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I have seen lights, closer than stars and not blinking but with similar brightness, which have moved in ways impossible for any man made or naturally explainable phenomena a few times, before and after the following events, such sightings I will not even bother to describe, though they of themselves would have passed as genuine UFO sightings and more than once these have been multiple witness events. I've seen typical such sightings described weekly since following yours and other reports via Rense mainly. I've sailed a bit offshore and been in the bush a bit (OZ for outdoors) and am intrigued by such sightings of themselves but my own experience is that such things are so common, at least seen from some locations and times, there is little to be derived anymore from the mention even.
The second sighting up close of a UFO for me, came in 1990, in Denmark.  It was just prior to the Gulf War and there was a lot of aircraft generally flying over Denmark at the time, these were low level and hence quite noisy by the way, we lived at the time in Jutland, the middle of Denmark basically. 
The following took place between Gammel Ry and Silkeborg, on a country road, with little traffic, in summer of 1990, Denmark.
I was driving a Diesel Mazda 323 station wagon, past farms which were devoted to Cereal crops, mostly Rye and Barley.  I can't at this time easily discern compass directions, and feel it is probably irrelevant really, except to say I was travelling from Gammel Ry to Silkeborg.  At about midway on that stretch of road I noticed, off to my right and forward, what appeared to be a model airplane or helicopter?  I assumed this from the "scale" of its movements, and its apparent relationship to a fence line on a farm between it and my car which was travelling about 120km when I first saw it. 
Rapidly the "model plane" came closer to me, still from the right side but now I could discern clearly it was no model since its size as it approached grew exponentially.  It was simply moving very quickly I then realized.   It was no more fifty meters from my vehicle when it seemed to stop and began hovering in perfectly maintained proximity to my car.  About thirty meters, at most from the ground, and at about 1:00 o'clock from my position, and fifty or less meters from my car, the craft filled up about thirty centimeters of the windshield.  I'd have said it was about the same size as a fighter plane, in fact for a fleeting  moment I thought it might have been a spy plane, for it was completely black, no markings at all, and it was sort of wedge shaped, not unlike the most recent spy planes. I think the A2, but am not much up on these things.  It was obviously no such thing because for one thing it was completely silent.  NO NOISE and any sort of plane or helicopter engine would have been deafening at the proximity. 
I didn't panic, in fact I slowed down to about 80 kmh and was telepathising (thinking hard) for all I was worth, to whoever was piloting the craft to "be cool, maybe land and let's have a meeting sort of thing".  I made a peace sign even.  I have NO reason to believe any such attempts at communication were detected by anything.
 It just hovered in that position for several minutes with me maintaining speed down the road and simultaneously trying to "focus" on this craft which was shadowing my car.  This was the weirdest thing up to now, the strange way ones gaze "slipped" off the thing.  Trying to look inside the silhouette to identify anything like portholes, hatches or fittings of any kind, despite it being nearly on top of me, was strangely inhibited.  I have never before or since seen anything like it and at the time it was noticeable and frustrating.  I could catch impressions of hatches and/or portholes but was unable to precisely focus on them as if my gaze was slipping on an incline.  Since then I have read a description of how a de-ionization field might function in a craft designed to eliminate the effects of gravity and friction.  I have concluded that the effect I was witnessing was caused by just such a field.
After several minutes the craft slowly turned on its axis, and the side which had up until now been facing me, and which appeared to be the front as far as direction of travel went, turned clockwise to the left until it faced to about 9:00 o'clock.  Then without any warning it began to accelerate in that direction, to my left, in a big sweeping arc which went forward in my direction of travel. Then like a cartoon image almost and within seconds had gone from craft up close to a black line which blinked out on the horizon a split second later.
The initial acceleration, the first second or two was absolutely the fastest thing I have ever seen move.  In that time it travelled a few kilometers at least and I was already yelling with excitement, WOW, a split second later it became a black line which extended to the horizon for a moment and then disappeared.  I am not sure exactly what the horizon in a flat country like Denmark, in the summer of 1990, would have been but at least eighty kilometers I'd guess.  I have interpreted that black line to mean the thing travelled that distance in less than the tenth of a second the human eye needs to discern movement.
After this I excitedly rang up my wife using the satellite phone which I had in the car as a part of my job as a technician travelling the country for a photocopier company.  I described the whole thing in detail to her and specifically told her to remember this as I would be bound to ask her in the future if this thing really happened, did I ring her and tell her of it, or did I merely dream it?
This is an important "marker tactic" I have found.  If you ever experience anything as out of the ordinary as this, make sure you make a note of the event, especially written, or tell someone you trust, soon after, so that when the inevitable day comes, and your natural human tendency to rationalize or bury breaks with it's accepted daily routine, begins to try and convince you that such and such was but a dream, you can go to that note or person and confirm that the thing was real.  I cannot stress this enough.
I have had recourse to asking my wife on several occasions since, if I did in fact ring her once to tell her of this event and I am comforted in the knowledge at least that I did so.  Every time it re-affirms for me what was not proof of extraterrestrial intelligence sure, but certainly proof that the craft which are often attributed to them exist.  I cannot say humans were not piloting the thing, but I have to wonder what any humans would have been doing "buzzing" me like that in what would have to be an ultra-top secret craft.
