don Scott has publicized his own research into micoplasmas. He discovered that researchers who worked on developing the disease at Ft. Dietrich were wearing environmental suits and using glove boxes. Yet they ALL died from it. This author has interviewed microbiologist and professor Don Scott who lives near Ottawa, Canada five years ago for more than an hour. His work and research is both well respected and undeniable. He will make it available to anyone for a modest copying fee only to cover his costs, copies of the documents I've cited here and even more data he has. The government wrote NIH reports number 6 and 9, but of course they don't exist?
In the government's "Consider The Source" section of their counter-propaganda statement, is listed at the top. But I will say this about Jeff - he asks for facts to back up whatever is submitted to him. It's true some news items are hard to accept but it does not mean they aren't true. This will always happen when we read or hear anything that remains outside the paradigm we were raised with, which was force-fed to us in government training camps we laughingly call "schools."
But there is a *tiny* ray of hope in the government's statement:
UNCLE: The only way to determine whether an allegation is true or false is to research it as thoroughly as possible. Of course, this may not always be possible given publication deadlines and time pressures, but there is no substitute for thorough research, going back to the original sources. Using the Internet, many allegations can be fairly thoroughly researched in a matter of hours."
TT: Yes Uncle, we "went back to the original sources" and found what pathological liars you and your psy-ops people are. You will discredit anyone to cover your own illegal actions. You have sicked Oberg and the un-amazing Randi at me, and I sent them packing to return under the rocks from whence they came. The only reporters allowed in Iraq are those you approve to be "embedded." You have publicly admitted reporters have been put through military boot-camp (brainwashing school) alongside soldiers to become approved "war reporters." Reporters that file controversial reports have been "accidentally killed" or disappear. It's all part of the "new freedom" you have created to take over the entire planet. After all, your own servant Karl Rove has boldly stated that "we create reality." Are Rove's statements about telling lies to cover your actions urban legends, or just conspiracy theories as well?
The webpage written by Uncle concludes:
UNCLE: "Finally, if the counter-misinformation team can be of help, ask us. We can't respond to all requests for information, but if a request is reasonable and we have the time, we will do our best to provide accurate, authoritative information."
TT: Well, look what have here! They identify themselves as the "counter-misinformation team." And this is EXACTLY what their purpose is - to counter with MISINFORMATION with material like that posted on their webpage. Government agencies have am odd way of telling you exactly what they do at the same time they are trying to hide it. They can't respond to all requests for information, because they don't have enough people on tap to put a spin on almost everything they are asked about. Note how their statement ends with the words "authoritative information." Is that like a television news network slogan last year which created so much heat the network stopped using it - All the news you need to know?
There is little doubt in the mind of any non-FOX or non-CNN person that Uncle's entire webpage is nothing more than damage control. It is a pathetic attempt to "stuff the genie back into the bottle" which will never work. The efforts of Jeff Rense and others have exposed their efforts to destroy America for a new order to rebuild it. The politically correct term for this treason is "social engineering." Not once did Uncle discuss the megalomania exhibited publicly by one of their political scientists, Dr. Barnett. He authored "The New Pentagon Roadmap." His "roadmap" of non-stop war was aired on television two years ago on CSPAN's "American Perspectives." Repeatedly referring to America as "the core," he stood on the pentagon auditorium stage and did a big multimedia, multi-screen presentation. In front of approximately 1,000 employees wearing almost every uniform of the Defense Department, he rambled on for two agonizing hours how "We MUST create WAR to bring the remaining countries of the world into the core." He was dead serious about this plan and also has written a book on the subject. Yet even though this is fact, it will be labeled a "conspiracy theory" that it even happened.
It's time that Uncle stops his game playing and "extra-curricular activities" with the American people. These insane dreams are NOT freedom, nor does it even bear any resemblance to it. What we are seeing right in front of our eyes is the rise of a new fourth Reich. There is no other country on earth that will come to our rescue as we did for England in the last century. No other country will stop the on-going conversion of America into a new Nazi state. Upcoming mandatory RFID implants and ID cards will do absolutely NOTHING to protect freedom, but will instead serve to enslave all Americans. The next big attack will force one or both of these into law, as Washington wimps we call congressman buckle like wet napkins under the power of psychological manipulation. Just like they did in 2001 for the patriot act.
To solve Uncle's problem it will require government change from within, not from without. Those employees that work in the Pentagon and countless other government agencies have more power for change than they realize - and those in lofty positions in government know this and they must be worried about their brainwashing failing to last long enough. Uncle has shown it cannot be counted on or believed capable to investigate it's own problems. We're way past "investigations" and committees that have historically accomplished nothing.
From generals to civilians that work in Washington, all government employees must answer these two questions:
1. Will they work for the rising fourth Reich that will ultimately re-create a far more nightmarish version of the former East Germany and kill off Americans wholesale, or will they support and uphold the Constitution which they took an oath to defend? This is not a violent war, but one of information and reversing brainwashing.
2. What will they do to restore America?
Saving American won't happen from a single grand gesture or act by any one person, but will be the sum total of all those diligently doing whatever they can.
Ted Twietmeyer



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