Spiral Of Immigrant
Corruption In America
By Frosty Wooldridge
"Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World societies operate, Heath Boatwright said. "When you immigrate millions of them illegally into the United States, you create exactly the same lawlessness in our country. They feel at home because so many of their countrymen break the law with fellow illegal aliens that it is a normal, continuance of their behavior in our civilization.
Back in Athens, Georgia today, Boatwright lived in South America for several years. He observed how societies operated with an edge toward corruption in all aspects of their people and governments. How can I vouch for Boatwright's observations? I traveled for nine months on bicycle throughout South America. I saw what he saw. It's not pretty.
When I wrote about corruption in Mexico and other Third World countries, I mentioned that citizens must bribe mail carriers or suffer their undelivered mail. In Asia, you must get your letters cancelled at the post office or they will steal stamps off your envelope. Bribery is a way of life when it comes to the police in Third World countries. When a car accident occurs in Mexico, all parties split the scene. Why? No one wants to be caught because they don't carry insurance, no licenses, have outstanding warrants or they may be carrying drugs.
To give you an idea of how fast the United States careens into Third World standard operating procedure, in Greeley, Colorado last year, police recorded 270 hit and run accidents last year. Greeley, with less than 70,000 residents, houses the largest contingent of Mexicans in Colorado. They illegally work at the meat packing plant. They drink like fish after work. They drive. With these realities, driving on Saturday nights in Greeley places you in great danger.
In Colorado's Department of Motor Vehicles, last year, two Hispanics employees gave over 200 illegal aliens Commercial Driver's Licenses and hundreds regular licenses. Those illegals couldn't read a test let alone take it or pass it with their sixth grade educations in Spanish. Yet, they drove on our highways in 50,000 pound 18-wheelers running at 70 miles per hour and were implicated in over 26 crashes.
Colorado suffered three deaths by illegal aliens in the past year. Illegal drunken Mexicans killed two Americans, Justin Goodman and Dale Englerth. One Mexican shot and killed Officer Don Young in cold blood. How did they get away with it? Our own corrupt leaders from Governor Owens down to Denver Mayor Hickenlooper support city sanctuary policies and aid the illegals to remain in Colorado against federal laws.
Colorado estimates 300,000 illegal aliens operating within its borders. They defraud the state out of millions of dollars in welfare claims, anchor babies, food stamps, assisted housing, felony crimes, drug distribution and burglaries in homes and businesses.
How about Texas? They harbor 1.5 million illegal Mexicans and others from Africa and Asia. It's SO saturated with illegals that they are considering use of illegal aliens to teach Spanish in our schools to illegal alien kids! How frickin, crazy and totally insane is that? In the meantime, their hit and run numbers run off the charts. Who pays? Texans pay with higher insurance rates and taxes for schools totally flooded with illegal alien kids. Last October, an illegal alien killed Officer Brian Jackson in Dallas.
"There is not only great concern that the drug trade is becoming more aggressive, but that terrorist organizations are seeking to exploit our porous border," Governor Rick Perry of Texas said. "Last year alone, 135,000 people who are not of Mexican descent were apprehended entering Texas illegally. The threat is real, and it grows each day." Check out Arizona! A year ago, they suffered 57,600 stolen vehicles making Phoenix the new car jacking capitol of the world. With 500,000 illegal aliens in Arizona, schools have turned into gang wars and education has turned into a farce. To top that off, Arizona suffers millions and millions of tons of trash and human waste running the length of their border with Mexico. Mexicans think trash, soiled baby diapers, urine bottles and garbage belong anywhere but a trash can. It's so bad that the Arizona governor declared a state of emergency, driven by the invasion of illegal aliens last year. Too little, too late!
How about Georgia? In 2002, they paid out $27 million for illegal alien anchor babies out of their citizens, taxes at the state level. Illegal aliens receiving public assistance cost them $42 million. Illegal aliens tapped into $63 million of free health care that cost Georgians. Illegal alien convicted felons cost Georgians $15 million for prison costs.
