Hunt For The Skinwalker -
A True Life
Scientific 'X-Files'

By Colm Kelleher, PhD and George Knapp


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Hunt for the Skinwalker documents a real life version of what could be several chilling "X Files" episodes, the difference being that the events in Skinwalker actually happened. The book begins in late 1994 just after an innocent family purchases and moves onto a ranch in an out of the way spot in NE Utah. Quickly the idyllic spot begins to demonstrate some very weird phenomena. Within a month, family members are being literally terrorized by an intelligent, malevolent force that seems to want to drive them off their land. For example:
· Their purebred registered cattle are brutally killed and mutilated.
· Three dogs that serve as both cattle dogs and family pets are vaporized by apparently intelligently guided, flying blue orbs only a couple of hundred feet from where the rancher sits watching in horror.
· The family is subjected to daily rounds of mind games in which the purpose seems to get them off the property as quickly as possible. Things disappear from inside their house and then reappear later. Among dozens of events, while the wife has a shower, her towel disappears and later ends up in the oven. A 70 pound post digger disappears from behind the rancher and a week later, after searching the property, is discovered twenty feet up in a tree.
· They hear invisible, discarnate voices laughing at them and mocking them from a few feet away.
· They see strange flying objects flying around their property that seem to be involved in killing their cattle.
· A mysterious orange object appears over the property and the rancher sees a hole in the sky opening, through which something flies through.
As the stress mounts, the teenagers in the family begin to suffer from sleep loss. Their grades drop. By mid 1996, the family has had enough. They are sleeping together on the floor of their living room for protection. They have no idea of how to respond to an intelligent force that seems to know what they are thinking and what they are saying. They go public. They look for help.
A high powered science team comprising the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) with unlimited funds and access to world class technology responds. They are based in Las Vegas and funded by billionaire entrepreneur and aerospace owner Robert Bigelow. NIDS purchases the property, the family moves off. NIDS decides to create a "laboratory of the paranormal" and sets up a command and control center on the ranch. Three scientists, led by Colm A Kelleher PhD, and an arsenal of scientific equipment, including magnetic field, electric field detectors, instruments for monitoring radiation, microwave and radio waves, as well as portable spectrometers and video cameras are quickly deployed on the ranch.
Throughout 1996 and 1997, as the team spends hundreds of days on the property, and as they cover every inch of the ranch, mostly at night, they encounter dozens of strange phenomena. For example:
· On March 10, 1997 the team gets a phone call from the panicked ranch manager to report that an 84 pound calf has been silently killed in daylight while he and his wife were only 300 yards away. The team hops on a private jet and in five hours is standing over the dead calf. The animal with all internal organs gone, rib-cage ripped open, lies spread eagled on the pasture. The calf's limbs have been forcibly ripped from their ball and socket joints. An ear is gone. Using forensic analysis and with a veterinary pathologist conducting a necropsy, the team quickly determines that sharp instruments have been used to remove the ear. Forensic analysis determines that a heavy machete instrument was also used. Not a drop of blood is found on or near the calf. The ranch manager is completely spooked.
· Two days later at near midnight, the dogs go berserk outside. The team and the ranch manager hop into a truck and drive through the pasture where the cattle are plainly panicked. The bouncing headlight beams pick up two eyes staring from a tree, obviously a large animal. Another large shadow is seen by team members below the tree. The manager, an expert marksman, shoots the creature from the tree and sees it drop to the ground through the rifle scope. According to team leader Kelleher: "we jump out of the truck and run over to the spot; the manager yells that he sees another large creature, shoots twice and plunges into the undergrowth. We run through the dense shrubs and trees, expecting a wounded creature to attack. We spot some weird tracks in the snow, it looks like a large raptor with claws. We spend hours hunting for other evidence or bodies. None are found".
· In April 1997, something invisible drove through a herd of cows and panicked them, scattering them in multiple directions. Simultaneously, the needle of a compass locked onto whatever was amongst the cattle and stayed locked on for nine minutes.
· In June 1997, the team witnessed from 75 feet a basketball sized orb that silently hovered in front of us for several seconds. Minutes later one of the team witnessed a huge shadowy object in the infra-red, but the object was invisible to the human eye.
· At 2 AM, in August 1997, again seen with the benefit of infrared technology, a six foot tall black, heavily muscled humanoid crawled through some kind of "door" about four feet above the ground and vanished into the night. Another observer only saw a weird light without the benefit of infrared technology.
· A couple of days previously, cattle were attacked by a number of small red orbs causing multiple injuries, one death and one abortion.
Over the years, the team personally experienced and documented a large array of weird phenomena including unidentified flying objects, bizarre creatures, flying orbs, spikes in magnetic fields, infrared activity and much more. Because the events were so fleeting and rarely repeated, no definitive explanations have ever been proven for what took place. Was it the military? Were family members and the research team hallucinating? Is the ranch haunted? Are aliens involved? Is there a door to another dimension located on the ranch? Hunt for the Skinwalker examines each of these questions.
The phenomena are not just localized on the ranch, but are a part of a 50 year history of unusual sightings in the area. The local Ute tribe says the ranch is on the "Path of the Skinwalker" and have 15 generations worth of oral history legends about the property.




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