Depleted Uranium - US
Lung Cancer Rates Soar

From Karl W B Schwarz
So, what is the plan?
On the March 8, 2006 edition of the CNN American Morning program with Miles O'Brien and Soledad O'Brien, they made a startling announcement.  On average there are 175,000 new cases of lung cancer each year in the United States.  For just the months of January and February 2006 there are 172,000 confirmed, newly diagnosed cases of lung cancer.  This is not just a little spike on the charts and much worse news is coming.  That is already averaging this year about 6 times the normal incidence of new lung cancer cases in a year.  
They tried to attribute it to second hand smoke, but second hand smoke and cigarettes are nothing compared to being exposed to Depleted Uranium ("DU") and particulates created by DU explosions.  You can smoke for 30 years and not do the damage that DU can do to you in 30 days.
How long does it take to get lung cancer after being exposed to DU and nano-particulates?  On average 2-5 years is the correct answer.  We started bombing Afghanistan in October 2001 or four and a half years ago.  We started bombing Iraq again in March 2003, or just shy of three years ago. 
The effects of those bombing attacks were registered as far away as the UK according to the Aldermaston Report we and others released February 19, 2006.  We do not know yet what was registered in the U.S. because the U.S. government is not saying and they definitely do not want you to know.
The link between DU exposure and lung cancer has been known for many years.  The correlation between DU and lung cancer versus cigarettes and lung cancer is even stronger for DU.
They are making plans right now to bomb Iran, even knowing full well that they will be spreading more nuclear pollution.
Here are the action items that need to happen:
1.       MEDICAL INTERVENTION INSTEAD OF MEDICAL NEGLECT.  We (Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC) are in discussions with multiple parties to quickly address the medical treatment needs of the veterans that have been exposed to DU and derivative nano-particulates.  That will require a lab unlike any medical lab in the United States due to what it is testing for and developing treatment regimens.  
We will be putting out a call to raise funds to provide the needed travel, lodging and treatment for the veterans.  Since Patmos is already aligned with a hospital and a group of doctors, and several key players in the heavy metal detoxification area, our emphasis on biotech will be re-shifted to be one of addressing the sheer medical needs of the veterans including treatment for heavy metal toxicity, DU detoxification and developing a wide range of options to deal with the many problems the troops are having.  If the US government will not do it, we shall and we shall be asking Americans to do the right thing and help out.
We are also establishing a DU Detoxification Center in the Atlanta area and will be expediting the treatment to veterans that our military is trying to avoid.  Lives are at stake as well as quality of life.  What got my attention focused on this matter is how many of our young healthy soldiers come home and are fundamentally fully disabled and the government ignoring that for to do otherwise would be an admission of guilt and creating a paper trail of evidence that leads up to and includes criminal conduct.  This is not just a civil matter.
We might have to create an ADOPT A VETERAN program where families with means are helping to pay for the medical needs of these soldiers.  The Red Cross raised over $1 billion for the tsunami victims and their plight pales in comparison to this DU contamination catastrophe.  Americans sent hundreds of millions for the tsunami relief fund and it is now time to make some of that American giving count here at home for Americans.  
Many of our troops need our help.  If they do not receive help, many will spend the rest of their lives disabled or will die much sooner than God had intended.
Where they do not have the financial means, we are going to ask Americans to make it happen.
If you can provide funds in general or sponsor a specific veteran for the treatments, you may be saving their life and ultimately your own.
We already have contingency plans that if the U.S. government tries to bar us from treating the soldiers they are intentionally neglecting, for fear of creating an evidence trail, there are several places offshore where the treatments will be offered and the logistics to get it done.
The team we are assembling includes a hospital, specialist doctors, a new biotech center Patmos will build, firms that have detoxification treatments already that are proving to be very effective, and a lab that can detect not only molecules but nano-particulates too.  This DU problem will require the services of laboratories, the medical specialties of endocrinology, internal medicine, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, oncology, and others.
Most of all, Patmos has already developed several technologies that may prove to be very useful in addressing what has been done to our soldiers and all of us. We are tired of talking about it and waiting in vain for Washington, DC to do something right for a change.  It is time for action.
As some say, it is lead, follow or get the Hell out of the way time.
2.       LEGAL ACTION.  Our government knows DU is deadly and harmful to the troops and other populations, but they do it any way and they keep right on doing it any time they see fit.  They knew it in 1989 and have continued to deploy troops four times in major engagements and have continued to fire these weapons on US bases around general civilian populations.
The answer to that is a Class Action Lawsuit aimed right at the problem.  We are soliciting attorneys at this time to assemble a team and address this matter in the courts.  It would sort of be The Citizens of the United States, Active Duty and Veterans of the US Armed Services v. The United States Government, certain Defense Contractors, Certain Individuals.  My guess is the true price tag for their criminal negligence could easily top $1 trillion in damages the Plaintiffs should be entitled to.
