Rachel Corrie's Song
Is In The Land

By Judith Moriarty

Activism no matter what form it takes is rather a fickle thing. True activism stays the course, involves itself in the mundane and scut work that sees no applause, and is committed to righting the grave injustices against a people, or the environment being destroyed by insatiable corporate greed,  beyond reclamation. 

Regretfully, much activism is a flash in the pan sort of thing ­ something to fill in the empty spaces of one's days, or credentials for a job or position being sought.  Whatever the sincerity of the cause; be it citizens up against a multi ­ billion dollar waste industry, the genetic altering of our foods, corporate farming, privatization of water/public assets, lack of adequate housing, the Medical disaster of health care, and affordable medicines,  or peace activism standing forth for others ­ the odds are  almost insurmountable.  Big money and political power in partnership usually rules the day, despite the efforts, energies, and perseverance of those who march to the beat of a different drummer, believing implicitly that the 'one' can make the difference.



 It may be the Herculean efforts, of a small rural town, trying to protect their town from being inundated with millions of tons of garbage;  to a young woman in far off Israel, trying to protect the rights of a voiceless people, having their homes bulldozed under,  and their wells poisoned.  Rachel Corrie in her brief sojourn here on earth, exemplified the heart of a true activist,  for PEACE,   and against the world's  diabolical injustice one towards another;  be it the insanity of extremists in the Palestinian movement,  strapping bombs to children,  or walling people off,  into lives of sunless despair.  Violence begets violence! Rachel shouted for all men of goodwill and peace "STOP".



 Rachel Corrie,  was a unique and rare breed of humanity, who put her life on the line for her beliefs. Her commitment was not a rally, a march, or a day of revelry; chanting, singing, and drumming.  She did not restrict herself to the straight and narrow,  that many who call themselves 'activists'  do,  in riding the fence, never speaking truth to power,  and therefore negligible , and fruitless,  come the end of the day. Such persons flit from cause to cause ­ stand on the edges of the newest protest, but never make a difference in effecting change. 



 Rachel died March 16 -2003, run down by one of Ariel Sharon's bulldozers - that for no rhyme or reason,  was out to destroy the home of a local doctor. Perverse times that we live in, the man known as the Bulldozer,  will be lauded publicly,  as a man of "courage and peace";  while true peace  was crushed and ripped,  by the mighty blades of today's indifference;  towards the great carnage, plunder, and blood lust in   today's world. It's funny how we laud and award the mundane and superficial things, and people in life, while recognition for the true heroes/heroines of our day is bulldozed under.    Rachel may be dead, but not the spirit that had her stand in the pathway of such bone crushing might.  The drumbeat goes on ­ listen,  can you hear the song of Rachel in the land  ?  





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