Reporter Has Seen
Photos Of Abramoff, President
Bush & First Lady 'Just
Sitting In His Office'
In an interview yesterday, Washingtonian editor Kim Eisler confirmed to ThinkProgress that he has viewed several photographs of President Bush with Jack Abramoff. Eisler, who authored a book on tribal politics and is an associate of Abramoff's, says he saw the photos during a visit to Abramoff's house where they were "just sitting in his office."
The White House has continually refused to release photos of President Bush with Jack Abramoff. Moreover, Press Secretary Scott McClellan has said that if photos of the two together exist, they are shots taken at "widely attended" Hanukkah receptions in 2001 and 2002. But according to Eisler, none of the photos in Abramoff's office were taken at Hanukkah receptions.
One photo at Abramoff's home depicts Bush shaking hands with Abramoff in the Old Executive Office Building, which is adjacent to the West Wing of the White House. Another photograph shows Bush with Abramoff at what appears to be the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington. A third photo, which previously has not been disclosed, is of Abramoff's wife with Laura Bush.
This was first reported in our morning newsletter The Progress Report (sign up in the box to the right). Check ThinkProgress later today for more new details on the Abramoff scandal.
Last night a Mr Thomas DePaine posted this at the back of one of the older Abramoff threads.
I believe that here are pictures of Bush with Abramoff in the White House on 12/22/2003. img/ 161731/ picture-hosting/ colage-2.php
These were grabbed off the night that the story broke about Reflections Photo pulling Abramoff photos. It wasn't too hard to figure out where these would be found on the internet archiveso I grabbed them.



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