When the whole truth, nothing but the truth is known about this matter ­ America is in for a very rude awakening.  You will not want to watch Shock and Awe on TV when you find out to what extent it has been delivered into your life.
This DU issue makes asbestos pale in comparison.
The figure does not even scratch the surface on what it will cost to even attempt to clean up the mess they have made in targeted countries like Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan and the collateral damage of harming general populations many miles away.  Turning another nation and this nation into a nuclear waste dump is not a no harm, no foul situation.
Army Regulation 700-48 requires mitigation of nuclear waste from these weapons when used, and they just conveniently ignore that and keep right on polluting.  In short, they are required to put into effect environmental remediation and medical treatment for those parties exposed and they just never seem to find time to obey the law.
The nations of Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Canada, and many others are seeing the health problems in their soldiers and civilian workers that entered into these nuclear waste zones.
Bahrain is about 500 miles from Iraq at its closest point and recent information from there shows that a high percentage of Bahraini citizens and US soldiers stationed there are highly exposed to DU.  The UK towers at Aldermaston reported DU spikes shortly after the bombing was done many miles away in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The harmed parties within this nation alone are our soldiers and US citizens.  The defendants have tried for years to cover this up or ignore it.  We are going to put out a call and a website to collect donations for the war chest that will be needed to fight this lawsuit through to completion.  It will take many millions of dollars to wage what might be the most important legal battle of our time and the defendants have billions of dollars to defend themselves.  They will spend whatever it takes to win because a defeat would be the ruin of them.
What they cannot hide is the truth but they will resist the truth from ever becoming generally known.  The truth will not set them free nor will the truth do anything but deliver back to them the same impunity with which they have treated millions of people.
Many have already died; many more will die while this problem continues to be ignored by Washington, DC.  It is time to make them stop ignoring it.
If you can donate to the Lawsuit Fund, please send me an email with contact information.
3.       ALL DEFENDANTS WILL BE NAMED.  It is quite apparent that the governments of the US and UK, their militaries, the elected officials and the defense contractors have a long list of target countries and they all share one thing in common ­ they either have oil and natural gas or they have the land for oil and gas pipelines to get the oil to ocean ports and distributed around the world.  
These policies that have so many Americans concerned are driven by Big Defense and Big Oil ­ so Big Oil and its influence in making these idiotic policies would be targeted too.  Even 9-11 was a staged show for Americans so they would support these war policies.
There is no Global War on Terror except this nation being the world's greatest terrorist for oil, military supremacy and petrodollar supremacy.  Gore Vidal said it best in an interview I saw and I am paraphrasing here ­ "there is no Global War on Terror.  That is nonsense, it is just rhetoric.  They might as well declare a Global War on Dandruff".
4.       ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING.  We are going to deploy our own army to take soil, water, plant life and air samples around all US facilities where these weapons are made, fired, stored, and generally used.  We will also be putting teams in place to take soil and water samples, as well as meeting with affected parties in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
One of our affiliates has just uncovered a massive amount of DU exposure and confirmed human cases in Bahrain.  The Aldermaston Report is confirmed at least for Bahrain in that this deadly stuff does in fact spread out to large areas.  It has been detected in the UK and it has been confirmed in Bahrain.  How confirmed?  A very high percentage of the people tested in Bahrain are floating in DU contamination and it is being detected in their urine samples so it is internal, not just laying around on the sand.
We have preliminary indications that deaths as far away as Denmark might have happened while this dirty little secret is being hidden from the world.  It is not hard to find US or UK or coalition troops that went and became so sick they no longer have a quality of life.  It is also not hard to find many that have died while being neglected by the governments that did it.
We have contacted many of the purported environmentally concerned groups and none of them have responded.  It is growing more apparent that they have an agenda that is not totally about clean air, clean water, and healthy environment.
This environmental testing will include randomly buying food around the US and having it put under very exacting testing regimens to determine to what extent this toxicity is in our food chain.  We have a pretty good idea of what will be found and it is not a pretty picture.
Over the coming months our medical affiliates and our company will be announcing some things that are nanotechnology based (or combine nanotechnology with existing treatments) and will be directed at addressing this DU and nano-particulate contamination problem.  Due to the wall of harassment we have received we will be making these products outside of the United States as well as an entire new generation of medical machines.
The DU contamination is present, it is real and people need to start working in unison to address the problem.  This DU issue is a nuclear contamination calamity and DC intends to do nothing about it.
5.       STATE LEVEL ACTION      Every state that has had either National Guard or citizens called up as Reserves or sent as active duty troops should be moving to implement mandatory DU testing laws.  If nothing else, either be a squeaky wheel or build an eight foot fire under those bureaucratic butts.  The states of Connecticut and Louisiana have implemented such laws.  New York has a bill in motion as well as about 11 or 12 other states.  Bottom line is all 50 states need to do what is right for the citizens of their states and put such mandatory DU testing laws in place.
I think we have provided you with enough information to establish why they are covering this up.  Most criminals do cover up their conduct if possible.
