Whistleblower Revelations
Catching Up With Pentagon
Looters Rumsfeld,
Zakheim, & Wolfowitz
By Wayne Madsen

A rash of whistleblowers in the Pentagon points to former Comptroller and neo-con malfeasance. Soon-to-be retired veteran Pentagon budget analyst Ernie Fitzgerald is not the only Defense Department official to shine the light on massive Pentagon fraud that has cost the American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. From former Army Corps of Engineers Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting Bunnatine Greenhouse, to Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) engineer Kenneth Pedeleose, to retired Army Reserve officer Paul Fellencer who blew the whistle on waste by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), more information is coming forth on how, under the regime of neo-cons like Donald Rumsfeld, former Pentagon Comptroller Rabbi Dov Zakheim (now Senior Vice President of Pentagon contractor Booz Allen), and former Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (now World Bank President), the Pentagon was virtually looted of hundreds of billions of dollars.
Whistleblower revelations catching up on the Pentagon multibillion dollar looters: Rumsfeld, Zakheim, Wolfowitz



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