Proof Positive - Neocons & 911

By Douglas Herman
Exlclusive to
Imagine living next to a wealthy but violent and volatile neighbor who took an enormous life insurance policy out on his vibrant and healthy wife.
The pugnacious husband--and his equally violent brothers--had earlier published a manifesto describing the benefits of murder and insurance fraud, called the PNAC.
A week later the woman is found murdered. Her blood is found inside the house and car. While investigators attempt to search for more clues, the husband orders the car destroyed. Meanwhile the house is cleaned, detectives are ordered off the case and local newspaper reporters are forbidden to write investigative stories about the case"because the wealthy local publisher is also an influential friend of the husband's.
Indeed, powerful political friends of the husband cast suspicion on distant relatives living several thousand miles away. The security cameras inside the house offer no clues (because the tapes all mysteriously disappeared) but a number of ID cards belonging to distant relatives are scattered around the premises. The obviousness of this planted evidence is ignored by normally objective persons.
And in a remarkable twist, the husband receives his massive insurance payout while the local mayor, also a friend of the husband's, becomes a hero "Man Of The Year" -- for his efforts to allay all the suspicious, unanswered questions of reporters, first responders and bereaved family members.
The WTC-7, the massive government building housing branches of the SEC, Secret Service and CIA, was demolished under extremely suspicious circumstances. The subsequent crime and cover up was exactly like the scenario outlined above.
Imagine the US Senate Building collapsing and no official investigation conducted by the US government and none demanded by the mainstream media. Those in charge, who benefited in a thousand different ways, deliberately impeded any investigation of the crime but were instead rewarded for their negligence or complicity.
If that does not indicate guilt, I do not know what does.
But does a massive cover up (and mountains of circumstantial evidence) indicate guilt?
Yes. In civil cases and espionage cases and fraud cases, such evidence would result in indictments and convictions. Why not then, in the case of 911, where over 3,000 persons were executed?
Branches of the US government, housed in the massive 47 story WTC-7 "representing your government and mine" were purposely destroyed. Those in charge of the crime scene, New York mayor Giuliani ("Man Of The Year) for example, prohibited any investigation. Instead the crime scene was quickly destroyed.
Likewise, those entrusted with safekeeping the nation that day were promoted. People like General Richard Myers. Those entrusted with capturing the alleged culprits failed miserably. Like George W. Bush, who was rewarded with reelection while OBL remained free. Those responsible for the national security of the nation before 911 likewise failed miserably. Like George Tenet and Condoleeza Rice. But, like the others, Rice received a promotion and consolidated even more power while Tenet got a $5 million dollar book deal.
By contrast, those honest FBI officers who asserted the 911 case was more complex and shadowy than the official government version were threatened, passed over for promotion or labeled troublemakers. Those who accepted the government version of events were promoted.
And lastly, the guy who leased that government building only weeks before it was purposely destroyed? He was rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars. How obvious does a crime have to be before people can see it?
But the greatest indicator of guilt lies in the suspicious behavior of people after the crime. Convinced they have "gotten away with the perfect crime, suspects lie, cheat and steal. They plot vendettas against honest people, commit further crimes, create increasingly intricate lies (WMD), threaten witnesses and waste their ill-gotten fortunes (trillions), all the while becoming ever more vicious and greedy.
Indeed, everything that has happened before, during and after 911 indicates proof positive that the Neocons committed the crime. And any objective court of law"if one truly existed"would convict them in a New York minute.



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