Every US soldier or soldier of a foreign nation that we treat is yet another piece of evidence.  That chain of evidence will not only prove what was done to them, it will prove what has been done to many Americans that have never left the United States yet have been exposed enough to ruin their health or kill them.
If you know veterans in your area, or if you know some of the state level elected officials, please contact them and urge them to start the process of putting mandatory DU testing in place.
6.       FEDERAL LEVEL ACTION          There is a move in the US House to make the US government take care of the veterans.  Watch them make this go away as fast as the Republican majority can and even many of the Democrats since the full expose on this would implicate Clinton, Gore and many Democrats in Congress.
"Providing for Veterans Is Continuing Cost of War"
Tuesday March 7, 2006
Contact:          Nayyera Haq (Salazar) 202.225.3319                    
                        Geoffrey Collver (Evans) 202.225.9756
WASHINGTON, DC ­ Led by their most junior and senior Members on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, Congressman John Salazar (D-CO) and Congressman Lane Evans (D-IL), House Democrats today moved to prevent a repeat of last year's shameful shortfall in funding for the Department of Veterans' Affairs. In a letter sent to Speaker Hastert this morning, more than 120 House Democrats called for the inclusion of $630 million in veterans' health care funds as part of the President's $72.4 billion Iraq War Supplemental request:
"We believe that providing for our military veterans and their families is a continuing cost of war and an important component of our national defense. We are concerned that the Administration may have once again underestimated the total number of veterans that will seek services at the VA, including new veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Mr. Speaker, we strongly urge you to correct the Administration's oversight and recognize that caring for our veterans is an ongoing cost of war." 
Said Salazar: "With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've created a whole new generation of veterans who need our care.  We cannot have a repeat of last year's shameful budget shortfall. It is time for us to be honest in our budgeting and recognize the urgency of providing full funding for veterans health care. Our troops bravely put their lives on the line and it is our moral duty to provide them with the care and benefits they were promised."
The complete text of the letter and the full list of signatories follows:
Honorable Dennis Hastert
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515
Dear Mr. Speaker:
            We believe that providing for our military veterans and their families is a continuing cost of war and an important component of our national defense.  We simply have no excuse for not meeting their needs.  For some, it easy to forget that budgets and numbers ultimately reflect our priorities and affect real people.  Indeed, by failing to include any money for veterans' health care and readjustment services in the $72.4 billion emergency war supplemental request, the Administration again has failed to acknowledge the added stress and resource demands the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are placing on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  Accordingly, we respectfully request that you work with the Appropriations Committee to provide additional resources for the VA within the emergency war supplemental.
            We believe that at least $630 million is urgently needed to care for troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the heroes from prior conflicts who rely upon the VA for their health care.  Specifically, we are seeking $250 million to support increased demand for mental health services for returning troops; $200 million for direct medical services, including treating traumatic brain injury and other complex blast injuries, and additional resources for the VA's Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers; $110 million for increased demand for VA prosthetics; $15 million for medical and vocational rehabilitation services; and $55 million for increased staff to process the growing disability claims backlog of more than 370,000, including claims homeless disabled veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars who are waiting months for decisions. 
            Mr. Speaker, last year, we saw the VA face disgraceful shortfalls in its health care budget, shortfalls that had a direct impact upon the care received by veterans.  Ultimately, the Administration begrudgingly admitted these shortfalls and was forced to request additional resources.  We are concerned that the Administration may have once again underestimated the total number of veterans that will seek services at the VA, including new veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Mr. Speaker, we strongly urge you to correct the Administration's oversight and recognize that caring for our veterans is an ongoing cost of war. 
John Salazar
Now that you have read this information about VA funding and Democrats' concern, note that there is not a single word about addressing the Depleted Uranium calamity.  They know and they are terrified on both sides of the aisle of a paper trail of evidence being created.
Remember, this is an election year and they are more concerned about votes and breaking up the Republican monopoly than they are the veterans suffering.  It is all about power and money and greed, not about lives and quality of life.
You see, I wonder at times why Washington, DC is so callous about the elderly, Medicare, Social Security, the veterans and their health needs, which would not be necessary if this nation had not put them into nuclear waste dumps.  The answer is growing clearer to me every day ­ they know and if we die their problems go away.
They really could not care less in Washington, DC if you live or die.  You are a constituent and that makes you a present and long term liability to our leaders, not an asset.  They constantly wrestle with the quandary of how to feign doing right for you and how they have to do right for their wealthy contributors and direct the wealth to them.  It is a very steady shift of federal funds from those that do not need it and away from those that need it the most.
Illegal aliens are flooding into this country and getting better treatment than our veterans.  
That is their version of Problem-Reaction-Solution.  I trust you find mine more to your liking.
Best regards,
"A patriot is mocked, scorned and hated; yet when his cause succeeds, all men will join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." -- Mark Twain 



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