The third and most recent sighting occurred about a half year ago here in Perth, Western Australia.  In writing about it I am aware that it follows a pattern of sightings involving this very same type of craft, and in particular I have noticed a person on the East coast of Oz who recently saw something similar.  To him and others who have seen the huge triangular craft, I can only say that you are definitely not alone.  Like so many who see them it still amazes me that not more saw it, since it was virtually over the city.  Certainly a populated area, and so low as to be shocking of itself. 
This happened while driving my two teenage children back from an educational enrichment program at the local University.  We were driving North on Ranford Road, South of Perth City, and listening to a radio talkback show when a caller came online to say she was watching a UFO.  The woman gave her location, which was actually west of us and said she was driving slowly and watching this light which was moving too erratically and was not a normal craft.  The radio announcer started kidding her, but I said to my kids to look up and keep a sharp eye out just in case. It was just getting dark, after sunset.
I immediately became aware that there were lighting configurations of an unusually high number of commercial aircraft which seemed to be circling the main airport and also I could recognize the police chopper and at least two more helicopters in the sky, scattered about.  All told there seemed to be a lot of lights and the commercial aircraft in particular on those patterns, were looking very odd in a triangular pattern as the angle of viewing changed etc.  Clearly though they were commercial airplanes, especially the blinking strobe light and red and green nav lights.  The closer they came the more clearly this was so. 
One light, at a distance and high, was constant and bright white.  Much higher than the others it was approaching like any other "plane" from the North.  Its brightness exceeded all the other lights in the sky, including the police searchlight which was already in play somewhere at the time.  Then the light suddenly went out, or dimmed quickly would be a better description.  In its place a few seconds later was the familiar, triangular pattern of lights, as what appeared to be another plane approached.  It seemed to join the same pattern as the other aircraft at the start, but as it came closer, towards us, it looked more and more out of place.  The closer this craft came the more out of place it looked, too low, too slow and too big.  I realized with a jolt that I may be looking at a UFO, and I stopped the car and the kids and I watched the craft which was by now turning away from us and receding in a large arc to the east. 
At this point I realized that the three lights which marked what was clearly a complete triangular craft, not merely the outline as the other plane lights had shown to be as they approached only half as close, were in fact White, Red and Blue and none of them was flashing at all.  At this time there were no other cars on the road I could see in either direction though this was merely between traffic as it is a well trafficked road.  At one stage when it was quite close only a few kilometers and obviously a triangular spaceship, there were cars but I failed to get their attention, this is a busy enough road and people were ignoring the guy waving his arms who liked like he was broken down on the road.  Actually I was frantically pointing at this thing back over their right shoulders.  None appeared to glance that way.  Frustrating.  Especially as this was a really big craft and it felt scary as it sailed almost overhead, and some of the other planes triangular lights which were still visible now began to make me wonder if some of the surprisingly large number of triangular lights patterns were not all large craft like this one.  I admit to feeling a moment of complete realization that we could be under invasion and though the moment passed, I have to tell you the experience was an awesome glance into the emotional reaction people would experience in such an event.  My hair still stands on end to recall it six months later.
The craft kept turning, or circling and came even closer, in fact it came to within about a half kilometer at most.  By this time it was clearly visible to both my children and me as a triangular craft with a few degrees dihedral of the "wings". It had constant burning lights of Red, Blue and White. One on each corner and the white was leading.  It was no more than about a hundred maybe two hundred meters off the ground and it moved disconcertingly slowly.   Moving at no more than fifty kilometers an hour.  It was overall the biggest thing I've ever seen in the sky.  Twice the size of a football field and well I can understand that this is such a common comparison made by others.  It was so big and so low and so slow yet the most surreal part is the lack of sound. 
I asked my kids to listen and describe what they could hear, and the first answer was nothing, but we realized independently there was a kind of quiet "swishing" sound.  Actually my son and I heard it, the daughter was hiding under the dashboard in the car at this stage. It reminded me of water trickling over rocks in a small river.  I had the distinct impression that it was the sound of air moving over what looked to be wing surfaces made of lots of blinds, or partitions.  Sort of a completely grilled surface.
To be honest the closest thing I've ever seen to this craft was probably in the Battle Star Galactica Movie, or the Vogon Destructor ships in the original BBC TV production of "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy".
It kept moving quietly away and I had by now as said signaled to some cars which were passing to look up.  One finally stopped and he confirmed the lights and apparent shape before it went too far to distinguish anymore.  Furthermore, he had just heard a UFO report live on the radio too, and it turned out to be a different radio station and a different part of Perth to the one we had heard just before.  This one was seen in the North, from whence I had first seen the triangle approach.  I rang the Airport control tower next day, and learned that no anomalous events had occurred, and according to him there were not unusually many planes in the sky the night before either.  This was odd though because where we live we are able to see the same skies and certainly I've never seen that many aircraft up at once.  I don't think this is relevant though I mention it as it has been one of those little things which still niggles at me about it.
