Egyptian Parliament
Refuses To Observe 'Holocaust'

Al-Bayan - Newspaper 
United Arab Emirates
The members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Egyptian People's Assembly (parliament) in a meeting night before last unanimously rejected a call to observe the Nazi holocaust on 27 January each year, in accordance with a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.  The decision came in response to a letter in which the President of the Israeli Knesset called on Egypt to observe the occasion.
After reviewing the text of the letter from the President of the Israeli Knesset, the committee members affirmed that the occasion does not concern Egypt, and that "we should celebrate and salute the annual anniversaries of the dozens of Israeli massacres committed against the Arab peoples, such as the massacre of Deir Yasin and Bahr al-Baqar and others."
The deputies declared that the resolution issued by the United Nations General Assembly was directed at governments, not parliaments, and was not binding on the Arab peoples.  Dr. Mustafa al-Fiqi, the Chairman of the Committee, said that the President of the People's Assembly was currently preparing a reply to the letter of the President of the Knesset.




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