Predicting The Neocon
Plan To Nuke America

A Exclusive
By Douglas Herman
How come all the war colleges and military schools, and all those right wing think tanks that ring Washington DC like the Asteroid Belt, could NOT figure out that maybe, just maybe, people in the Middle East would not want to be occupied? You would think that every one of those so-called institutes of higher learning would have remembered the American Revolutionary War.
I predicted just one scenario of military failure (Shock And Awe Followed By Block To Block) at the outset of the Iraq War. So did many others, mostly former low-ranking US veterans. Death by a thousand cuts and a trillion wasted tax dollars. Where were the dissenting generals when America needed them?
So how come a whole bunch of dildos who call themselves US Congressmen can't figure out the next chess move the Neocons are making? I scripted a perfectly predictable scenario for Rense-Day One: The War With Iran-that any US Army captain or USAF major in the Pentagon could have figured. So how come our US Congressmen and Senators cannot figure the predictable outcome of any pre-emptive strike?
These collective Congressional doofuses-Doug Thompson calls them traitors---voted 404-4 to condemn Iran for violating the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. To anyone who cares, the NPT is some worthless piece of paper the US or Israel ignores completely. Probably by the end of the month (or before) we'll hear of air strikes, signaling another war-without-end.
In the meantime, a bunch of these same dildos are in a dither because Bush okayed a plan to sell a bunch of US ports. Since the deep-in-debt US doesn't actually make or manufacture anything else anymore that people wants to buy, selling ports is the logical next step, followed by selling our national parks, forests, rivers and reservoirs.
I guess Congress is worried that maybe an Arab terrorist would secretly ship a nuke here, since only about five percent of shipping containers are inspected. Not that the Office of Homeland Security appears to be worried. Lately they have been busy wasting money and manpower tracking down one bearded old veteran in Idaho who happened to paste some antiwar stickers on his trucks.
But allowing the Arabs to buy a bunch of US ports, would conveniently allow the Neocons to nuke one-Charleston perhaps--and predictably blame the Iranians or Syrians or Palestinians, or whomever.
A funny thing has happened with these Neocon slimeballs in power. Every move they now make is completely predictable several moves ahead (Except to the dildos in Congress). They have successfully maneuvered their chess pieces into a corner.
The Neocon king, (Bush), fronts his bishops and rooks, who now cower in purely defensive positions. The pawns and knights, meanwhile, have all been expended in Iraq and, barring a universal draft, are unavailable anymore. Even the average armchair American patriot has grown weary; his car magnets fading, his flags fraying, his justifications for the war faltering.
But that probably won't stop the nefarious Neocons from starting another war. A cornered rat is far more deranged than a fleeing rodent.
But consider for a moment: Far too many Americans have heeded the Neocons repeated, dire warnings that a terrorist nuke strike is coming to America.  And so when, God forbid, that day comes, the Neocons will be blamed for another massive security failure.
And any attack on Iran will predictably dwarf the burgeoning problems we have now, but the Neocons will be blamed, rightly so, for another predictable disaster.
The king is cornered by his own rash act.
Every faltering, predictable move--attacking Iraq, attacking Iran, engineering another obvious false flag "terrorist" attack-is one step closer to checkmate.
Selling the US ports to an Arab country was just the sort of predictable Neocon chess move, like ordering a "stand down" on September 11, 2001, because US military exercises just happened to occur the exact same day Arab terrorists planned to strike America. So a shipping container heading to a US port controlled by Arabs, with a terrorist nuke device, was pretty predictable.
Indeed, somewhere a container was already prepared for shipment. I believe. Another OBL videotape was being filmed. Another convenient scapegoat-US Coast Guard?-was being scripted. And some forgotten little nuke, from among the thousands in the US stockpile, was already wired for shipment. Maybe aimed for the nearby port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ten miles from my house. I mean, think of the billions for rebuilding.
But, unlike before 911, we now have Homeland Security and TSA and the PATRIOT Act. Thanks to the nefarious Neocons. So any domestic terrorist act will simply magnify the failings of the Neocons--to protect the American homeland. Right?
Once again, cornered like the rats they are.
The Neocons are nothing if not predictable. They are winning the game but losing the country. Nothing they do should ever surprise anyone. Nothing.
After all, they blew up three towers and killed 3,000 average Americans and yet have bungled every move since, in perfectly predictable yet criminal fashion, while enriching themselves. Only the boobs who believed in them after 911 have been shocked or stunned by the assortment of high crimes and misdemeanors that accompany every misdeed.
But the king is cornered and the bishops cower in purely defensive positions. The next move is one of desperation.
Douglas Herman, USAF veteran and essayist, penned the likely scenario for the JFK killing into an entertaining novel: The Guns of Dallas. He writes for Rense and lives in the Fiefdom of Jeb, sunny Florida.



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