California stands at the forefront of this national nightmare. The corruption, graft, cheating on taxes, paying no taxes, horrific crimes from the 18th Street Gang, along with MS-13 Gang defies imagination. Get this! In the past five years, 86 California hospitals and ER wards bankrupted! California suffers $38 billion debt. Over two million kids go to school in trailers along with hordes of illegal alien kids. Los Angeles is no longer an American city and the crime and graft is now in the hands of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who is an advocate for La Raza and Reconquista de Aztlan, or reconquest of the four Border States. We simply allowed so much illegal alien migration that now, Villaraigosa has embedded himself into Los Angeles to help more Mexicans take over the city. How did he get elected? Try voter fraud by more than three million illegal aliens residing in LA. Today, Los Angeles is unfit for Americans to live there. Given enough time, it will mirror the slums, crime and misery of Mexico City.
How about Maine? Governor Baldacci signed an executive order making his state the first to give sanctuary to all illegal aliens. It's against federal law to "aid, abet, encourage, assist or in any way help an illegal alien to remain in the United States no matter what your personal convictions. USC 8, 1324, 274, 275, 276. Their social services are being overrun and overwhelmed. This illustrates how far and high corruption rises in government.
Yet, the lawlessness grows like a runaway cancer. Denver Mayor Hickenlooper broke immigration laws before becoming mayor. Instead of going to prison, he laughs at the law even while one of his hired employees killed Officer Don Young in cold blood. The City Council of Boulder, Colorado snores while its sanctuary policy helped eight illegals rape eight Boulder women. The Boulder city mayor sighs while Dale Englerth's family suffers from their father's death at the hands of a drunken Mexican who had been stopped nine times before killing Englerth.
I can write about Colorado with only 300,000 illegals and see the lawlessness first hand because I live there. States like North Carolina with over 1,000,000 illegals suffer consequences three times that of Colorado. Chicago has turned into another Mexico. Miami is now North Havana, Cuba!
Bear-Stearns, report last year showed $400 billion in unpaid IRS taxes by illegal aliens annually and exposed it as the world's second largest underground economy. Who makes up that money? You do! The report didn't show the $60 billion in cash transfers being sent out of our country annually! While cheating, raping, stealing and killing us"they send our money back home.
Take a guess at the cost of illegal aliens in state and federal prisons annually. Try a whopping $1.6 billion to keep over 500,000 illegal aliens and legal criminal felon immigrants locked up! They equal 29 percent of all criminals in our prisons. That's after they,ve committed crimes of rape, murders, robberies, child molestation, drug trade, sex trade and worse on our citizens.
When this Congress and president blissfully sit by making excuses for illegal aliens in our country, against our laws, against our Constitution--while law-abiding American citizens get their hearts cut out"it's disgusting, sickening and pathetic at the highest levels of government. It's even more sickening when you realize that their corruption grows with such men as lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Worse, Abramoff got caught while God knows how many like him don't get caught! If we dug deeper, we,d find that corruption is a way of life for who knows how many of our elected senators and congressmen. How many more Duke Cunningham's ($2.4 million in kickback bribes) and Tom Delay's are out there lying, cheating and screwing Americans out of money and out of our country"all for the green back dollar?
I can't wait for the investigation to show the $8 billion unaccounted for as to expenditures in Iraq as reported on CBS Evening News last Friday, February 10, 2006. Anyone want to bet that Halliburton's abuse of our war dollars will be a bigger scandal than Abramoff? What's worse, our young men and women are getting killed while those people at Halliburton get rich.
The lawlessness doesn't stop there. Third World corruption infects every sector of our society. Employers of illegals relish income tax evasion. They force Americans out of jobs. Consequently, our working poor stand in food stamp lines, unemployment lines, welfare lines and other avenues of degradation. Can you imagine the fraud of the H-1B, H-2B and L-t visas? Our finest high tech workers suffer displacement by cheap Third World immigrants who work the same jobs for peanuts. Somebody enriches their wallet at the expense of Americans. Our citizens become victims of illegal alien crime, drugs, school chaos and drunken highway madness.
Think beyond next month, next year, next decade. What happens when we add another 20 million illegals on top of the 20 million we already have? What happens when we add another 10 million legal immigrants from these same countries--and we are--to our country in the next 10 years?
No matter how you define it, humanitarian or not, as their numbers grow, our consequences accelerate. How far do you want to go down this rat hole? Keep silent, never speak up, don't complain, always go with the flow, watch it from the sidelines, pride yourself in not being called a racist or xenophobe, trust your senators and congressmen"soon, like the citizens of Mexico or any degraded country"you too will be another victim of Third World corruption.
More sobering, America will be a Third World country.
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