Leuren Moret Joins Jeff
As Newest Regular Guest

We are extremely pround to announce that world-renouned scientist and DU/Nuclear Weapons whistleblower Loren Moret has joined the Rense Radio team as our newest monthy regular.
Moret's brilliance is legendary and her current Featured Story at, The Queen's Death Star, is stunning in its importance and implications for our planet.
Her ground-breaking work along with others like the heroic Dr. Doug Rokke in exposing the hideous truth about the Bush/Cheney/Halliburton cartel's use of 'depeleted' uranium in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan is unprecedented in its importance to the survival of the human race.
Leuren Moret will be appearing on the Jeff Rense Program the fourth Wednesday of each month. For a complete list of Rense Radio regular Special Guests, please see:



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