I have as has been intimated a third sighting and it is in fact the first chronologically.  It is of a different nature and I am unable to supply many details beyond the approximate time and location, and a basic description of the craft.  It occurred when I was relatively young, in the army and together in fact with a platoon of soldiers when we collectively experienced this "sighting", yet it took me nearly twenty years to recall it again.  I had luckily told someone of it at the time, at least enough detail that I was able to confirm upon asking them if I had reported such a thing at that time.  It seemed from its first appearance in my mind to be just a memory of a particularly poignant dream. Strong and clear, it stopped me in mid sentence as it occurred to me. I don't remember dreams for more than seconds as a rule. I tend to forget dreams very quickly and a few only have left hazy impressions, continually fading from the time they occurred.  This memory was something different it fitted immediately into context in my life, I was able to identify immediately when and where I was and why, and the events leading up to and following the weekend involved can be recalled.
Even so the memory of the actual moment of shocking realization that an enormous "spaceship" was about to hover virtually on top of us as it crept silently over the trees towards our (harbour) camp, is like a shocking out of place image.  No more or less than a few seconds.   A few words of questioning comment from someone, a group of shocked men, a dropped rifle and then nothing.  The next memory of that weekend is of a few details of the return journey, in the car of one of the same platoon.  This was Army Reserve by the way. Weekend Warriors and occurred near Northam, also in Western Australia.  It would have been about 1981.
The craft was a large saucer, with lights of various colours flashing around its periphery.
I have been interested to see the exact same craft depicted regularly in movies and TV shows.
I find myself wondering now if the flashing lights of various colours are not in themselves hypnotic to some degree?
Now I know all the obvious conclusions which are to be drawn from this memory, and believe me I have struggled long and hard with a memory which has yielded only microseconds more of itself in the intervening years since first, remembering this event.  I would like to know. Despite feeling an irrational fear when approaching the memory in a certain state of meditation which feels almost able to "catch it", but actually shies away like an uncontrollable horse at the gate.  This is my own memory and it weirds me out to have it appear out of my control.  It is not the same as having been so drunk on one or two occasions or knocked unconscious, such that some memories are lost.  This is like a memory which is in a place in my own mind I don't have the key to, a place with booby traps protecting it. 
Sorry to be so speculative about this, but the emotional reactions I have to this small snippet of memory is real, the memory is real in as much as it has a marker, a witness to my report at the time, my mother in fact.  The part of a memory has a lead up in events, clearly identifiable then something happens which is so big, so in your face that there has to be a next memory, it has to at least disappear again.  I don't care if I could remember it just disappearing in a flash I'd be happy.  Instead all I remember is a comrade saying "What is it captain, another exercise?" in a slow unbelieving voice, to the captain who was behind my right shoulder.  Another soldier, maybe me, dropped his SLR as it fell from his fingers which went loose from the shock of concentrating on a huge, disk like craft with flashing lights running around it's edges, and bearing down on us at tree top height.  The whole platoon in various stages of setting up harbour, (camp) were staring in shocked silence at the thing, and then, the film runs out. It just runs out like an old time movie film. 
The thing in the camp did happen, the guys, the weekend exercise, was real, I did come home and tell my mother about having seen a huge UFO along with the whole platoon, before crashing early to bed.  Then I remembered not even this much for about twenty years.
I guess there are others out there with similar situations.  It has taken a long time for me to write about this. It has been hard, despite referring obliquely to these sightings before with people.  I have told of the second and third experience before and have no conclusions beyond the fact that I know what I saw, I am absolutely certain that they were craft of propulsion methods and overall manufacture which is so far beyond anything we are likely to possess that I have no problem making the leap of faith to accept they are of extraterrestrial origin.
I am open to the possibility that we have subterranean races and sub oceanic ones as well. At least they may have medium to longer term bases in such locations.  I know some things about a cave system in this state which may answer to those which are spoken of in South America; these are very large and incredibly deep. The limits are not known. According to the local aborigines "They go on forever."  Possibly the biggest caves in the world, and the ancient legends of my friends who have lived there for forty thousand years speak of things which would have a familiar tune to many UFO researchers.  There are cave paintings as well which look very much like the common Gray depictions.  The native people also identify these as extraterrestrials by the way.  The common archaeological misunderstanding of the "Wandjina Man" misses this point, but since when did the white man listen to the aborigines.  I've since discovered Bill Chalker has written of some of this and I can only support his words about these things with my own testimony from a different tribe to those he mentions but the same area of the Kimberley. 
I hope that my account has given some rest to others as many others' accounts have done so for me.  Obviously, I have no doubts about the fact of Extraterrestrial life and its presence here about and among us.  Having read as much of what I can find on the subject, it seems to me to be a matter of the most supreme importance to establish the truth of these things and I encourage any who know anything to come forward. The only reason we lack empirical answers I think is that the subject itself has yet to achieve a mainstream  consciousness, but that seems to be changing. 
One often wonders is this change the cause or the result of recent movie and TV media presentations centering about Aliens and UFOs?
I would like to extend my many thanks to this witness for sending in these reports, which are so very important.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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